Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

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Willows surround a shaded vale, sheltering all within.
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Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

Post by Songhue »

He had quite literally taken over. They all knew it, just as they all knew that things had been rocky in the beginning. Thankfully, there was someone with more influence than him to help smooth out such trouble.

He hadn't been grateful at the time, although now it was nearly impossible to say what he had been.

Flint was a leader, to put things simply. To put it in more civil terms, he was a stallion with a strong personality. If he was merely keeping to his own blunt thoughts, it was a simple matter of his name fitting him; it didn't take much for sparks to fly.

He had to stay in control because of that simple fact alone. It was all too easy for a few sparks of irritation to ignite a raging inferno. But when he had first made the transition to where he was now, he wasn't in control at all. He'd been lost and confused, and like any good leader had pushed back his own fears and uncertainties. His problems had started when the pain and fear had morphed into rage.

It had required a stronger leader than himself to force him to deal with his own issues before attempting to oversee anyone else. His old friend had quietly forced him to step down and his new bonded had stubbornly kept on his hide about processing his troubles. They'd been insistent without applying enough pressure to be forceful; only a few sparks had gone up in the process.

Now he stood at the edge of the vale, the very picture of collected smoothness. The others milling before him reminded him, in the vaguest of ways, of his new homeland, the multi-hued desert he had grown to love. There was something about seeing everyone gathered that made him think of the prismatic sand and shimmering oasis.

"We're different while gathered."

It was as close as he would come to a sentimental statement. He had a talent with words, yet his instincts held him back. He only showed strength, always keeping tight reigns on his self control.

"'Tis a fitting observation. We mustn't lose who we are as one amongst our own separate selves. There ist a vast difference between thy two entities, we as we are and we as one."

Flint nodded slightly, a small sign of appreciation for the golden mare's words. He didn't so much as glance at her, however; he didn't need to.

Path was also a strong personality, although her foal had softened her towards others to some extent. If Flint had taken over the role of strongest in their group, one who was most reliable and likely to be turned to as a leader, she was the one he had taken over for.

If anyone was to ask they both would have admitted an appreciation for this shift in power. Path had not merely stepped down and allowed this new stallion to take up the role as strongest in their group; she had made certain that he was a good and worthy replacement. And Flint had been able to recognize this for what it was, the mark of a good leader. He was a more forceful personality, but in regards to ability they were evenly matched.

Now, the golden mare found herself in place of what might be called the second oldest sibling, although she was much younger than some of the others. With their ranking system, however, true age mattered not at all, only the age of the heart and soul. She was no longer seen as the 'oldest,' but she was a close second.

It had taken time for her to learn this lesson, providing her own rough start to this life. When she first arrived it had been to find only one other and while he had been much older than she, she was a stronger personality and had been put into the role of older sister. It had angered and confused her at the time. Similar to Flint, she reacted to uncertainty with aggression.

Her son, however, was quite the surprise. Darroch was down in the vale with the others, entertaining them with a play performed entirely by plants. He found it marvelously entertaining watching their reactions as well as he made them 'sing' by vibrating different leaves as they gallivanted hither and yon.

He was a much more sociable serian and while still quite young had firmly marked himself as being just under his mother in terms of strong personalities. It would come as a surprise to any who didn't know him closely; he was so friendly that few ever thought anything of looking to him to take charge when needed. This natural reaction was rarely noticed because of his low-key demeanor, quite unlike the intense strength radiated by Flint and his mother.

The young green stallion also had the ability to be more than happy to recognize someone who was better qualified or just had more of a presence to them. And yet like his mother, he was rather particular about needing to be sure that anyone who would hold sway over him knew how to handle things.

Hybrid was thoroughly enjoying the youngling's show, his own scaled hide placing just underneath his fellow green companion. He and Flint had arrived together, yet much like Darroch Hybrid was a much gentler presence. He wasn't as picky as the younger male about who he would back down to and had been known to be perfectly content to spend extended amounts of time in the sizzling solitude of storms.

He had spent almost every moment in that exact manner when he had first arrived, slowly allowing things to settle within him from the upset of joining these others. He was able to master himself well enough to know when the storms within were turbulent and dangerous, and if asked he was willing to help out others. He did not, however, actively seek to offer.

"How do you keep them alive while they waltz back and forth?"

"I shift the dirt instead of pulling the roots. This be my favorite part, where the orchid gives the tiger lily the bad news."

Frolic smiled along with him as he had raised the pitch and had the tiger lily swoon in despair. It really was a good show, regardless of the medium, and she enjoyed his new talent of creating music with plant vibrations. Sometimes she almost thought she could hear words.

She was another green one, like Darroch and Hybrid, and found herself being just beneath Hybrid in rank of 'older sibling.' She was strong and always would be, yet she had only recently recovered from her own ordeal of joining these others around her. She had felt quite weakened when she first became a part of this family, mainly by the destruction of her own blood family.

With time, care and good friends she had grown stronger, learned to find herself outside of her foals and mate. It had been so long that she had honestly forgotten who she was in her own right; to say she had been shell-shocked would be a massive understatement.

Her methods were vastly different from the ones the 'oldest siblings' used, although she still proved to be a strong, comforting presence when approached for leadership and guidance. She never fully took over, choosing instead to merely influence. By her thinking, if one wished to follow her they would, and if not she would tell them what she saw to be their best choice for the course they had decided upon.

