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Reunions and First Impressions {Crest, West, Keidas}

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:33 pm
by Songhue
Sign nuzzled the neck of the mare that stood next to her, smiling gently as the willow branches parted over their backs. Her motherly instincts were well received by this new sea mare, though she wasn't all that surprised. Nothing seemed to really get to her - Tribe wandered always, neutrally accepting everything that happened around her.

"You're not very good at hiding it, you know."

"Hiding what, sugar?"

"That there's something on your mind - something bothering you, lately."

"Is that why you suggested we come here?"

"Not at all, dear. Or not entirely. Some times, just getting back to old haunts helps a lot, especially for the wandering hoof."

Tribe smiled slightly, flicking her ears as she looked around. The leaves hung delicately from the swaying branches, filtering the light in shimmering streams. There was a pond nearby, making her flick her tail happily as she trotted over and let the cool water cover her body, sighing contentedly.

"This is nice..."


Tribe simply shrugged, looking out over the vale as Sign stepped next to her. Her own tail hung down because of the decorative rings, though Sign's billowed around her. They were a an odd pair, the one who traveled with the waves with the one that needed to be as still as a lake. But they complemented each other, as they stood in the quiet vale, each of them quietly contemplating their own thoughts.

"You miss him, don't you. And your son."

Sign simply snorted in response, though that was all the answer Tribe needed. The blue mare would talk about anything, always making others comfortable and watching over them - unless it was something painful. This was one of those things.

"I envy you, sugar. You.... At least have someone to miss."

"Is that what's been bothering you, dear?"

Tribe flicked an ear before answering, lifting her head to look through the trees. A small, wistful smile touched her lips as she said "It would be nice to have a... Companion. Someone to make me laugh as we travel along, someone that can be there and understand.. To relish the new and the good."

"You're lonely," Sign nickered, reaching over to nuzzle the other's neck.

Tribe snorted softly, leaning against her friend. She didn't want to stop wandering - it was in her very blood. And Sign wasn't one to travel far, to follow her mate and son. Though opposite, they had similar problems - ones that, like their personalities, complimented each other.



Re: Reunions and First Impressions {Crest, West, Keidas}

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:43 pm
by Chidory
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A pearly white horn poked its way out of a blackberry bush, followed by a sandy green head. The stallion gazed around him to make sure all was safe, and when he was satisfied, he stepped through. His pale green mane tangled itself around his horn as he sighed in exasperation. Behind him someone chuckled lightly and stepped out of the bushes.

“Thanks for clearing a trail West. But you know, I don’t think Sign will be too impressed with your coat...or your mane. When was the last time you groomed?”

West looked at the bright coloured stallion and sighed again. He had yet to figure out how the “rampaging and wild”; stallion was always able to keep clean. Especially since one of his favourite past-times was rolling in the mud.

Crest raised his head and chuckled again, his orange mane dancing around his handsome silvery masked face. “The great stallion of little words does it again! He didn’t speak!”

With a grin the yellow stallion stepped forward and took some time to enjoy the hot summer rays and the light cool breeze. “Ya know, I never could understand how you were the one to win Sign. Sure she’s quiet sometimes, and a bit shy, but you’re just grumpy.”

“We were meant for each other. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful to have met her and call her my mate. She’s my life now. I just wish I could change my nature.”

“DADDY,” a young shrill voice cried out. “Daddy, I see mommy. Imma gonna run to see her. Show her how fast I am!”

West opened his mouth to speak, but now words came out. The young foal had already run off to see Sign. The boy’s father tried to hide a grin as he watched the turquoise coloured baby run all the way to the willow trees. That one was going to be serious trouble someday.

“Well Crest, I think we better...” West looked over his shoulder and watched as the yellow stallion bunched up his muscles and took off at a run. With another one of his customary sighs, West began to gallop towards his mate.







