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Re: Finally Free (Open RP)

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2012 4:35 pm
by Aria
Zyria couldn't help smiling as they talked. It was as if they had been best friends all along and had just been away for a while. They had both opened up to each other so naturally, it had to be destiny that brought them together. Zyria knew, at this moment exactly, that this girl was the reason why she needed to leave the forest. As if Vineda had been outside the forest the whole time, calling out for Zyria to come out and play, and returning every day until Zyria finally did.

"No, I don't have a nickname. I didn't have very many friends in the forest, except for the creatures that couldn't talk back to me anyway. Most parents kept their children away from me, being a bad influence and all." Zyria said lightly, not at all emotionally affected by the words.

Once Vineda had started explaining her shifting abilities, Zyria was hooked. How fascinating was that, to be able to change into something else. Zyria had always dreamed of being anything other than an elf. A bird, who could explore the world every day and not have to worry about a flock back home. Or a wild cat, that could hunt and play in the fields all day and call wherever she may be her home. Anything that was free of responsibility, she dreamed of being. "Oh! How wonderful it must be, to be whatever you fancy that day." Zyria smiled, and tried to hide the pang of jealousy she felt. "You must tell me of the other forms you have taken, and of the adventures you had with them. Oh, please tell me all about it!" Zyria felt like a child again, hearing stories about magic, only even more-so now knowing it was real.

She giggled, too, at Vineda's choice of the word "eerie", wondering if she meant to make the pun or not.

Then, as Vineda explained the sensation of shifting, Zyria brought her eyebrows together in concentration. What did she mean by healing? Suddenly Zyria felt like she had overreacted, and that shifting wasn't exactly what she had thought. Pain? Energy? There was obviously more to it than just snapping your fingers and transforming into a chipmunk.

"I'd like to know, Vineda. What do you mean by healing? and burning off energy? Zyria cocked her head to the side, mustering up her learning abilities and concentrating hard on what Vineda said. Unlike her classes in school, this topic peaked her attention dramatically.

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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 12:45 pm
by Vineda
"That much an outsider, huh?" It was hard for some to be such an outsider; had been hard for her to learn to deal with it, even on a smaller scale. "That bad an influence?" Her tone was shocked and appalled in an overly exaggerated sort of way, eyes gleaming and face pulled into a smirk to make sure Zyria knew she was joking.

She kept the sadness from her face. Such was another thought that hung over her often enough; the freedom was wonderful, truly. Shifting was such a part of her now, being able to be whatever she fathomed whenever she wanted... If the ability were taken away from her now, she couldn't imagine what she would do, how trapped she would feel.

But still, it only increased her isolation. A blessing and a curse. "It is wonderful, I often forget that and take it for granted. Were it not for my Bondeds I would be exceedingly lonely." It was much better, however, to focus on the good things. Something she was determined to try to do more often.

"Ummmmm... What do you want to know?" She had to laugh at the enthusiasm her new friend showed. It made her wish to share her gift. "I canmanipulate my human form, but sometimes I slip and change back to this - " she gestured to herself "- when I'm not paying enough attention."

She sighed, studying Zyria as if to memorize her face, her features, her essence. Crickets chirped in the background, and it was a peaceful moment she'd not soon forget. The sun's descent had cooled the air. "Wings are difficult. Animals that fly have a lighter, hollower bone structure for a reason. It is a difficult thing, to change myself enough to fly." She cast her memory back over her shiftings, trying to pinpoint different favorites. "I love the wolf shape, but shifting to a fox makes me feel more sly and tricky... When I am not here I like to take the horse shape and run through the day. Small climby things, like a chipmunk, are fun but can be scary if a predator is around. I've been nearly eaten a few times. Oh, and felines are fun! Housecat size is handy, but the power to be felt in the shape of a big cat... You know, like mountain lions or pathers or tigers. They're amazing! Once I changed to a cheetah to see how fast I could run." She looked up quickly, feeling silly doing all the talking. Despite the fact that Zyria had asked her to.