She hadn't always been so mellow; before, in what she thought of as her 'previous life,' she had been both fiercely exuberant and savagely strong. To some extent the ability to be forcefully intense still remained within her, yet she rarely chose to utilize it any more. Life had taught her the hard way that some things simply had to be learned through experience and pain; what others did would be their own choice in the end.

When she first joined she had been scrambling to pull herself together again, refusing to let go of her old strength. She was shattered, terrified and confused, but she refused to give up. Now she found herself sound enough that she had no need for such boisterous strength; she was confident in her own power and that was enough.

Sounds had recently begun to fascinate her, as she settled into a state of inner quiet. The sounds of this performance was one example, and others were the underrated sounds of the rain forest or of voices in general. She had visited everyone's personal homelands for the simple task of soaking in the sounds to be offered: the shift of sands in Flint's multi-hued desert; the swish of grasses in Path's wide, golden field; the stream that bubbled across Darroch's sparsely treed prairie; the fierce crash and spark of the storm that forever floated in full force on the ground of Hybrid's valley.

And their voices especially interested her. Her own rustled in a low, rich melody, producing a sound as involved as that of dripping leaves brushing together. Hybrid's, however, was rough and sounded more like a growl or a sizzling crack of lightning than anything, although they were of the same alter. Path spoke in a deeply melodious baritone, and her son in a low, rich voice that lilted softly with a hint of his mother's old world speech. And Flint's voice was always smooth and warm, the very sound of swirling sand or caressing flames.

She caught herself humming with the music of the plants during Darroch's play and couldn't help but smile to herself. He had the 'actors' fleeing through their legs, a desperate chase where lover pursued lover as the villain followed close behind.

"You think of the music yourself as you learn what each vibration does on different leaves?"

"Leaves and other parts of the plant. Moving them for the play affects the sounds they make; 'tis quite an interesting experiment."

He smiled as he spoke, his gaze flickering up for barely a moment as Sparkle nickered in amusement. The tiger lily was making a show of cowering behind one of his rich indigo legs, a small touch that earned a wide smile.

Although he was one of the oldest among the group, he placed under Frolic in regards to the order of 'siblings.' He was warm and playful, forever young, although he had grown exponentially over the years.

The first to bond and stake his claim on what would be his homeland, his voice was bright and bubbly in spite of his age. He had suffered through Path's anger and frustration when she came and found herself to be more mature and of an older sibling status in spite of his advanced years, and had suffered his own phase of panic and pain as he settled in this new home from another. And still, he chased the sparkling pixie light through his dappled, sunny woodland home and nickered as the leaves vibrated against his hock.

He thought of his mate, his life-partner as the orchid swung a wide arc and attempted to cut off his fleeing love interest. How many times had they themselves raced and chased and loved over time? So many, and every moment wonderful. It warmed him from the inside to consider her, to consider the strength she had shown when he finally grew from the fumbling, confused mass of indigo male into a true stallion, one who was bright and friendly without the need to remain an eternal foal.

It saddened him, as well. He was warm and confident in their bond and knew that, whenever they should see each other such time as they would get would be enough. They were the leads in their own circle, had been mates for years, and what's more it did not scare him to be away from his beloved. And yet he knew others here were not so lucky.

"A dance, a game, a chase! My boy you do a fine job of depicting love itself."

"You would be the one to know, Firefly."

Sparkle snorted, smiling as he always did when referred to by his nickname. They all had one: he was Firefly, for the dancing sparks along his hide and his own habit of chasing the flickering little lights; Frolic was called Tiger Lily, as she always had the sweet, wet smell of lush rain forests; Hybrid was known as the Soldier, for his outer quiet, inner steel and love of dangerous lands to travel though; Darroch was commonly referred to as Green Horn, a double pun on both his elemental abilities and his youth; Path was called the SunDancer; and Flint was most frequently addressed as Sarge. Proper names held power and importance, and more than that these nicknames were their own secret calling cards. They were known amongst the group and to few, if any, others.

As the play continued Sparkle couldn't help but consider how much meaning something so small could hold, be it flowers dashing about or a simple cherished nickname. When the two plants leaped into the air, jumping off the trunk of a nearby tree in a miniature explosion of dirt, he caught himself locking eyes with Tribe; and realized she was holding similar thoughts.

She was just under him in sibling ranking, one of the group that would only step up and take charge if there was no other choice. Her main interest was the sea; and more importantly, it was traveling. She was known as their Gypsy, the wandering and exotic mare that was never long rooted. And yet everyone knew how lonely her sea-faring voyages could make her. She was desperate for companionship, something that Sparkle suspected might stem from the remarkable ease she had accepted settling into her new homeland. Like so many others this was not her first and the transition is always a hard one; yet the Gypsy girl seemed to be the exception to the rule. She had explored her new home and then began her travels, wandering for days or weeks and returning long enough to rest and trade tales.

She wanted, more than anything, to know what these little flowers in the play were showing her. To have someone follow her, to accompany her on her wandering journeys, to give her a light heart and a merry laugh as they stood by her through whatever came. She and Hybrid had compacted a deal between them, both of them agreeing to provide companionship for the other to ease the ache. It would only last until one of them found a real partner, but for the moment it worked.

Hybrid had taken a fancy towards someone, but only time would tell what may come of that. Flint had been eying someone as well for a little while, although unlike Hybrid he seemed to have forgotten the potential love after some time without her. Tribe herself was hopeful towards three different stallions; she wanted to know them better, to learn who, if any, might be a good traveling companion.

