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Out of the aether

What appeared to be a ball of white light emerged from the darkness. It hovered in the air for several minutes as though deciding where to go. Suddenly it darted off, stopping again over a stream. The ball of light began to grow, taking on a human shape. When it was done materializing, a child was hovering over the stream. She appeared to be around the age of five, though she was certainly no human child. Her skin was lavender, her hair was pink and blue, and most telling was the fact that her eyes appeared to be made of the same light that she had materialized from. She was wearing a pale blue dress with lace trim, and she was holding what looked like a stuffed toy except that it was made entirely of light.

Ashra looked around and giggled. This place looked fun! She ran forward through the air, never once actually touching the ground despite not having wings. A tree loomed up in front of her, but she did not slow her running. Instead, she simply ran straight through the tree as if it had not even been there. In this form, her attention span was pretty short, so it was soon captured by a glowing firefly. "Are you made from the aether, too?" she asked it, following it as it flew around. When the firefly did not respond, she pouted and instead took to imitating the flutter of its tiny wings. Still, it would be nice to have someone new to talk to! She rather liked making the sounds that people called 'speech.' It had taken her quite some time to learn how to do it properly, but now that she was able, she was prone to talking whether or not someone was there to listen. In fact... "Smile little frog fly! Dream away the hot! I can't read your fingers." Unless she was actually talking to someone, her sentences rarely made any sense. She literally just liked to hear herself talk.
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Re: Out of the ether

OOC | Sorry if I'm rusty, it's been a while ^^; Also, never RPed this character before, so this should be fun!

A shadow by the roots of a nearby grove of trees shifted, and the gleam of two golden eyes flashed in the light of the stranger's entrance. As the light by the stream dimmed they vanished along with the shadow. Moments later a figure stepped out of the darkness and paused. Her brilliant green eyes focused on the small figure by the stream and she suddenly grinned, her cat-like canines giving her a distinctly feral look.

She suddenly moved closer, the light transforming her dark outline into a woman with amber skin and deep auburn hair that shifted to tawny as it fell to the nape of her neck in tangled waves. Two large black tattoos circled her wrists and wrapped themselves around the backs of her hands and up her wrists, disappearing into a soft leather wrap that was tied with what seemed like the claws of a large animal.

She gave a friendly wave to the stranger, her expression turning slightly mischevious.

"Heya child, I've never seen you before. Where are you from?"
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Re: Out of the aether

Ashra peered at the newcomer with wide, light-filled eyes before waving excitedly back at the woman. "I came from the aether!" she pronounced proudly, as though it was the most important thing in the world. "You don't look like you did, though!" She giggled and began running in circles around the woman, "I'm Ashra! I'm Ashra! What's your name, lady?" A figurative perpetual ball of energy in this form, she left off running in circles and instead spun around rapidly in place. Not once did she touch the ground, her little feet moving rapidly in the air just as though it was a solid surface to rotate from.

"Can you spin in circles, too? It's fun, I promise! Don't get sick, though! I don't get sick, but sometimes people do!" With that word of advice, she began babbling again, "Spinning in the moon tomorrow's day is pink on fruit spoons." Her pointed ears twitched with each word as though she was trying to hear what she was saying and interpret it.

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