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Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:11 pm
by Kyra
The black mare jogged with a spring in her step as she left Mystic Valley. Her starlit eyes were full of joy. She had not left her valley home in some time, because she was needed by her bonded Kyra. The pink haired girl was doing much better with the many changes that occured in her world. Amber was glad, and felt her bonded was well to allow herself some fun time.

She tossed her head playfully as some snow dust from a branch flew onto her face. Sighing in content she kept moving. Amber really had no destination, but there was one whom so longed to see and missed terribly. With luck, maybe her mate was out wandering the Hidden Vales of Sionayra.

After a while, she slowed to a halt and gazed around at the meadow she had come across. The whole area was sparkling like diamonds as the show bounced off the snow particles. She smiled, she loved how the world looked in winter. Sure, she was no fan of the deep freeze temperatures that sometimes crept up out of no where, but it currently was just the right temperature. It was the right range of cold, that allowed for snow and that made creatures energetic. The mare felt the crispness all through her body and could not help but bolt into a gallop and kick up her hooves like a little foal.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:38 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle nickered in general contentment as he wandered through the snow-coated lands, kicking his hooves out in front of him to watch the light glint off the sparkling flakes. Life had been exceedingly busy over the passed few weeks, events that left a permanent grin on his face.

Path had recently gone with her new foal on his first outing, returning just in time to help him finish the preparations for the celebration. Carrying the birch wood had taken all four of them - Path, Sign, Darroch and himself. He had to admit, though, that it had been well worth it.

That was one night he knew he would never forget. For all his love of light and forest, he had a new found respect for fire. The colors, the smells, the way it thrived and danced in the chilled winds, the vibrant flashing in the dim dusk light coupled with soft, swaying shadows that seemed to pulse with the beat of drum, the whistle of flute and the thrum of fiddle. Food, laughter, dancing, playing, a true festival celebration. And Darroch, how naturally he took to the moment; the image of the foal dancing with his mother beside the massive bonfire and then, later, nestled into her side as the special log they had carried was lit would forever be burned in his mind. The vibrant colors that danced low over the sweet smelling yule log played upon his bonded's face, tangled in Sign's mane, softened the fierce countenance of Path as she watched her son begin to doze.

Yes, it had been busy, indeed. The work was done now, though, the nursery built, the foal come, the celebration having burned through a night and longer. Now came the time to relax.

Snorting, he tossed his short mane and glanced about the willow protected vale, intending to do just that. Still smiling, he kicked up a flurry of snow and watched it swirl and spark, nickering in amusement. He kicked again, simply enjoying himself, prancing happily as snow whirled about him in a miniature storm. Every prancing step and buck left a muffled whump sound, a sound that after a time seemed to be echoing.

Sparkle flicked an ear as he realized this, looking through the trees and hills to where the sound of another at play seemed to be coming. The wind shifted and he felt a little more lift enter his step as he caught a familiar scent. Ears perked eagerly, he trotted towards the meadow with visions of dancing flames in his mind and the hope of shifting storms against smooth darkness in his heart.

If there's any I should find, let it be her.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 9:29 am
by Kyra
Amber was enjoying kicking up snow dust and watch it shimmer and zip about. It was pretty and very fun. She snorted and tossed her head when a few decided to try and fly up her noise. She stopped after that and let all the snow blow away or settle. As she watched, she picked up on the same sound she had made before while kicking up the snow. An echo?, she thought, looking now to where the sound had come from. Though after a few more minutes, it seemed have stopped.

The mare tossed her head and kept scanning the treeline. The wind blew around her pulling her tail, mane and forelock out to the tree line the flowing banners. She didn't think it was an echo she heard, but maybe it was. She was not sure what was behind the treeline where she faced. For all she knew this was near an large out cropping and that is where the sound could be bouncing off.

She took a deep breath, but the wind was blowing away from her she was up wind of where the sound had come from. Amber waited and searched the trees and bushes, maybe it would be her luck. Her luck to have him appear there before her.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:46 am
by Songhue
The whump-thump-swish sounds ahead of him stopped not long after he started to follow them, making him perk his ears curiously. When he had first stopped to listen it had seemed that the sounds had already stopped, though a few last wavering hints had managed to travel to his ears. Now, the sounds had finished bouncing off the trees and all grew still.

He had to stop and consider that for a moment. Would Amber stop moving right before he paused to listen himself? He stopped playing in the sparkling snow diamonds, but he had still been cantering to where the noise seemed the strongest so he should have still been heard.

Would his social beauty really stop moving, instead of heading for the flump-crip of running hooves? Perhaps it had just been wishful thinking... Yet the hint of what he caught on the breeze made him wonder. Was it wishful thinking or was it really his beloved near by?

With an exasperated sigh he flopped down in a rather large snow drift, ignoring the chill as he looked through the trees in contemplation. Yule had been marvelous, with his bonded, her mate, her clan - a brother, aunts, their own respective mates. So many creatures from so many realms had come to the one she had made for them, to the outskirts of the woods he laid claim to. Great winged horses that were part dragon, a large man-snake, unicorns of frost and earth, large wolf beasts and strange half-cat dogs that traveled in large groups, all of them and more had come to the celebration, the joy of light returning once again from the two suns and thanks given to the three moons for lighting the long, cold nights.

So many had come, but he had missed his circle mates; above all, he had missed her.

He couldn't trust himself, as much as he was longing for his beloved. He wasn't sure of catching her scent and the echo had probably been just that - his own sounds, echoing back off the trees.

If I'm not careful I'll wind up depressed from missing her so much.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:06 am
by Kyra
Amber tossed her head, her longing to see him overrided her small moment of caution. She moved into a canter and head to wear the sounds had last seem to have traveled from. She would have loved to go faster, but there was a chance it could not be him and just another serian out for a walk in the snow, she didn't want to surprise him/ her with a speedy entrance.

Christmas had been good with her bonded and bonded brothers and sisters, but she missed her circle mates and him most of all. She allowed herself to hope will all her might, that it as Sparkle who created those sounds.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:49 pm
by Songhue
Snow had begun to filter down on his back after a while, distracting him. Watching the flakes dance and flash was quite a beautiful sight. In the back of his mind he knew that, if any, it would be his Amber that could fully appreciate the flashing shows that light was known to perform, but for the most part he was simply letting his mind grow still and calm once again.

Not everything around him was still, however, a fact that slowly dawned on him. There was a slowly building sound approaching, the familiar flump-crip of hooves shuffling through snow on the frozen ground. So he wasn't alone after all.

By now he was almost convinced that it wouldn't be her; regardless, company would be welcome on this chill day. Maybe it was someone from their circle, even, one of the missing stallions. He had not seen West or Crest in far too long, and West even had a son now. It was high time he find some familiar face, for no matter how well he enjoyed his family there were still others he longed for.

Of course he longed for his Amber the most.