It made her head hurt to consider it; she was actively interested in each of them, for different reasons. There was one thing she knew for certain, however: Tribe was going to take her time in choosing. She had seen the long, hard, lonely nights that both Path and Sign had suffered through, not only because of missing mates but also because of their foals. For Path, her son was nearly full grown and had as of yet to even see his father. For Sign, she had given her son up to let him travel with his father. It hurt Tribe's heart to see the way these mares would eye the horizon, and she refused to join them.

"Oh, sugar, I do hope he catches her. Just what would the orchid do without his little tiger lily?"

Darroch had to smile at the notion. Tribe had a strange voice for a water wanderer and he simply loved to hear her talk. She had a soft drawl, a gentle twang, a slight lilt that was as sweet as peaches and pure as home made cream. It really was adorable, and for Tribe absolutely everyone was 'sugar.'

"You'll simply have to watch! Yet it hath never been known to be quite so simple as that."

"Don't tease the wee lass now, boyo, it be your own play!"

Everyone looked up with at least a hint of a smirk as Breeze spoke up, gently teasing Darroch and helping to smooth the small frown of worry that had begun to form on Tribe's face as she became entranced with the dancing blossoms. They had gone hither and yon, here and gone, chasing and embracing, loving and arguing. Just when they thought it would be a happy ending, something would happen; and it was impossible to tell just what that something might be until it had already occurred. They all kept milling around, shifting to keep a good view of what happened, or else to reshape the 'stage' area.

Breeze was the lowest stallion in the list of sibling ranking, though he was certainly one of the older ones. Like many of the others, he came here from another place and had had a time of transition. Being of Arctic Winds his time was spent flittering away, isolating himself in the high peaks and mountains of his new homeland. When he had finally shown himself to the others, his wings caked in cracking layers of sleet from his latest daredevil maneuvering through the mountain skies, it had been to reveal a severe love for wind chimes, a hilarious talent with accents, and a bouncy little brother eagerness that earned him the nickname of Horsefeathers.

It was almost impossible to tell what his own voice was like, and yet everyone in the group knew how much he admired another green stallion known to all of them as Sham. Whenever Breeze felt particularly good or playful he would take on that springy accent, mimicking it with the same expertise as the wind can mimic crying. His true voice was only known to come into play when he was beyond happy and into the realm of fully relaxed and internally calm; so on a very rare occurrence. When it did happen, however, his voice proved to be a low, soothing hum, with a tinkling accent on certain vowels not unlike the wind chimes he so adores.

He had been considered by Tribe for a brief period as a potential suitor; or potential target, as the case may be. The problem was that, while he wasn't against the idea of being with someone, he wasn't ready to be serious about it yet. Breeze wasn't even actively looking; the closest he had come to that was developing an appreciation for mares with wings, and a constant fondness for anyone who could keep up with him in the skies.

He had never even suspected Tribe's interest.

"It starts out as his play, Horsefeathers, but the story can take on a life of it's own. Who's to say the tiger lily won't fall for the ivy shoot? It's been right terrible to poor orchid, yet there's obsessive determination in regards to winning the tiger lily."

"It's only gone after her while orchid's been around, though. I think it's more about competing for tiger lily and defeating orchid than it is about actually winning the lily."

"And after all she and orchid have been through, sugar, it just wouldn't be right. He took her back after the trouble with the frog at the log after all, sug!"

Sign smiled and absently shook out her mane, giving Darroch a subtle wink as she got the others talking about his play. The plants were changing hues according to the mood of what was happening, something that she found particularly appealing. Her trouble came from trying to split her mind between the dancing flowers and Hybrid's rippling scales.

Both Darroch and Hybrid were elementals, and both had managed to grasp their element on a severely minute scale, as well as the grander one. Darroch could mess with the chemicals in the plants, gleaning different reactions as he manipulated them and reshaped the land; the way that he currently found to be the most amusing was by altering their colors. Hybrid had discovered that lightning existed within living creatures in the form of unfathomably small electric shocks that carried information throughout the body; he was currently thrilling in using the alteration of these little signals to shift his own appearance.

The main reason she found these to be so interesting is that in the few occasions she had wandered from her little sea and visited the great oceans, she had seen other creatures that seemed to be able to do such tricks naturally. One, she knew, was called an octopus.

Smiling to herself, she stashed the little bit of knowledge away in the back of her mind, as she so often did in the hopes of sharing it with her mate or son one day. They, like Tribe, were wanderers; Sign was content to stay in the safety of her sea. She had wandered in the ocean while she was little and had scar marks on her backside as a permanent reminder of what could go wrong if you traded safety for curiosity.

Besides, the great oceans were far too wild for her. She was known as the Siren, and for good reason; her quiet, rippling voice was outstandingly soothing and melodious, and instantly drowned out by the roar of forceful waters. Outside her sheltered home, she quite frequently had difficulty communicating.

Oh! Oh, look, the orchid's standing up to the ivy now. No more running away!"

"And just in time. I see Path and Flint working their way closer; it's about time for the gathering to begin."












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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

Post by Songhue »

Flint's eye lingered for perhaps a little too long on Tribe as the floral display came to a close and everyone came together. She, like the others, was shuffling into a loose circle and slipping in a murmur and to those beside her.

Tribe noticed and paid it no mind. If anything, he might think she was playing something other than her usual role; at least that was her thinking. Typically, in the heirarchy of older siblings and who the others turned to whenever their bonded was away, she was placed rather low in the chain. And typically this was just fine as far as she was concerned. lately, however, she had started to notice a little extra droop in Sign's ears; however low she was in relation to others, she was still of a mind to be the older sister to their Siren of the Seas when she noticed something wrong.

