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Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:10 pm
by Songhue
She grinned a little, reassured as always by the little one's willingness. And as usual, she gave the same old warning in reply. You'll know when the time comes, babydoll. Right now we're dealing with Sunni - you can see for yourself that he noticed. But tell me why you would think otherwise, first, and then I can help guide your reading.

This lesson was now begun, at least. Once she got the little fluff-bat focused on something it usually helped.

Focusing her on something she cherished would be the easiest thing yet.

Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:26 pm
by Sethelu
He doesn't talk to me or acknowledge me anymore. All he does is stand in one spot, eat, drink, and lay down when the sun sets. You would think he was just sleeping standing up if you didn't see that his eyes were open.

She felt herself unwillingly start to tear up. I miss him sissy. I don't want to lose him. I don't want him to be alone again. She sniffled, trying to stop but not wanting to at the same time. She missed those early days when she would get into play arguments with him and pretend to let him win. When she would tell a lame joke and then still be able to make him laugh with over-dramatic indignation. When she could make him smile and fly beside him when he was taking his morning run through his field. She hoped her sister could help her strengthen their bond again, before it completely wore away.

Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:19 pm
by Songhue
Reaching out with her muzzle, the kitsune brushed the top of the Bat's head. A little awkwardly, perhaps. The little one radiated waves of sadness and Shine's own instinct was to pull away whenever energies tried to shove their way down her throat.

Then again, part of it had to do with the little one being a Beacon. Whenever the bat got sad, it was all-consuming. For herself? If she got upset, rather than drowning in the emotion itself she simply handled it logically.

This would be easier if you had learned Far Sight already, she said idly, riffling through a myriad of teaching methods in her mind.

Alright, she began, looking at the cub and watching for that tell tale sign of the little one sitting at attention, The first thing you should know is that while he may be still physically, he's bound to be anything but inside his own head. Part of you knows this, I'm sure, because he is bonded to you - and he won't leave that, no matter how it may seem to you. If you focus on him, on what would be going through his head, you'll find that link. You'll know it like it's your own thoughts. Ease into his mind and find all the things that he ain't saying, or even admitting to himself for that matter. Focus on nothing else. Explore what's inside, not only what he shows you.

She paused, watching the cub, waiting. There was more to say, but she would take her time.

Step by step, she reminded herself, let her determine the path she learns upon.

Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:40 pm
by Sethelu
She felt how uncomfortable her sister was because of her outburst. Oh, how she hated herself at that moment! She just had to ruin her sister's contentment, didn't she?! After the self hatred she felt a large surge of shame. She sniffled and hated her lack of knowledge when sister said it would be easier if she had learned Far Sight already. How could her sister stand to be within five feet of her? She sniffled again and looked at her sister when she started talking. She thought and concentrated for a moment, trying to find that link. She felt it, slightly. She caught a glimpse of the turmoil going through his head, but when she did she got scared and went back to her own mind.

Wow. No wonder he only stands there. It's a wonder he takes care of himself at all with all that going through his head. She said with a voice like she just discovered the true meaning of life. She felt really bad for scratching his eye now. Is there anyway I can help him? She really hoped there was.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:14 am
by Songhue
Turbulent little thing. It took a moment for the sniffling to quiet down, while the miniature struggle to get ahold of herself took place. Shine felt a little twinge while watching, before she managed to slip into her bonded's mind fully. While the flufflebat followed the bond-link to see what lay under the surface, the kitsune had a quick mental aside with her Guide.

She tries too hard, this little one, Shine thought.

She just seeks approval, her Guide answered, a trickle of sympathy bleeding through their connection.

It'll be nice when she's grown enough to realize she doesn't have to do anything to earn that. She has my approval just by her nature, by existing.

She'll need help to see that, her Guide murmured, and Shine felt another twinge. She wasn't the emotional sort; demonstrating these things was a weakness of hers. Quite simply she didn't know how to go about any of it.

Ah, but she had managed to follow the thread. With the unique way these creatures bonded it was quite possible to speculate about what may be in their minds - to put yourself in their mindset - and find yourself literally within them.