But oh she laughed that Zyria picked out the "eerie" comment. Not many had that silly sense of humor; many looked upon such jokes as childish. But then she sat there so studiously, eager to know more. How could she explain it so that they wouldn't be there all night? "I love to observe, to witness, to watch. The diamond dust of stars in a night sky, the intricacies of a garden, an untamed sea, a tome of old information just waiting to be learned anew, the heartsong weaving through a gathering of friends... all of these are wonders of life. There is pain and sorrow to be seen also, but beauty is easier. All of these things make me feel alive, full, energized. I suppose I sort of cache them within myself. And then later, after I shift or I heal or I do something else that others would name Sorcery, I feel normal again. Sometimes if it's a big thing, I feel drained and tired. But life always replenishes what I lost." She felt as though she were sitting off to the side, watching herself explain these things. Certainly it was surreal, but the explanation just kept pouring out of her as if it were a story that needed to be told.

Burning off energy had become second nature to her, especially now that she'd practiced and learned more. In the beginning it had been a chore, a game of balancing. "If I do not use the energy up I become unbelievably restless, and my blood feels as though it is on fire." It had been so as she first discovered abilities, and quickly turned into a mess. Sorcery had been a fearful, forbidden thing of myth in that where and when. She had no choice but to fumble through it, to commit the crime of sorcery, and to come to terms with the fact that she was evil in the minds of her people. How long ago had that been? She had no notion. Certainly she'd grown since then, aged a few years. Yet it had to have been many years ago. Time was a strange thing.

She tilted her head, wondering what this elf girl would make of all this. Surely she'd stumbled across her for a reason. When she'd climbed the tree this afternoon she hadn't expected to be going back through her past, re-examining the mystery that was herself. "Healing is one of the easiest ways to use my energy. There are always those who might need healing, with so many worlds plagued by darkness." She shrugged. "And it's just something I always wanted to do. Fix a broken leg here, heal a sickness there... The land mostly fixes itself, so it's rarely a plant kind of thing. Usually people, or animals." Did she make any sense at all?

"So what'll you do now Zyr? Now that you're free?" What drove this girl? Made her tick? What dreams did she have fluttering in her heart? What would people do, given freedom from their responsibilities and chains? She guessed that most wouldn't know what to do with themselves. After rambling so very much she looked at this exceptional being sitting beside her on the tree branch. "Are you sure you mean to tell me that you don't do anything even remotely like magic? Have you ever tried?" The different bands of elves she'd encountered in her past had had subtler abilities. One might not think to call them magic right off the bat, but they definitely went beyond the ordinary.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:37 pm
by Aria
"Well not that much of an outsider! I had plenty of friends as a child. I just meant that the never-ending stories of the exciting fantasy world outside that constantly escaped my lips didn't please too many parents." Zyria giggled, realizing she had made herself out to be some heathen, shunned by her entire race.

Zyria thought she caught a hint of sadness in Vineda's voice, when she mentioned taking shifting for granted. Just like many other pleasures in life, there is always a down to every up. The sadness was quickly erraticated however, at the mention of these so called "bonded", an entirely new word Zyria would have to remember to ask her about later.

She listened quietly and wide-eyed as Vineda explained her abilities. A wide smile, sometimes accompanied by an uncontrolable squeal, would spread across her face as Vineda listed the creatures she had experienced. Zyria toyed with the idea of being a wolf, one of the only creatures she was raised to respect and fear. Bears were large and strong, yes, but often wandered alone and out in the open, making them easy targets for archers. Wolves however, hunted in packs, and were quiet, sly, and could sneak up on you in an instant. Perhaps maybe she could learn a thing or two about wolves by "stepping into their paws" so to speak. The fox sounded fun, she had always loved foxes. They were sort of like a mix between a cat and dog, both of which were not native to the forest, and both of which Zyria wished she could own. I'd think being anything smaller than a fox would be too risky for me, Zyria thought to herself, making a quick mental note of it. Once Vineda started on about healing, she felt a lot less like a novice. She had been raised a healer herself, using potions, mixtures, and spells. This was one thing Zyria was familiar with.

"I have to say, Vineda, you are some creature! Are there many others like you?" Zyria grinned at her friend light-heartedly. "As for me, I'm a plain old ordinary elf. I suppose I'll explore, shoot arrows out of my bow, and forage through the forest!" she laughed. "I guess I've done some magic before, but it has always been minor. I've made flowers bloom by touch before, and one time I accidentally summoned a thunder storm when I was really upset. My mother taught me how to heal, using potions and spells, so I suppose that counts."