As they drew together she was making yet another inquiry to the shimmery blue mare. The signs had gotten progressively worse as Darroch had grown, and were always more apparent when the young Green Horn was around.

"You know that if there's anything you need said, sugar, this is the time for it."

Sign gave a small smile and whickered some unintelligable responce, hoping that would be enough. It wasn't anything that required calling anything to the attention of others, or even anything she honestly wanted to talk about.

Sign couldn't surpress a small frown as Tribe quite promptly insisted that this would not be good enough.

"Whatever it is that's bothering you, sugar, it helps to get it out in the open. That's the point of these gatherings."

Snorting, Sign shook out her luxurious mane and shifted her weight, leaning in close to Tribe's ear. Part of her wanted to be stubborn about things, but she knew that her bondmate meant well.

"It's nothing any can help me with, dear heart. Just a dam feeling lonely."

"Oh, sugar... It's so sad, you're such a natural mother."

That brought another smile to the blue mare's muzzle, a quiet snort of amusement leaving her just enough time for one more murmur before things were begun.

"Honestly, watching our Sundancer and her Green Horn, I have to admit I'm really not."

Tribe blinked as Flint stomped a hoof to quiet everyone. While everyone obediently hushed there was an air of excitement and anticipation in the air. They all knew how these things went, and they all knew how soon they would each lose themselves in the sensation of being as one.

"I'll start. I think it's time to settle down."


"As new as I am to you, Green Horn, I am getting old."

"You need more than age to be ready to mate."

"Sarge hath considered thusly, to be sure."

"I can see you mating with someone you'll need to take care of."

"Anyone in mind? You had shown interest in a particular sea mare, if memory serves."

"I don't remember seeing her around before, though she does seem like the kind to let him take care of her."

"She was adorable, no argument there."


"In all honesty I don't want something that easy."

"I'm not sure I follow, sugar."

"It would be too easy for him to love a mare like that, I think. A safe mate, yes, and a comfortable relationship, but it would lack real depth and meaning."

"Some have wonderful relationships that are perfectly comfortable."

"If you mean you and West, I would reconsider that statement."

"I feel very safe with West!"

"Feeling safe with someone isn't the same as having a safe relationship, sugar. You've had troubles, had to work at it sugar, and there's a definite spark of passion."

"Alright, we've had trouble, but that's to be expected when a homebody mates with a wanderer. But what about Sparkle and Amber?"

"Surely thou jests."

"For starters there was that little crisis of learning how to really grow up and be a proper mate and stallion-"

"Gee, thanks, Tiger Lily."

"Plus the little crisis of his nightmares-"

"And the problem with being afraid of the dark-"

"On top of her not catching pregnant this cycle-"

"And all the trouble Amber's had to help her bonded through-"

Sign had to laugh. It was one of those moments where everyone was working in perfect harmony, bouncing from one partial thought to the next, and it was simply delightful. The others traded off with the perfect timing of a song in this rare moment where they really were as one while together.

"Okay, okay, alright! So there's been trouble there too, but they're so comfortable with each other! I swear, dear, you don't even seem to worry over missing her overmuch."

"I am comfortable with her, but there's still that spark. It's impossible to stay off of her while I can see her."

"And he doth miss her. He hath faith, knows he shall see her when she may meet him here, as they are wont to do."

"I want something like that. Something with meaning, not just a mare or two who's easy for me to be with."

"You won't be exclusive, then?"

"Who, a stud like him? He should be beating the dames off with a stick! I tell youse guys, some of us just cain't be tied down and locked up!"

"I can understand it. I want the same thing, for the most part."

"You're exlusive?"

"Most of us are, aren't we?"

"Good question. Singulars, speak up!"

"I mate with only one."



"I don't share."

"Multiple mates, your turn. Everyone knows I plan on being able to have more than one."

"No way am I going to be tied down."

"Tribe? Hybrid?"

"I'm... Undecided, sugar. I want a companion, someone that's closer to me than any other. But I don't know if I'd want them to only be mine sugar as I'm looking for someone to complete me. Or even if I'll ever find anyone that could mean enough to make me want to be their only. It's a lot to think of, sugar, and I can't know until my heart tells me."

"For me, I'd want to be able to have more than one. But I won't insist on it. If someone special wanted me all to herself, I'd do it for her."

"Someone like Fancy?"

Hybrid blushed, his deep green scales brightening to a faint yellow tinge on his cheeks and everyone let out a good natured chuckle. Flint expected him to cough out some mumbled hem-haw reply; he never had been one to make a big deal of such mates.

"Well, maybe."

"Seriously? You're that into her?"

"I can't stop thinking about her, but I wouldn't go that far. I've been trying to just relax and let things happen."

"You never have been one to actively chase a mare."

"If nothing happens that's fine, but... Well I'm hoping."

"What is it about her that snagged you so hard?"

"She's strong. Beautiful, feminine, quiet, mysterious. Honestly she could probably have any stallion she wanted."

"You want her because she's able to have anyone she wants?"

"No. I want her because... I want her because she has a balance to her. She's distant and dark, so I know she understands. But she's also all mare, impish and girly and absolutely stunning. There's a fierceness I can respect, and still I see signs of a soft female core."

"You're sure you don't mind if nothing happens with her? I don't think I've ever heard you say so much."

"I'm surprised you could be so taken with anyone at all, and stunned you could be that taken and still want the option to mate with other mares."