Of course. You love him, don't you? Sit within his mind and love him - have that confidence that he can find whatever answers he seeks. You can be that little seed in him that helps him start to believe in himself, and especially to remember that he's far from alone with anything he needs to deal with. It's easier to be that little seed so it can fully take root in him than it is to try to plant a little seed of thought or energy.

She waited a moment, tilting her head slightly. The little one would give it a try and, more likely than not, catch right on. The pair were already closer simply from figuring out how to ease into his mind; she didn't think this would be a problem for much longer. Good. She had things that needed discussing, some of them particularly important.

This is a bit similar to Far Sight, she continued, hoping that the overall sensation of settling inside of him would help with the understanding. You're here with me, yet as a part of him you can pick up on all the sensations that he has; the feel of sun and grass and even the differences in heartbeat and breath. It ain't quite the same, and it's a skill you won't learn until much later, but the more you master working this link the more proficient you'll be when it's time to know Far Sight.

For a moment she thought of how amusing it was to be able to speak to a three-year-old with terms like Proficient. Or in coherent sentences in general. It amazed her how much other species coddled their young. If you treat them as if they're strong, as if they're smart, they come to believe it. And they are, of course - they're all born with their own unique strength.

For now you need not worry much about anything more than being there - in the one area he would be the most alone otherwise. You don't have to have the answers for him. Just believe in him; like I do you.

That last part had taken a little effort to say, but she managed. Of course she believed in the youngling - that should be clear, with as much faith as she put in her ability to learn, in trusting her with sacred truths. Shine believed - as did their species in general - that stronger energies, stronger knowledge came from actions. To say something had little meaning when compared with having it shown.

Maybe I haven't shown it properly, she mused. Ach, but few things got her worrying or fussing such as the state of this little flufflebat. They had such needs while they were so young! It was a fact she enjoyed, this active caretaking, though she wasn't the best choice when it came to being the Guardian (or honorary parent) to a Beacon. The differences were too great - the flufflebat probably had a fairly dim view of her most of the time. It would help if she knew how to read energies better; but her growth and been stunted. A fairly good example was that while Shine adored giving out snuggles, she didn't much care to receive them. The little one felt the need to cuddle back, and tried to be as non-invasive about it as possible, something Shine didn't have in her to turn away. It did, however, lead to fewer hugs. It wasn't really the little one's fault - she had been on her own for a while, so she had trouble passively accepting things such as a snuggle or merely observing when things happened rather than attempting to help. But she was still young, far too young to try to be so big. It wasn't her place to help when someone got wounded, and simply accepting attention rather than trying to dole it out herself was the more natural thing for one of her age to be doing.

She knew all this, she understood all this, so she tried to be gentle when she guided the cub away from trying to take on more than she rightfully should. She didn't snap when the little one attempted to comfort an elder and barely tensed when the bat tried to give affection the same way a denmother would. The result was the same in the end, regardless; fewer hugs, fewer instances of being able to show these things to the winged wonder. If only she knew how to relax and simply be three...

With a mental sigh, Shine felt her Guide give a sympathetic pat. No, she certainly was not made to be the guide of a Beacon, much less repairing one! But she cared for the little bat, so she kept trying. Poor thing. Lost her entire clan while yet a wee babe. Of course she'd been adopted into theirs, and the little one really did have the sweetest disposition. Simply wanted to be loved, was all. There were just so many things she never had the chance to learn, so many things she hadn't been given a chance to understand, that progress had been slow indeed.

Yes, quite the turbulent little thing indeed.

Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:42 pm
by Sethelu
She tried to focus and find that link again, and did as she was instructed. She could feel Sunny turn his attention to her slightly, along with a wave of gratitude. She smiled and gave him mental snuggles through the link. She quickly focused on her sister when she began talking again, but still managed to keep in touch with the link. So that's what Far Sight is, she thought to herself. She felt a few tears come to her eyes when Shine said that she believed in her. All she wanted was her clans approval and for them to love and want her. Her greatest fear is that she will mess up too many times and they'll all get sick of her and kick her out of the clan. That they would think it was a mistake to have invited her into the clan at all. Sunny sent her a few feelings of comfort so she would calm down. She sent back gratitude. So you said you had other things you wanted to discuss. she prompted, curious about what her sister wanted to talk to her about.