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Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

Turned out the 'please don't eat me' was a pretty valid warning. The kitsune had twitched, just slightly, reflexively turning her muzzle towards what had brushed her shoulder. But the bat could get away with a touch - making a habit of it got a growl or a nip now and again, though. Regardless, the fact that it was her now-niece was what saved the fluffball from teeth.

Ah, and she was ready. That was faster than she'd thought it would be, when the little one hadn't instantly caught up. Though to be honest she'd been expecting an instant ready-cue. When it hadn't come she'd figured on having to wait for a good while.

Neither had happened, which was a bit of a novelty. She wasn't used to being surprised any more. After so long it starts to seem that there aren't any surprises left.

She'd finished her run while the fluffle hesitated, set up her brother with the first of a series of spells to Ascend, and welcomed a new member in her realm - and watched said new member develop. Things had been busy, to say the least, and now her brother was helping to prepare the realm to be a new home for all of their kind. Or he would be, as soon as he pulled his head out of his rump. More likely than not that would happen when he Ascended. There was time.

Now the outsider that had been welcomed as a sister was ready to become her niece. This should be interesting.

Very well. I'll talk to Flame, see what I can set up. Meet me at my realm and I'll prepare you. It'll soon be time, if I know my brother as I think I do.

With that, she shook off the fluff ball, gave a quick sniff of farewell (her breath ruffling the featherfur and making a grin light her eyes for a moment), and shimmered out of existence.

There were other plans to make, other meeting to arrange. The clan was progressing again - they were growing. As she rippled through realms, Star Shine-called-Songhue felt her heart lighten for the first time in centuries. Maybe there was hope, black and deadly though it could be.