"It's not for everyone, but it possible to love just as strongly with multiple mates."

"I worry about finding a mate myself, although I do enjoy the mares."

"What has you so uncertain?"

"Honestly, you and our SunDancer, not to mention Tiger Lily. You have a great deal of trouble accepting the absence of your mates. Green Horn has yet to even meet his sire, and he's as tall as the Gypsy there."

"Ye harbor a fear of pain."

"Nobody could blame him after seeing what we've gone through. Firefly had his own troubles and uncertainties, but he's now at least comfortable and secure in his relationship."

"And our poor Siren has hardly even seen her own son, sugar, lest we forget that. It bothers her a great deal, having nothing more than a vague concept of who he is."

"So you knew what I meant earlier."

"But of course, sugar, it should have been clear to me earlier. As if the young Green Horn could do anything to upset you himself."

"I'd never hurt Aunt Sign!"

"I know, sugar, do forgive me for even considering discontentment there."

"It's a huge risk, and it often brings up cross-signals just like that. You'll know when you're ready to gamble your heart, Horsefeathers. Enjoy looking until then, eh?"

"How ready are you, Sarge?"

"Bordering towards desperate. I need to have that connection. The more I crave it, however-"

"The more cautious you are. I know how that is, sugar. There starts to be a fear of grabbing the first that would have you, cheating yourself out of that true love you crave, and oh sugar it can be such a hard, lonely road."

Surprised, Flint blinked and nodded, holding Tribe's eye for a moment too long; again. This time she didn't think he was studying her in disapproval and the alternative made her heart skip a beat.

She had seriously considered a golden hued stallion by the name of Crest; one who she had heard of as being a fun, lively stallion that could accompany and entertain her on their many wandering journeys, a regular vibrant and joyous joker. Yet the few moment she had found with him thus far had shown him to have a level of solemnity, a depth she hadn't expected. If he could indeed be as bright and bubbly as she had heard as well, this only made her more intrigued, though she would have to wait and see what happened. So far, she had yet to see him again; and those few moments had been so very long ago.

There were others she was hopeful for as well. A drop-dead-gorgeous green stud of a stallion that many of them knew and were close to, whom most referred to as Sham. He always had a smile and there was a certain quiet strength she found refreshing; he was someone she could gladly wander the realms with. And then there was Talon, a quietly intense feathered fellow that had tugged her heartstrings when he smiled over birds. He was so adorable she had to hope to catch his eye.

Part of her wanted all three of them, but more than anything she wished for a special connection, a true companion of the heart to bind herself to. If she found that with more than one stallion then all the more was she blessed, but mating to many to make up for an absence of true depth was not her style. Hybrid had agreed to wander with her for a while, to keep her company and give a kiss or nuzzle now and again just to keep the worst of the crushing lonesomeness at bay... But he was no mate. He was too distant, too keen to rolling wherever the winds blew him just as his storms. If he wasn't dark, silent and brooding he was restless, fierce and bold.

And yet... Flint? She had never even glanced twice at the stallion, but it seemed he was looking at her rather hard as of late. For some reason a small, disquieting sensation of unrest began to stir at the very possibility. She didn't want someone to look out for her, to help protect her, and yet with his dominant personality that would be exactly what Flint would try to do. She wanted a companion, a true mate; could he give her that? And he certainly wanted more than one partner; she was almost certain that he wouldn't be content to have the tribal gypsy she was as his closest companion.

Softly, in the back of her mind, she heard her bonded whispering to breathe. It was an old trick but a good one; regulating her breath helped sooth the building typhoon in her mind, began calming her by the fourth exhalation.

First reactions were often a good indication of deeper feelings, yet they were never enough to go off of alone. She would have to think, have to make an effort to really understand what she wanted; and what she should do.

For the moment she decided to let him look; but as she turned to address Darroch she had to admit to herself that as the truth of his interest hit her she had already begun to feel trapped.

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

Post by Songhue »

“I’ve been dealing with my own minor crisis as of late – Gypsy here just made reference to it. Although I must say I’m glad we decided to come together in the lands of our birthright; if there’s any land where it’s right to speak of this it’s here.”

Everyone looked up as Sign started the next leg of their meeting, completely forgetting any questions they might have held. And there were always questions in between the major discussions and updates, usually ones starting with ‘do you think’.

“Why here?”

“Well it’s the land of our birth, mainly. It isn’t home, but it’s where we came to be, the realm we all inherit. It just seems right to have a new start begin here; like Firefly had.”

“Aren’t you too young to be going through a mid-life crisis?”

“Oh is that what you’re calling it now?”

“’Twas more in relation to late puberty, by my thoughts.”

“By the Gods’ bones, either way it means Siren has an identity crisis.”

That brought the teasing to an end; everyone was looking at Sign quite hard now, a fact that made her cheeks brighten in a deep blush. She couldn’t help but smile as her face warmed, however, remembering West calling her beautiful as her cheeks lightened into a delicate, shallow sea-green.

Being the least dominant and thusly holding rank as the ‘youngest sibling,’ she was highly uncomfortable sitting under everyone’s gaze and leading the conversation. However, they had all been trained to know that when it came to the gatherings, not talking was not an option. There was no backing out.

“In a way that might be true. It feels more like I found myself, though, and I’m not… All that sure how well I like it. Like our Gypsy said, it has a lot to do with West and Keidas being gone.”

“Don’t feel too badly, Siren; at least you saw them a little bit. I’ve never met my sire.”

