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Re: Finally Free (Open RP)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:37 pm
by Aria
Zyria's heart did a back flip as Vineda joined her on her branch, and offered her an apple. How nice of this stranger to accept her so willingly, and even share her goods! Apples weren't the most abundant fruit in the forest, and Zyria accepted it happily and immediately took a bite. The juices almost sprayed, and Zyria held back a laugh, hoping she didn't just spray her new friend in the face. What a good first impression!

"Thank you!" she smiled. "What do you mean, lands that are not your own? Are you not from here?" Zyria didn't mean to be so forward, but she wanted to know this girls story. Most of all, was she simply human? Or was there some form of magic to this one? Growing up, she had listened to tales of wizards and shifters, and warriors and giants. Though her parents promised they no longer exist, Zyria hoped deep down they did. She believed her parents lied to keep her from wanting to leave the forest.

"Oh, and I... Umm... I'm just here because this is where I ended up." Zyria giggled, realizing she probably sounds silly. "I left the forest life behind me. Not sure where I'll end up."

She took another large bite of the apple, and grinned at Vineda, probably displaying the chewed up apple in her teeth.

Re: Finally Free (Open RP)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:38 pm
by Vineda
Vineda stared at her toes dangling below her and began to swing her feet back and forth in a slow rhythm. It was like sitting on a porch swing when she was very young. Laughing openly as little flecks of apple juice flew, she took a small bite of her own apple. They were perfectly crisp, and as juicy as she'd ever seen an apple. She'd have to ask Sunsparkle to gather more from whatever secret grove they came from.

Waiting to answer the elf until after she'd finished her first bite of apple, she chewed thoughtfully. A stranger to these lands meant more might find their way here - an exciting prospect. "Nay, I am not from these lands. I frequent them now and again as time allows, but I have a homeland all my own." The words left her mouth tinged with pride. Her search for a place to call home had been a long one.

What was it about this stranger that made her want to giggle? "I guess you ended up in the right place then! You are currently in what is called the Foothills of the land of Sionayra." Dying to ask why the girl had left her own home land, she bit her tongue just a bit.

If you want to know something, then ask! Flight chided her, and she shook her head just the slightest bit. Would you guys hush up already? If I start talking to myself this girl is going to think I am absolutely crazy. It took a rather substantial amount of will to keep from smacking her forehead for asking as she heard his receding reply in her head. Well then she would be on to something, then, wouldn't she?

Once again attempting to tune out the snickers of her serian Bonded, Vineda proceeded carefully. "Are you looking for a place to call your own then? Or are you simply out to see what you can see before you return home?" The elf's tone reminded her a bit of a boy she'd met once waiting for a bus. He'd used those same words... 'Not sure where I'll end up'... It turned out he didn't have a home any more. But that time he had volunteered the information without questions prodding him. This time she was actively prying... Nearly grimacing at the thought, she continued anyway. "What's your name?"

"If I may ask, that is..." She thought about sending a pointed 'so there!' at Flight, but figured she'd just be opening a can of worms.

Re: Finally Free (Open RP)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:10 pm
by Aria
Zyria studied her face as she spoke, and at one point it looked like Vineda was concentrating, or fighting some internal battle. Zyria hoped she hadn't caused this sweet girl any distress. Vineda's questions led Zyria to believe she was just as curious about herself as she was about Vineda. This made her smile. Maybe picking this particular tree to rest under was more fate than coincidence?

She listened intently as Vineda described the world she was in. She repeated the name "Sionayra" in her head a few times, so as not to forget.

When Vineda asked for her name, Zyria slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand and giggled loudly.

"Oh, my apologies! My name is Zyria." She laughed, feeling embarrassed for forgetting to mention it sooner. "I suppose once I've found somewhere that feels like home, I'll remain there. I didn't fit in well in the forest. I felt trapped, never allowed to venture beyond the trees and forced to live the same lives my elders did. So yes, I'm looking for a place to call home, whether I find it tonight or years from now."

