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Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:39 pm
by Kyra
She watched him run up the tree and tilted her head to side and shook her head. Amber chuckled, she had never seen a serian without wings run up a tree and it was cool and funny all at the same time.

"Yes, heads up might be nice, but now that I have experienced it once, the next time won't be such a surprise." Amber took a few steps and touched his muzzle, after seeing the apology in his eyes. her touch meant that for him not worry about it.

She listened to how Sparkle's realm worked as to how to get from one place to the other. "That is really different from the two ways to realm travel to and in my home. Though it was quit the experience and beautiful, the way yours works with the energies. It was quit beautiful." She smiled at him as a flashback of all the colors flicked through her mind. "The two ways to get into and around my home is portals that are plane to see if you know where to look for them. There are about six or more portals that have you pass through arch ways along a beach or pass through mountain passes that bring you to Sionayra and my family can easily find them here, when others would not unless with one of us. There are also other portals that are purple, pink and teal colored quartz arches throughout my home which you pass through and as you do think of the place you want to be and you will end up coming out of the portal closest to your destination. Though my favorite way is sidestepping. I take a forward side step and think of my home or Sionayra and it brings me to the other I am not in. A few sidesteps and thinking of a place in my home brings me exactly there. So sidestep, sidestepping is more precise to where you will appear."

Amber had to think on that question, where to go to first. She figured that his realm would be big, just as Sionayra was and her home was. "Rippling sounds like a fun way to travel," she wondered if it was close to her sidestepping.

After thoughts did a jump into a blank zone, as he kissed and bumped her nose. Her train of thought seeming to have derailed for the time being. She nickered happily, turned to him and nuzzled his neck. "Why don't you surprise me."

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:57 pm
by Songhue
He grinned at her, leaning against her as he considered all the places he could take her. There were nearly countless things he would like to show her in his lands alone, much less in those of his bondedmates. He was silent for a long moment, simply resting his head on her neck, before the perfect place struck him.

With a soft nicker he nibbled at her ear, letting his tongue play a little with the hope of helping her relax. A moment later the lands shimmered around them, fading and disappearing into the flow of energies that traveled through all areas, riding the very fabric of the cosmos. A few moments later they had appeared in a low valley, the ancient trees pushed back a respectful distance as they landed in the roots of the largest tree of all - a massive willow that was so tall he could only barely see the very bottom branches.

The two suns flashed bright at the edge of the branches that could be seen, making him grin a bit before turning his head and motioning to the three moons, each in a different stage of how full they were, playing peekaboo with the leaves.

And way up high, in the branches of this enormous tree, was an unbelievable amount of birds. Some were large enough to give even them rides, of great rainbow hues, others were smaller and seemed to be made of gold and silver, with others in vibrant dusk and dawn tones that held the distinct air of some breed of phoenix. There were those that were as white as the clouds with wicked beaks and others that seemed to be covered in flames or even flaming ice. Gryphons were perched on the thickest of the branches as well, ranging from browns to golds to blacks to sooty dusks, still others with flames rolling off their wings as bright as the largest sun or as freezing blue as the smoothest moon. There were even a couple felines sunning themselves, each one black or white with massive, overlarge wings.

"My home."

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:54 pm
by Kyra
Amber gazed around the area they where. She thought it was a very beautiful place. The two suns gave it a very mythical look and she found it not odd to see two them in the same sky. Her attention was brought back to her mate when her nickered and played with her ear. She giggled and tried not to move because it tickled.

She was not surprised at all as the area around her shimmered and they once again where energy moving through his realm. Amber felt excited and curious as to where Sparkle would take her next.

As the new surrounds formed she was quit surprised at the sight of the giant willow they where not under. The other thing she noticed and had not expected was in the sky with the two suns were three moons. She had expected too at most, with having two suns, but three?

She was sure her face and eyes showed her surprise and confusion as she looked up at the sky. Amber shook her head and gazed now at the tree having caught movement off to the side as she looked at the two moons. Her sun bright eyes went wide and moved all over the place as she took in all the birds.