“It does hurt to only have a vague concept of my son; I have no idea how he really is, and that was a hard truth to face. But to be perfectly honest, it was harder to realize that I wouldn’t be a good mother to begin with.”

“You must be delusional. I’ve yet to meet anyone more motherly.”

“I’ve been watching you, Sundancer, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. One of them is that I’m not very strong; I turn to y’all to be strong for me, and yet you’re able to be as strong as Green Horn needs. And it’s more than being there when he has a problem. You’re strong enough to say no, to be stern. Just looking at him anyone could tell that he feels safe with you.”

“Oh, sugar…”

“You’re simply a different kind of mother, Siren. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re the kind who finds sweet alfalfa for us, the one that asks about our dreams, the one that worries and fusses if we get tangles in our main or tail.”

“Let your mate be the strong one.”

“That’s actually my point. I couldn’t do what Sundancer does, to bring a foal up on my own.”

“But you could sign them to sleep at the end of the day, same as you used to for me when I was restless.”

“You are different, just as I am. You’re passive and meek, yes, and you would have trouble on your own. But you would still be a good mother. Your foal is missing out.”

“Besides, you wouldn’t be on your own. All of y’all helped mama with me from time to time, especially Shine.”

“It’s okay to be meek; it’s okay to be quiet. That’s simply who you are – you don’t have to be strong.”

“But you do have to keep singing for me!”

That got a laugh. More than her soft voice, Sign’s music was notoriously soothing. Frolic was often in need of these famous lullabies to help her to sleep; she missed her children as well and desperately wished to try and forge a new relationship with them now that she had begun to recover from her hardship. It often disturbed her rest.

“Thou hath come upon a milestone, regardless. To truly see oneself as opposed to merely living in blindness doth show maturity. It proves of ease to observe how thy growest.”

“I suppose now that I’ve met myself, the nest step is to learn to like myself.”

“We’ll all be here while you figure it out.”

“We always are.”

There was a pause, pregnant with meaning as they looked at each other. They were there for each other while Sparkle figured out who he was becoming, while Path learned to accept a life that did not strictly fit with her old style ideals, while Flint worked through his defensive anger and discovered his remaining unrest was a desire to mate. From raising Darroch to waiting for Hybrid to become comfortable enough to stop burying himself in his element, they had stood by one another, always with their bonded nearby to show them the way. Breeze had stopped clowning only he was comfortable enough to be himself, and hybrid had accepted his differences from other serians. Tribe had started coming home more, allowing herself to become one of them as she adjusted and felt accepted. And they all proved to be Frolic’s family as she pieced herself together and discovered her own identity after everything.

They had been there. Not all of them, not always, yet as more came they were there as well. And always, behind everyone else, their bonded was there to show the way when simple support wasn’t enough.

They had always had her; she would always be there. And now, with all of them finding their way together, they would always have each other as well.

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

Post by Songhue »

“Well, sugar, I know one thing. Y’all have inspired me to step up myself.”

“Step up? Ye’ve lost me, oh wandering gypsy. Backtrack, if you please.”

“Sarge has grown to realize he wishes for a mate, and siren is discovering herself; y’all are growing, sugar, moving forward instead of sitting stale. If any should understand that it’s me. Seems it’s about hightime I make a few forward changes of my own happen.”

“In regards to finding a mate? You aren’t even sure who you want yet.”

“Perhaps we could search together.”

“Oh no, sugar, no, I’ve done that with Soldier. And no offence to you sugar, but it’s quite clear we’re meant to be no more than friends and traveling companions.”

“None taken, surely. I know a companionship with you, Gypsy, yet I feel no spark.”

“Very funny, Soldier. Ya might be gaining a sense of humor yet!”

“I have an excellent sense of humor, Horsefeathers, it’s simply too evolved for the likes of you.”

“As Soldier said, you aren’t even sure who you want to chase yet. I’ll keep you company while you figure it out.”

“No, sugar. You won’t.”

A very long, tense silence followed this declaration. Nobody questions Flint, much less contradicted him.

“I told you, I’ve tried that. Company, a kiss, a nuzzle, it’s not a substitute that cuts it. I don’t even know if I wish to mate with only one yet, sugar; it’s high time I get active about making things happen, sugar, and learning what to go after.”

“Having someone along to help you figure things out will do you good. I’ll keep you company.”

“I don’t need a babysitter, and to be frank sugar I don’t want the company of a big brother to boss me.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be a baby sitter. Ever stop to think I just want your company as well?”

“Yes. However, I don’t want yours. I’ve a lot to figure out, sugar, and part o’ that will be why I’m shyin away from ya, but I ain’t backin down.”

She was either getting angry, starting to panic, or some mixture of both. Everyone could tell something was wrong, whichever it was; her accent was always thicker while she was upset.

In reality, Tribe had had to stomp the urge to use anger as a cover for her discomfort – taking a page out of Flint’s book wasn’t going to happen. As much as she wanted to swing the conversation around entirely, to simply bolt from the argument, what had really kept the defensive anger at bay was pure befuddlement.

She did not want to be stuck under this dominant stallion, she knew that for sure. The absolute last thing she needed was to have him staking a claim over her at all times, especially as she wasn’t yet even sure how many mates she wanted.

But why was she so intrigued by the hot glint she saw in his eye? Surely she couldn’t be enjoying fighting with him, much less admiring the way his spikes flexed in anger all down his neck. He was red sands and she sacred sea, yes, but that couldn’t mean they were meant to clash… Could it?

