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Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:42 pm
by Kyra
Amber chuckled as he nibbled at her mane and watched as her surroundings shimmered out of focus and then back into focus at the new destination. She smiled, this was what sidestep and sidestepping felt and looked like. The old surroundings melt away and new surroundings seem to grow from the ground up. Amber was starting to really enjoy the energy feeling as they rippled to the new destination, that is how it was different from sidestep ways, you didn't become energy.

Amber looked at her new surroundings in wonder. She could not believe that they were in a storm on the ground. She felt her coat dampen and the static charged air. As the lightning flashed she was caught off guard by it being so close and she scooted back half a step. Her eyes were wide with fear for a second and then a minute later she relaxed and shook her head.

She chuckled, she had gotten spooked by lightning which she should have expected to see with being in a storm and all, but also since she loved to watch lightning. Amber figured she loved watching the skyfire because they reminded her of her yellow flecks on her coat.

After a few minutes of marveling at the fact she was in a storm on the ground she turned to Sparkle. "I can not believe we are in a storm on the ground. How is it possible?"

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:52 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle grinned and nuzzled her neck as she eyed the storm around them, a broad grin spreading over his face. Somehow, he had thought she might like it here. He felt she would particularly enjoy another land here, where one of his bondmates lived, but he was hesitant to bring her there for some reason.

"I couldn't tell you how it's possible any more than how the desert of many colors came to be. From what others have told me, there really should be no such thing as prismatic sands. It just is."

He grinned at her, glad to have shared his homelands with her. He was getting anxious now, excited about seeing where she lived. But he didn't want to rush through their quick tour, either, so he rested his head on her back and watched the lightning dance nearby.

"I will try to answer any other questions you have, though. Is there anything else specific you want to see, love, besides those destyre creatures? They're going to be our last visit, I think."

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:36 pm
by Kyra
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Bic| Amber listened to him as she watched the marvel of lightning dance around them. She turned to look at him, "Oh ok. I guess it is kind of like how all serians have different personalities, there are a few factors that shape them but ultimately each serian has their own personality and what it is can never be explained as to how it came about." she thought of her bond-family from shy, quiet Peace, to respectful Skid, to prankster and trouble maker Dart. Sure their were a few factors that shaped who they were, but ultimately they were who they are, no explanation to how their personality came about. Just like this storm on the ground, a few factors like temperature, water and other factors needed for a storm had to be here, but their is no answer for why or how the conditions were met for it to be on the ground.

Amber thought about his last question hard, she was enjoying this tour of this realm. Yes, she wanted to meet a destyre creature badly, but she was still curious about the other parts of his realm. Were there more like this one they were in now, or any other friends of his and his bonded- family, like his home full of wing cats and birds of every shape, size and color?

"As much as I want to see the destyre right now, I would love to see other places that your family dwell in, or any other friends that with you all or any places like this, which are a marvel to how they exist?" She giggled at her reply and shook her head playfully, "I am thinking that did not help much. Sorry Love." She touched her nose to his, she would let him decide if there where any places that fit her not so specific list of places she would like to see.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:58 pm
by Songhue
He had to chuckle as she gave her eager response to see other lands, visibly relaxing as she touched his nose. Ah, but she was the center of his universe.

It left him to ponder a moment over what she would find the most enjoyable. There were so many places that seemed to be a world of their own, all in this one realm. Windy cliffs, prismatic sands, rain forests and rings of mountains by the beach all waited to be discovered, plus more. And there were so many creatures, those that lived in the mountain caves, ones that roamed the deserts, others who spiraled over the great forest or played along gentle shores. What would she like best?

"Hmmm.. This is the home of a bonded-mate, and while they each have spectacular homes I think for now we'll head back to my woods. There's more creatures, all around, all friends and companions. It almost seems like it's impossible to live here without being magical."

He grinned and nudged her neck, absently nibbling her ear as the world dissolved around them and they traveled the energy ripples. When things returned to normal he looked around with a certain amount of satisfaction - this wasn't an opening with a large tree, but it was another part of his forest home. The light was warm on his hide as it filtered brightly through the massive trees around him, a pleasant sensation.

"We all have large homes, as well. Heh, one of my bond-mates has such a massive place she won't ever be able to explore all of it, or at least that's what she says. Anyway, this is one of my favorite places at home."