Amber looked at Sparkle as he told her this was his home. "It's so amazing and beautiful" She nuzzled into his neck. "Thank you for showing me this." She looked back up at the birds, "How many are up there?" Amber could not believe how many avians and variations of avians where up there. So many colours and typs, it was a sight to see and she loved it. Then her eyes found a cat with large wings. "What type of animals are the cats?"

After the last question she looked back and him and giggled. "I told you would get buried in questions when we got into your realm," she said in a teasing tone.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:44 pm
by Songhue
He laughed, glad that she was eager and had questions for him. He rested his head on her neck as she nuzzled him, perfectly content for the moment.

"These are just a few of the creatures found here, and in other lands of my bondmates. The cats? Oh, they have a deceptively simple name, simply called winged cats to be honest. But they're as smart as we are, all of them are actually, and they always have mis-matched eyes."

He paused, eying one of the felines that was sunning in the tree, and perking his ears as the cat turned its head to look at him with all the sage awareness of any other serian. The creature smiled at him in welcome before looking at Amber and giving him a curious expression. Sparkle answered with a grin and a low nicker, which was greeted with another smile and a yawn.

"They're my friends," he said, nuzzling close to his mate. "Bondmates as well, in a way, almost every creature here. She was curious about you... I don't have company here all that often. This realm is safely hidden away."

Many, he thought, grinning at Amber with an unspeakable amount of love, make that any visitors. She has the honor of being the first, and most likely the only one to come here.

"There's just two more placed I'd like to show you for this visit - you can always come again. You know my woodlands, but you'd love these places."

Nickering softly, he kissed her cheek and glanced up at the suns, marking their place in the sky. The smaller one would set first, today, making it a long dusk for them to enjoy.

"Ready, baby?"

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:30 pm
by Kyra
Amber was so full of joy and content. Here she was with her mate, in his homeland with all his friends and in one the most breathtaking sights she had seen. To add to it, he was leaning on her and with his touch she was loose as water full of affection and feeling of being loved. It was perfect.

She looked up at the the feline Sparkle nickered to and was looking at her in curiosity. Amber smiled up at the, she figured it was just confused to whom she was. Amber looked back to him, "That is great! They seem really nice and the more friends or family members the better." She thought of how her family was steadily growing as well as her friend groups.

"Ok, I am ready, lets see these other amazing places." She got the look in his eye and was consumed by the love and affection her felt for her and she knew her own love and affection for him was now seeping from her eyes. Amber felt her cheeks to turn read with the combination of a kiss and him calling her baby. She loved it, but blushing knowing all eyes could be on her from the trees. It didn't bother her, but she couldn't help but blush.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:47 am
by Songhue
She had the cutest blush. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit, gently nipping at her mane as the world shimmered and faded around them.

Rippling was different than when they had first arrived. Now it honestly seemed that the energies around them swayed and shifted as ripples on a pond, a completely separate sensation of them travelling through the realm on energy waves. If anything the area just seemed to change and re-solidify around them.

When they returned to themselves it was in one of the areas that Sparkle considered a marvel of his home realm. They were quite literally inside a storm - there was lush, thick grass underhoof with hardly any visibility, the air a charged cloud that instantly dampened their skin. Lightning flashed just a few feet away, twisting through the air beside them as the clouds visibly churned all around.

Sparkle didn't say anything, merely looked around the giant, active storm that lived on the ground, squinting up at the cliff sides that formed the massive valley. They were only just visible, and a few more steps towards the center would have them entirely hidden.

He didn't see his bondmate anywhere near by or any massive shows of lightning to indicate a location to search at. Ah, well that was just as well. He had wanted to show her this land, she could meet his bondmate later on.

What had him the most excited was the final stop before heading back to the vale and from there, hopefully, her own home, with the seasons. He was saving the best for last, though he was still eager to see her reaction to this place.

Lightning flashed again, slightly closer, and he caught himself eying the way the light danced over her markings, ears perked with obvious appreciation. A grin touched his lips as he waited, somewhat nervous, to hear her impression of this part of the lands.