I just like a strong stallion, she decided, desperately clinging to the first thought to surface, someone strong enough to brave the sea and with enough humor to appreciate her.

Not someone that would want to tame the sea, like he would. Someone that would want ot keep her under their wing. The very thought made her shudder – she had no need for someone to whould want to be her keeper.

Someone like Flint.

Even if he did learn to relax, he was too strong a dominant. She didn’t need him trying to get closer.

And she didn’t need to realize that she wanted him to keep pushing, to force the fight, pull her outside her comfort zone. That she wanted him, actively, fiercely.

Great. I like the bad boy that’s no good for me.

And he liked the soft mare that rebelled against him.

While those two locked eyes with all the intensity of life and death, the others were stunned to a near-perfect silence that had them barley daring to breathe.

Sparkle and Frolic traded a look as everyone waited; they both saw signs of more than a simple argument going on between the sea mare and desert stallion. Frolic was worried; this struck a little close to home. Sparkle was nearly terrified. This could not possibly end well.

And thanks to Mist, he had firsthand experience on wanting someone you could never have, someone that was simply no good for you and an all around bad match.

Thankfully his best friend has made a move and he had wound up with his soulmate in the end. But he knew what might on the horizon for these two; and everyone would have to deal with it.

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

Post by Songhue »

Gnashing his teeth, ears pressed flat against his skull, Flint had still granted the wandering sea mare a sly smirk. She didn’t want his company? He’d just see about that. She was being stubborn, just as bold and volatile as the white tipped waters of her Mistress, the sea. She’d see reason, eventually; he’d make her. After all, it wasn’t as if they’d ever failed to get along before, or even like he was proposing she become one of his mates.

And if he happened to ‘test the waters’ a little while they were together as Hybrid had; what harm in that?

For the moment, however, her ears were also back, her body tensed. Flint knew how to pick his battles; and he wouldn’t get anywhere now. He’d have to let this blatant challenge slide. It wasn’t like he had rights to put her in place for challenging his authority, regardless. He held the position of being the most dominant, being the ‘big brother’ and the ‘oldest,’ yet he didn’t rule them. If it was someone trying to oust him as lead in a circle it’d be different.

“Looks like we both have plenty of free time now, Soldier. Where have you been wandering to?”

Everyone seemed to let out their breath at the same time as he let Tribe’s defiance slide. There was going to be some question in regards to his temper for a while; after all, when he first arrived an exchange like that would have led to him trying to leave her bruised and trembling on the ground.

“Hither and yon. Most of my time is spent in the middle realm, between the lands of our bonded and that of Sham’.”

“Oh fess up you old man, ‘tis not Sham nor even Talon or Oak what you connect that bonded with. ‘Tis the lady Fancy.”

“Hoping fre a wee glimpse of tha fair lass, are ye?”

“Honestly, yes.”

Hybrid paused and realized everyone had begun to focus on him; he had their full attention. So it was his turn, then.

This would be hard; beyond hard. But he knew that not talking was not an option. And he could trust them, regardless of what may or may not be going on with Flint and Tribe. Even Breeze had made it a point not to flirt with that particular mare.

More to the point – and more comforting – he would always be able to trust his bondmates; if any were to act as if that bond was not shared, if they failed to honor that link in any way and passed off a bondmate as any other serian, their bonded would ream them a new one. In all honesty if the guilty party escaped with no more than some bruises and a limp when she was done with them they could be counted as lucky.

“I can’t stop thinking about her. Don’t tell Shine this, she’d bop me but good, but I know I’m probably unworthy of a mare like Fancy; if she can’t take me as I am it wouldn’t surprise me.”

Sparks flared over his nose as he said this, his hide rippling into a jagged, ice-like appearance that belied his words. It wouldn’t surprise him, but the nervous abuse of his elemental abilities, the flexing of the minute electrical sparks in his body, revealed that it would hurt him.

Darroch couldn’t help but wince as Hybrid’s flesh mirrored a cutting glacial edge. He knew how to manipulate plants on a similar level, rewiring them for different colors or growth; and he had killed many while learning. It worried him when Hybrid altered his own body, something he had been quick to explain so the older stallion would know it didn’t bother or freak him out.

Hybrid had been like a father to him, helping him to safely explore his own elemental abilities. He wouldn’t risk a misunderstanding and knew the stallion understood the risk and refused to endanger another living creature to learn – enough of that happens while first discovering how to control your abilities at all. Yet it was impossible not to worry.

“I don’t know much about her – hardly anything. And even if it is a long shot I’d like to learn. Sundancer would say I’m smitten, Tiger Lily would say I’m quite taken, but I can only admit to being scared. They both have beautifully romantic love stories so they know what it is to be swept off your hooves and rocked to your core, even if it isn’t like you, or even if in your heart of hearts you’re a hopeless romantic and it is.”

He paused, took a breath. Nobody dared interrupt; Hybrid rarely spoke, opened up with such infrequency it was practically on the endangered species list, and literally never admitted to fear. Yet looking at him, his terror was impossible to mistake.

“For me, this isn’t like me. I am not a womanizing stud, I don’t even socialize much at all; outside of y’all, I only count Oak and Talon as a real friend, and at that mostly Talon. And yet now I can’t get her out of my head. Can’t stop wondering about her. Picturing her smile, the way she moves, hearing her laugh. I… I have no idea what’s happening.”