Re: Reunions and First Impressions {Crest, West, Keidas}

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:46 pm
by Chidory
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Re: Reunions and First Impressions {Crest, West, Keidas}

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:04 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| Sign grinned a little at a sudden thought, tossing her heavy mane and looking up through the branches as a whispering chuckle escaped her. Intrigued, Tribe tilted an ear and glanced sideways, a silent inquiry.

"An old story my love told me once," Sign explained, shaking her head to herself. "He told me.. That whenever he wandered and I would miss him overmuch, he would see me standing there, next to him. Just for a moment. He said the first time that happened it gave him a bit of a fright."

"How did the two of you become mates, any way? You're so loyal to him, sugar."

Sign grinned a bit and reached over to nudge Tribe's neck, stepping out of the water as she spoke. With the way her coat was, each time water dripped from her it almost seemed as if she was melting.

"There is water, still and silent, in any wandering desert. I need my darling just as the precious oasis needs the desert sands to give it form."

Tribe grinned a bit at that thought. She was no oasis, however, but a sea that reached far and wide. A lonely sea, but still..

Before she could reply there was the sound of hooves - small and light, at first, followed by a heavier beat. Both mares looked up, searching for the source, and within moments Sign was making the most excited squeaking whinnies that Tribe had ever heard.

"Keidas! Oh, my boy, my darling boy."

Sign met him just within the tree's embrace, whickering happily as she nuzzled him close. Her mane completely covered him, though he was already growing strong. Ah, she had missed her son!

Nipping at his ear, she stepped back and winked at him, motioning towards Tribe who was finally stepping back onto shore.

"Show me what tricks you've learned while you wandered around to see what was to be seen. But first, I have something to show you."

Sign looked up as the sound of hooves grew once again, her entire face lighting up as Crest and West galloped towards her. She reared as West drew nearer, jumping forward to nuzzle into his neck. She didn't seem to notice the grime at all - at least, at first.

"Gracious, love! Come here, let me get a better look at you." She laughed, nipping at his mane and reaching up to mess with his horn, her eyes glowing with pure joy. "And possibly get you a bath. You'll tell me of your journeys again?"

Turning back towards the pond, Sign dipped her head towards Crest and offered a little curtsy, her mane covering her face for a moment as she murmured her greeting. "And you as well, Crest. Hopefully your travels have gone well."

A small smile accompanied the words, though still slightly timid. She was fond of him, as she was all her circle-mates, though none got her to open up quite like her beloved.

"Pleased to meet you," Tribe added, shaking off her coat before dropping to roll around in a nice dust bath. It helped dry her faster and stopped the dripping water from itching - not that the dust lasted long, as she stood and shook herself clean a moment later. Her tail swayed as she reached up to scratch a little from behind her ear, the markings on her legs rippling gracefully while she smiled at the new stallions.

"You must be the marvelous West and young Keidas. And your name, it was Crest, right? Do the three of you often travel together?"

Sign grinned a bit, resting her neck over her mate's as contentment settled over her face. She let her eyes drift closed for a moment before straightening up, offering a deeply tender kiss as she turned back towards the little pond.

"Tribe, let's show them the trick."

Tribe laughed and ducked back into the water, with Sign walking next to her a moment later. They traded glances, grinned, and ducked their heads, soaking their manes and tossing their heads to send a large curtain of water towards the others. This just might get West clean, as well!

"It's great for surprising people. And look what I found out," Tribe grinned, stepping back onto shore. With a snort she lowered her tail, etching a heart in the ground with the water that streamed down.

Sign grinned and moved towards her family once again, leaning against West as Tribe shook off and trotted towards Crest. There was a spark in the gypsy mare's eyes, a curious light as she let her gaze wander over Crest's bright coat. He was certainly a handsome fellow, if nothing else.