Zyria let out a deep sigh, feeling relieved she had let all that out and someone actually listened. All of her life she'd been bantering on about it, but the elves refused to acknowledge her dreams, hoping she'd just "grow out of it" once she turned of age and was married. Her thoughts drifted to her parents, who were probably celebrating her disappearance, and then veered back to Vineda.

"So where is your home then, Vineda?" Zyria smirked, "Maybe you could show me sometime?" This overwhelming feeling came over her, and she suddenly lifted a fist and socked Vineda in the shoulder.

"Oh dear! I uh- Sorry!! It's just uh... something my brother and I always... did..." Zyria totally pulled that out of the air, and her cheeks lit up bright crimson. She didn't even have a brother, and felt like an idiot for even saying that. What the hell came over her?

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BIC| Zyria finished the apple, right down to the core, and tossed it over her head into the tall grass. She cleared her throat, and waited for the girl's horrible reaction to what she just did.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:06 pm
by Vineda
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BIC| She could feel herself being watched, bright purple eyes intelligent in their scrutiny. The elf's smile stayed, however, so it would appear she hadn't done anything wrong yet. Her eyes widened as the girl smacked her forehead and giggled. She sure was silly!

Chuckling along a bit, her mind lingered on the name. Zyria. "Does your name hold a specific meaning?" Some cultures named children with specific meanings, she knew. Did Zyria's elves? Vineda was only familiar with a few elven villages and colonies, and all had different customs. Though her own ears were pointed, she belonged to no band of elves. She kept her hair over her ears most of the time to avoid misleading others.

Nodding somberly, she empathized with Zyria's plight. Not pity, no. She'd always been more of a wanderer than anything else as well. "It must have been very difficult to leave your family. I'm sorry." It was mostly the proper thing to say, but it was heartfelt.

"My home... is called Pendar. It is easy for me to travel there from here. I grew the world of Pendar from a tiny seed, and still it grows wild. I can take you there, if you would like to visit it." And then she jumped just a bit, eyes wide at being punched. An instant later she'd shifted to a chipmunk and shot towards her antagonizer, running across her lap and circling around up her back to her shoulder and chittering the whole way. Perched there on Zyria's shoulder, she continued chittering for a minute, clearly telling this girl just how infuriated she was. Striped tail twitched rapidly for added emphasis. As soon as she finished she skittered back down across the elf girl's front, around her legs, and back to where she'd started.

Feisty much? Just a bit...

Shifting back to her usual form with a flicker, she grinned widely at this Zyria. She couldn't wait to see her reaction! She stared off to the grass where the apple core had been tossed with a shocked expression. "You're just gonna leave that there?!"

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:18 am
by Aria
Her name must have been quite unusual to a non-elven pair of ears. She hadn't really thought about what she'd explain to the outsiders she met on the road. The only ears that had heard her name before had been elves' ears.

"Yes, my mother told me "Zy" means Ivory, and "ria" means Hunter. Though I spend more time healing than hurting." Zyria giggled. "I suppose I am named after some great white warrior of my ancestors." She explained. Vineda voiced her concern about Zyria's family, which took her by surprise. "Oh no no no! It wasn't difficult at all!" Zyria bragged, for leaving her family and forest had been her dream since she could sleep. "I love them dearly," Zyria explained, "but fate had me leaving the forest as soon as I could walk. I couldn't stay there, even if my love for my parents was deeper."

Zyria listened intently as Vineda described her origin. The idea of a world blossoming from a tiny seed sounded like something from her storybooks. Her heart begged for her to visit this place, to learn more, and once the invitation was extended, her heart danced in excitement. "Oh, that would be so wonderful! I'd love to see your home, Vineda!" Zyria rocked back and forth on the branch as if her body had too much energy to sit still.