Everyone winced as his rough, crackling voice broke at the end, snapping with the boom of pure lightning. Sign, the emphatic thing, had tears in her eyes as her own quiet, rippling voice whispered.

“You’re falling in love, dear. It’s a wonderful, terrifying thing. Instinct, for reasons you’ll never know, it s telling you to trust this mare with your heart. It gives her the power to hurt you, something you’ve never given to anyone before.”

“I wasn’t even searching for a mate. It’s just… Unfair.”

“Sometimes the most beautiful things happen when we least expect it.”

“This doesn’t feel beautiful.”

“You’ve given up on yourself. Think of this, Hybrid; could you be fool enough to fall for a mare shallow enough to shun you without reason? Perhaps you do have reason to hope. Or perhaps she’ll break your heart. But don’t be pompous enough to decide for her.”

Properly chagrined, surprised by the formal use of his given name, Hybrid nodded meekly. It may be a strange and scary thing happening, yet in the end he would simply have to wait and see. Perhaps Frolic was right; perhaps there was reason to hope.

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

Post by Songhue »

“I can understand not wanting to hope; sometimes you have to through. You don’t have anything else.”

The strain in his voice made it clear that there was something to this statement. Blinking in surprise, Path let out a snort and moved over to lay next to her son, letting him lean against her with a shudder as the grass around them withered and the earth grew brittle.

The mood shifted with his elemental flexing, grew darker. It was his turn; yet until now he had never revealed anything about himself. He was too young, dealing only with honing his talent, playing and exploring.

There was no arguing that he was growing now. Nearly grown, really. It had been a long time since he had been in the awkward, knobby-kneed foal phase, though his frame was still rather slender.

Nobody tried to goad more out of him, all the same; not with him tucked into Path’s side as he was. They all knew to leave her to handle it.

“Shine talked with thee recently; doth this hold relevance to thy own hope?”

“She called me out, basically. Told me I was refusing to grow and develop beyond my elemental abilities, demanded that I be honest with myself as to why.”


“She knows how to push, when she has to.”

“I had been playing with a new trick, tapping into the very earth by the plants and water and life in it, expanding my awareness. She had to get my attention, make me focus. So yeah, she demanded.”

“That’s kind of creepy anyway, using nature as an extra set of eyes.”

“No, what’s creepy is how Shine’s going to know all of this.”

“Or how we hear her whisper through our minds at times.”

“Or the way she knows our answers before we do.”

“She explained that to me, actually. We’re part of each other, bonded; just like we would feel if there was trouble for her she feels us. Only with her she knows how to actively work this link, which lets her know when we aren’t being honest with ourselves.”

“Even if we don’t know it ourselves.”

“I take it you figured it out sugar?”

“Aye. ‘Tis my father, or really lack of.”

“I doth pain me to know that thy heart aches, my son.”

“Mama says he’s busy, that he has to be away with his weak bonded. But I keep hoping, if I might prove myself strong enough, good enough… Perhaps he shall find time to visit if only I prove to be worth it.”

“I can’t claim to understand; I’ve never been in such a position. But I can promise to stay by your side while you wait.”

“We all will, lovely.”

“I know. And I know that thinking I have to prove myself good enough is foolish; but I can’t help it. And I can’t help but wonder if this is like the old stories, where someone steals the maiden’s heart and abandons her when she doth grow heavy with foal – a pixie princeling that gives his young his powers and leaves for his next love.”

“It could be seen as one of the great, tragic, romantic affairs, sugar.”

“Yet he is of my circle – he committed. And I hold faith in him.”

“And how many tales had the pixie or fae appeared to be committed before leaving his family to struggle?”

“Green Horn-”

“How many had the young only capturing his attention again when he proved to be a great power?”

“Darroch, that is quite enough. Rather or not your father is a scoundrel you will not speak to your mother with that tone. Leave her her hope; as you yourself said, sometimes that’s all there is, no matter how it hurts. Shame on you."

Darroch blinked, clearly surprised. However fatherly Hybrid had been, Darroch had grown into a stronger personality; typically he was more of a confidant alpha male. He wasn’t used to being scolded.

But he had no logical reply, either. Emotionally he wanted to strike out, to demand what he knew of the matter, what it could possibly be like to long for someone that had abandoned you; yet Hybrid had been abandoned. This was not his first bonded, everyone knew it.

And Darroch was growing; he was beyond such temper fits, although barely.

“You’re right, of course. Thank you, Soldier – Hybrid. I was out of line. Mother, can you forgive me? I get so confused at times, only know that I hurt, and all sense is swallowed…”

Path didn’t say a word; merely leaned over and tucked him under her neck in a tight embrace. A single tear slid down her muzzle to land between his eyes as they separated again and she gave him a look of fierce sorrow.

“I hurt for you, my son. In this path I cannot guide thee.”

“Being here helps a little. And knowing that this family shall always remain.”

“How does being here help?”

“Tapping into the nature here. Feeling the skies through the trees, the lakes through the minerals, the earth through the ferns. These lands here thrive, yet the realm itself doth weep and rage in need of healing and taming. The magics are savage… Cruel. It gives me a greater pain to focus on. And one I can help to heal.”

“Then you found the source of your hiding within your element and began to use it in a positive way. I am proud of you.”

“You’ve raised a fine stallion, Sundancer.”

“We all have.”

Darroch smiled slightly, ducking his head to hide a blush. He felt quite drained from grasping his emotions for the first time, yet a low, thrilling buzz of pleasure coursed through him at the same time. Hybrid was proud of him.

His dad was proud of him.
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