"You do wander, don't you sugar? Have you been to the volcanic isles? They're quite lovely to visit, and they hold the best feasts and parties there. Half the games I know came from there, to be honest, and oh sugar are they ever fun when you have a whole party playing along. There's one that involves water sculpting I'm particularly fond of, though it's so much more fun if you combine it with another game, one of light - oh sugar, I simply have to tell you, it's such a joy. And quite difficult, I must say!"

Sign tuned her out, for the most part. Tribe was quite the social butterfly, always talking and playing, seemingly without a care in the world. It was only while she was still long enough to feel that loneliness that she was reminded of just how tender the mare's heart was.

But what Sign wanted to hear was the tales of her beloved and their son - what had they learned, where had they been? She loved to hear of their travels, even though she missed them while they were away. The sun was warm on her back as she thought of all the different things they had seen and done, a smile playing idly with her mouth. They were probably hungry - her boys were almost always hungry. She'd have to help gather treats while they showed her all they had done.

Re: Reunions and First Impressions {Crest, West, Keidas}

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:27 pm
by Chidory
West’s heart swelled at the sight of his beloved. From the moment he saw her till the day he would die, he knew without a doubt that she was the most beautiful mare he would ever see. Trotting closer his eyes glowed at the tenderness she showed to their son.

“Mama, mama! We went all over the place! Daddy says I’m really fast! Someday I’ll beat every serian in the world in races! No wait, in all the worlds. Chidory says there are many worlds and that she comes from one of them.”

The young colt settled down for a moment to let his parents talk. He danced around on his pale green hooves as his dusty yellow mane danced in the breeze.

West let out a sigh of relief when he was finally able to touch his mate. Though she ticked his horn he loved the feel of her touch. Gazing at her tenderly he lipped her mane and watched her walk back towards the water.

The green stallion yelped in shock as the curtain of water cascaded onto him. Hearty laughter, that few other have ever heard, escaped his throat as he paced towards the water.

“Well my love, you certainly gave me a shock...and a bath. Oh how I missed you.”

“Well I don’t think it was funny. I’m all wet!”

The young colt was sitting on the bank and looked up grumpily at his mother. Suddenly he sprang to his feet and shook himself dry.

“Guess what mama? I saw weird cat things. They had funny marking. I got into a fight with one, but Fanggar stopped me.”

West rolled his eyes as he searched out Crest. The yellow stallion had somehow remained clear of the wave, but a troubled look clouded his eyes as he focused on Sign. A slight chill ran down West’s back as he looked at his friend. He knew that the other stallion had harboured feeling for his beloved. Would he try to take her back?

A feeling of protectiveness overwhelmed him as he stepped forward to hinder the stallions view.

Suddenly realizing he was being rude, he turned towards tribe and greeted her kindly. “Yes, I am West. It is a pleasure to meet you. We always travel together, I am quite a wanderer and Crest has been a great companion on our journeys.”

Looking over his shoulder he noted that the yellow stallion was still quiet.
Hoping that there would be no awkwardness he went on, gently touching his mate as he continued talking. “We have never been to the volcanic islands, but we have visited the whole coast on the eastern front. Have you ever been to the jungles?”

Crest began to wander towards the pool. When he neared it he looked at his reflection. It was unusual for the yellow stallion to be so subdued. The only sound that escaped him was a yelp of pain as young Kaidas bit his leg.

Re: Reunions and First Impressions {Crest, West, Keidas}

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:33 pm
by Songhue
Sign smiled tenderly as she and West leaned against each other, letting the two social creatures handle the discussion. She only had eyes for her beloved and their son at the moment, barely even noticing that Tribe was near by any more. Keidas' claim of being fast made her chuckle and reach down to nuzzle his side, grinning as her mane tickled over his flank. That was her boy, alright. So eager and brave.

"I'm sure you will, my little stallion, and move so fast you can't even be seen. Strange cat things, hm? Ah, they sound fantastic. What were their markings like?"

She nuzzled her mate's neck absently, always keeping contact with him. This was her bliss.