The punch to the shoulder was foolish, she knew, but the reaction Vineda responded with was completely unlike anything she'd ever imagined. Before her very eyes, the shape of Vineda transformed into a small rodent like creature. The little chipmunk flew across her lap, darted up the backside of her dress, and came to a halt on her shoulder. Strange chirping noises came from its throat, and Zyria almost brought her hand up to brush the creature away, but remembered this wasn't just a random rodent. She froze in place, completely unsure of what was happening. The only thing she was certain of, was that these little chirping noises didn't sound so happy. Finally the critter scurried back down into Vineda's place, and shifted right back into the form of the innocent yet mysterious girl from before.

Grinning widely, Vineda sat before her once more. Zyria blinked over and over again. Had there been some form of hallucinogen in the apple from before? Her parent's had warned her of the many ways human's tried to capture an elven girl. Once Vineda questioned her apple core discard method, Zyria realized that Vineda was still Vineda.

"Um... are you aware that you just transformed into a chipmunk??" Zyria asked sarcastically, shocked that this girl seemed completely indifferent to what just happened. "Was that magic?? I have heard of many spells to transform humans into animals, but they all involved potions and painful alterations... You must be... well... what are you?" Zyria asked, finally, a little embarrassed. Not only was this girl friendly, cute, and funny, she could apparently transform into a chipmunk easily and painlessly. What on earth had Zyria stumbled across?

Zyria completely ignored Vineda's question about her apple core placement choice. Her entire focus had shifted to what sort of creature Vineda was. She was clearly not simply human. Although she had unusual dark red hair, with ears that had slightly pointy ends, Zyria was almost positive she was not an elf. What other creature looks just like a human but isn't?

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so pushy." Zyria said, before Vineda could answer, or at least be put back by Zyria's forwardness. "I have never seen anything like you." Zyria smirked, and waited impatiently for Vineda's explanation.

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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 8:53 pm
by Vineda
It was interesting to consider the viewpoint of this elf girl, one so decided. "I've always been too undecided to do something like that." Tone wistful, she leaned back a bit in order to look up at the tiny bits of sky visible through the leaves above. "Most of the major changes in my life have been not of my choosing, but perhaps organized by the Fates to shake things up a bit."

Voicing a random thought on a whim, she had to ask. "Do you have a nickname?" It was exciting, meeting a stranger and learning of her life, her personality. She giggled, and even though Zyria was an elf she had to caution, laughingly. "Oh, be careful! Don't fall off!"

The girl's reaction to her shifting was entertaining. Most acted much more shocked. In her old, old homeland she'd not been capable of anything so drastic, but anything of the sort, anything even hinting at "magic" was enough to send people into a tizzy. She must be off today; usually she was much more reserved with any unusual abilities.

Perhaps it was her subconscious dredging up her own questions. Her dreams were riddled and haunted with visions of people who called themselves Bards, and they seemed like her... But the haunting melody that tinged those dreams was a blackness, a doom that loomed over them. Were they even real? Did they exist anymore? Or perhaps just figments of her imagination, simply a wish for an explanation, a wish for people like herself?

Shaking out of a reverie, she tried to focus on the elf girl's questions. "You can call if Magic if you like..." Many had turned away from her after learning such things. She didn't necessarily expect such a reaction this time, but the thought always crossed her mind. "I don't know what you would call me. I thought I was human. I just... have learned to shift. Among other things. After I began to learn and experiment, my ears did this." She pulled her hair out from over one ear, showcasing their pointedness. "I can change them back when I think about it, but it's... eerie."

Considering the shifting process, she began to turn her body toward the slight form next to her. She swung one leg up and over their branch, so that she straddled the branch and faced this girl. And yet, she still did not meet her eyes. " It's a powerful sensation, though not exactly painful." It'd been a long time since she'd stopped to consider how much she'd learned. "It can be painful if I don't burn off some of the energy inside me. It started with healing." She looked up from her hands, which she'd been studying intently. What judgement would this Zyria make of her now?

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