Zyria cleared her throat, not really confident that anything she had to say about herself could possibly measure up to the amazing shape-shifter, a being who could alter the atoms and molecules in her body, sitting next to her. She sat deep in thought for a moment, taking in the change in the sky's colors as the sun slowly made its way closer and closer to the horizon. The blues and whites of the sky had been replaced by oranges and reds.

Feeling spontaneous suddenly, she swung her legs to gain momentum, and jumped off the branch, landing gracefully and without a sound onto the grass below. She turned to look up at Vineda and smirked. "So give me the grand tour!" Zyria teased, full of excitement again at the mention of freedom. "Let's find a comfy place to camp out for the night! I'll find us something to eat, I'm an excellent cook you know!" she said, winking. "Unless of course you have prior engagements, I'll understand." she teased, but deep down hoped her new friend would join her.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:45 am
by Vineda
Vineda giggled at the picture she'd seen in her mind, of a very outcast Zryia. It was a relief to know that things weren't that extreme! Zyria had lightened her mood quite a bit as it started fading, and Vineda brushed herself off, mentally scolding herself. "Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble so much! It's been so long since I've talked about any of that." Looking at the form beside her she saw such youth, such exuberance. It was contagious; she let herself slip her troubles off like a cloak and set them aside for now.

"There are others here in this land that have some similarities, but most of those I've met are quite unique. You don't exactly strike me as ordinary. Perhaps you've yet to learn more of yourself." Perhaps she simply was concealing some things, as strangers were able to do... yet she was more inclined to believe whatever Zyria said of herself. "Oh, flowers blooming and thunderstorms coming at your bidding are nothing ordinary! Well I don't think so anyhow." She grinned, content to let the conversation ebb as she joined her new friend in watching the sun set.

Resolving not to cheat, Vineda hopped off of her tree branch and landed with noise enough for her landing and Zyria's. The whole thing was complimented by a small "oomf" as she bent her knees with the impact and raised her arms to aid in balance. She still couldn't believe she'd shared so many details about herself and her abilities, and the awe she'd seen in the elf's eyes as she spoke made her embarrassed... as though she'd been boasting.

She'd trained over the years in stealth, even befriended an elf or two who showed her tricks. But as far as matching Zyria in silence she probably couldn't come close. And after exposing her shifting abilities she was quite happy to show off how much of a clutz she could be.

"The grand tour would take forever!" She laughed again as she joined the impish girl, shaking her head at the prior engagements clause. "Nope, I'm all yours! How about the beach? There's a lake over a ways thataway..." She lifted her chin in the proposed direction. A lake would mean plenty of resources for food as well. "What do you say?"

Who could say no? Well, Zyria could, but if she did there were many other places she could suggest. Her spirits still lifted, she thought to herself, Off on an adventure! But what would traveling be without a tale or a song? She opted for a tale, as she'd not been blessed with a very good singing voice. "Oh tell me a tale of fantasy. One of your favorites. What fairy tale would you like to see here and now?"

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:53 pm
by Aria
Zyria's face flushed with flattery as Vineda complimented her "abilities". A lot of the elves she had grown up with new small magic like that, so Zyria assumed it wasn't a big deal.

She couldn't help but giggle as Vineda landed in the dirt with a thump. Perhaps now that she was free from the pressures of her elven clan, she could loosen up a little bit. She found herself looking forward to being a klutz.

"The lake sounds great! Oh pleeeaaase can we go there?" Zyria said in excitement, and then quickly brought her hands up to cover her mouth in embarrassment. They had rivers and small ponds in the elven forest, but no lakes. This would be a new adventure indeed. "Sorry, I'm just so... happy." She grinned, anxious to begin this new journey with her new friend.

She made sure all of her stuff was gathered and waited for Vineda to take the lead.

"In school, we were told all kinds of fairy tales. And even though I liked most of them, the only ones that fascinated me were the ones involving dragons. Oh, nothing would make my heart sing more than if those fairy tales were true. Please tell me there's such things as dragons!" Zyria said, almost feeling like she was begging. Fairy tales are fairy tales though, and she forced herself to bury that hint of hope in fear of being thoroughly disappointed.