Tribe, meanwhile, was latching on to the conversation with great interest, her gaze sliding from Crest to West.

"The jungles? A few jungles, though I never stayed for long. Each one was somehow different, but they were all too dangerous for me to stay. They're still amazing though, sugar, don't get me wrong. I saw one so thick that it was always night, even while the sun was out, and another where rain fell constantly! There's a jungle with great black cats that can disappear at will and the strangest creatures that are half snakes, among others."

She paused here and followed West's gaze, turning around just as Keidas bit Crest's leg. Blinking in surprise, she walked over to look at the limb and check for any cuts - they could have some pretty sharp teeth at times, bad enough to hurt their own mouths if they weren't helped. Something about this fellow seemed off. It was just taking her a moment to figure out what..

Sign rested her neck against West's as they talked, watching her son prance around impatiently. She had to smile at him; he was quite precious and such a strong spirit.

"You fought a cat creature? Ah, well if Fang-rawr hadn't stopped you I'm sure you would have won, as quick as you are! What could make you want to fight, outside of playing? It's not like you, my dear."

She grinned, vaguely wondering who Fanggar was as she prompted the story from her boy, ears perked attentively. Normally, the two males would tell the same story, speaking in turn to weave her a tale of their wanderings. This was a special moment, where her young son had the limelight, and she intended to let him enjoy every bit of it.

She blinked in surprise as he bit Crest's leg, however, pulling her head back in alarm. If that was playing, then it was playing a bit too rough, in her opinion. But she knew that a wandering foal had to be strong, as well, and that there were times where playing rough was needed to impress those met in various travels.

She still didn't have to like it, a fact that was emphasized by the frown that weighted her face. Stallions would be stallions, but mothers would be mothers.

With a mental sigh she shook her head and leaned against West again, relying on his touch for more than mere physical contact. She needed him - every part of her needed him, in every way. His touch helped her feel stronger, less timid, and put her at ease. She honestly only felt whole and safe while he was around, and her joy was only amplified by their son. She could also see the way he relaxed at each tender caress, as if she nourished a part of him food could never reach.

Ah, but she was utterly head over heels for her strong, wandering silent stallion, no matter how he was missed. It only made his returns all the sweeter.

Tribe finished her inspection as Sign began to relax beside West once again, stepping up next to Crest to look in the water with him. She was curious about him, but only to an extent - the tales of their travels could easily be enjoyed, while this stranger had yet to say a word to her. Rather rudely, in fact, as she had been attempting to talk to him in the first place.

"You intrigue me, sugar," she admitted flatly as she gazed at his reflection, the ring in her forelock glinting in the gentle light from the pool. "You can't be so miserable to be back here, in the lands we hold claim over by birth-right, or you would eagerly speak of how you love traveling... Or so it seems, sugar, as it's normally how it works. And it can't be that you hate traveling or you wouldn't so often, or at least you would note how lovely it is to have returned. So, are you always to quiet and melancholy, sugar, just letting little colts bite at you, or is there something on your wandering mind that keeps you from pondering disappearing predators?"

"Have you eaten," Sign asked, gently nudging her son to get his attention before turning to look at West. "Something other than a stallion's leg," she added with a pointed look to her son. "There's some wonderful treats nearby if you're hungry. You can nibble as you tell me your stories.

"Or is it simply that we bore you, sir Crest, and you wish to again be enjoying your wanderings? If that's the case, I can easily be far less boring, although you may not find that so appealing, sugar. Either way, what say we liven up a bit."

She winked at him there and began to turn away, half hoping for a response before she had a chance to walk off and not really expecting to get one. He was a curiosity, but she would meet others like him as she traveled, more than likely. He would really have to catch her interest for her to attempt to pry him open for inspection.

OOC| You're very welcome. :) <3 By the way, these are just Sign's impressions of Keidas - most mothers see their sons in a certain pride-and-joy light. :)