With that, he bumped her shoulder and motioned towards her hooves, showing her a small, antlered hare. Sitting on a rock beyond, devouring a fern, was an elephant snail - literally a creature with a soft brown shell and an elephant's face. With a clatter of hooves a massive, goat-looking creature bound between the branches of a bush, quickly followed by a manticore and rustic red kitsune.

Jumping up, he snatched another apple out of a tree and eyed an earthen brown hippogriff, tossing one over as the creature pawed the ground in greeting. A chirruping nicker greeted him in thanks and he jumped again, pushing off the trunk with his hooves to gain extra hight and reach another apple. A quiet squeak came with his landing this time, making him glance up and spy a massive, strangely marked bat in the tree he'd been grabbing apples from, sleepily blinking an eye at him as a bright orange lizard crawled over an exposed root and hiccuped fire.

"There's life everywhere, in all the lands in this realm. But they all know me here."

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:42 pm
by Kyra
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Amber rolled her eyes playfully as he nibbled her ear and watched the surrounds change to his forest home. She was very curious to what other friends of his he would show her. She giggled at the fact one of his bondmates home was to big even for the owner to explore it.

Amber looked down when Sparkle nudged her and was in complete shock, curiosity and thrilled all at the same time. She looked at the hareish creature, it was cute, but she never seen anything like it before.

Amber looked from creature to new creature as they turned up. She was shocked and thrilled with every new one. She also had million questions about them, but most would be ones that could not be answered. So instead she watched each one in turn, admiring their beauty and uniqueness. She found she kept going between the lizard that hiccuped fire, which made her giggle, the kitsune and the antlered hare.

After a few minutes she pulled her gaze away to fall upon the most beautiful creature here, her mate. She was sure her face told him all, with wide, happy eyes that danced. "This is amazing! They are amazing!" She walked over to him and rested he head over his neck, "There are no words for this. Thanks love, it is so beautiful!"

"I am betting these are only a quarter of your friends who live here?" she said playfully as she nipped his mane lightly.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:11 am
by Songhue
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BIC| Sparkle grinned at her, overjoyed that she found his home acceptable. He kept feeling a tickling sensation to show her the prismatic desert, but it was again another home to a bond-mate. He didn't want to intrude and he certainly didn't want to be caught intruding. The one that lived in the storm wouldn't have minded, but the stallion who stayed in the sands made him nervous.

"A quarter? No, no, there's many many more. Hundreds of different kinds. But this place is special, this area, as it's the very heart of the entire wood. They all pass through here at some point or another. The Great Elder that we visited isn't far from here, and about a half a league away is a river. That and they seem to rather enjoy visiting where I sleep each night."

He stretched and reached his neck around to nip her flank playfully, whickering absently. There was no way to describe the way he looked at her, or the difference that could be seen when she was around. His bond-mates had to see it themselves before they knew what it was like.

This was bliss, walking her through his realm, his home.

"Not all creatures live here, of course. Some need the cold, some need the freedom of traveling through the seas, some the desert or the open plains, some a rock mountain. But the ones who like a mild, autumn forest stay here, with me, under the filtered sunlight."

He paused here and then shrugged a bit, glancing around almost uncertainly. "That's why the snow stuff is so strange to me. This is what I'm used to. There are some who hunt a few of these other creatures, but that's it. The feathered hippogriff thing would gladly snack on one of the jackolopes, or a kitsune can be found hunting little pink newts called axolotls. But even the panthers that can be seen from time to time, or the boars or any other, they keep to themselves. And there's no seasons, no dangerous terrain, only the storms that pass through each year and even those aren't anything like preparing for a season change. You just stay where you sleep, warm and dry, until it passes, and then you clean up what needs cleaning."

He loved his home, but it was so different. And he couldn't remember anything before this place; he may as well have been born here. It was nice to explore the different lands, but it felt strange to even find Sionayra to be an alien place. And then there was the land of his mate.. What must that be like?

"So there's plenty to see, for someone who's new to the place," he grinned, shaking off the heavy thoughts that had begun to settle over him. "It really isn't like any other place I've seen yet, this realm, and I could honestly spend all day or longer just dragging you around. But that wouldn't be fair, especially as one day here seems to be impossibly long compared to other places. Time just goes slower here, I guess. And I do want to see your home! So you're in charge, tell me what you'd like to see and you're there, that way when you're happy and ready to go we can do just that."