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Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:32 pm
by Songhue
She was in kitsune form, sunning on a great stone in the center of the gathering circle. It felt good, the heat of the sun, the tickle of a breeze as it played with the tips of her tails. The tattoo-like mark on her right shoulder stretched as she shifted around, the colors reflecting the sun as if it were still wet. It wasn't; the marking was nearly as old as she, a personal sigil that all such as her kind earned upon realizing their path and place in the clan.

She was hungry, but that was no great discomfort. The cubs played with the few of her Serians that remained at home, while others wandered far and wide, some upon the very fields of this land. Her mate was exploring as well, checking the perimeters of her own home realm; created first as a mere den for her own family, then expanded into a true realm for her Serian Bondeds. Many in her clan, if not all, had created personal dens of their own; small areas within the fabric of space. She was as of yet unaware of any other who had a true realm.

Her Bondeds were to thank for that. It wasn't fit for the rest of her clan; her realm was too personal for that, too much like an extension from her own den as it became the lands and homes of her Bondeds.

Today, however, she was away from her den, and all was well in her personal world. The dark ones gave no immediate threat, her old wounds were quiet thanks to the care of her Mate, and soon they would even perform the Mate Bonding again, marking them each as Krishlèîthruilä. Today she dwelled in the birthlands of her beloveds and was simply relaxed, sending her joy and gratitude radiating outwards.

Today, Shine simply lived.

OOC| Okay, Bat, let's see how long it takes you to find this. :angel:

Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:06 am
by Sethelu
She was flying along, kind of downhearted. Ever since Sunny's run in with Caustic he'd been quiet and detached. He didn't do or say anything, even when she helped him through the night. He would eat when he was hungry, drink when he was thirsty, and lay down for sleep when it got dark. But when he wasn't maintaining his basic needs, he just stood in his meadow. Not saying anything. Not doing anything. If you didn't see his eyes staring unseeingly at the ground you would think he was asleep. He acted like he was here, but he wasn't here. It made her feel sad and unappreciated. She shook herself back to the present when she almost hit a tree. Suddenly she slammed into a wall of energies and immediately felt content. She was filled with joy when she felt these energies. They were her sister's, she would recognize them anywhere. She began to fly faster, eager to see her sister again. She kept flying until she heard the shape of a kitsune down below. She was pretty sure it was her sister in her kitsune form. She landed next to her and said in the cutest way she could Wat'cha doin'?~

OOC: When I said heard she was using her echo location because she is blind. And is this the surprise you were talking about?

Re: Wandering the Paths of the Past {Moon Blaze}

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:44 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Yup, it is! And o course yer blind, Basty - yer a bat! :heart:

BIC| The kitsune grinned, lifting her head and perking her ears when a ripple of energies wriggled into her immediate area.It was the most unique sensation; usually, when another approached they had their own aura of energies that slowly blended with and meshed into the world around them. In this case what she felt was entirely self-contained and could be compared to a stone plinking into still water.

She only knew of one creature that was so intensely aware of what was surrounding them as to properly contain their own energies; her little Bat. It was a talent that she had taught many over the years, but none else had perfected it like this. And for this one it came natural; one of the many things that had Songhue proud to call the little bat a part of her family.

Another was the way she asked 'whatcha doin.' It was usually pretty good for brightening up a space, such a dose of sweet cuteness.

So in answer, she lifted a paw, tucked the bat right up against her chest, and licked her from head to toe, twitching the tips of her tail contentedly. Biggest. Snug. Ever!

Well hey there, my little bat. Have you been keeping your featherfur clean? Remember how important that is for flyin, now. What has you out an' about? I'm just enjoyin' the day, if you wanna hang out. D'ya need anything?

As an afterthought she lifted her leg and un-pinned the little fuzzleball, although she twitched a few tails around her and let the soft fluff act as a wall of blankets behind the little thing.

She was so young! It was amazing, having someone that young around again. When she was properly mellowing her energies she was often rewarded with these snuggles, an indication that for now being near her was desirable. Teaching this particular little one to relax and build that confidence had been more than a little bit of a struggle; but she was her sister, and there were no mothers around to help. Someone had to give that guidance.

Sometimes she wished she still had her mom around. She missed that crazy old wolf.

It didn't really matter, though; the little bat had her, and she had no plans on flirting with that kind of dark. Or allowing it near this youngling until she could better handle it.

The small protective surge rippled through her energies, and it made her tilt her head slightly. While the little one was a master at self containment, her listening abilities had been less than excellent; she'd been assigned the task of reading these outside energies better, for her last lesson. As sensitive as this fluff-bat was, if her skills were properly honed that small ripple of protection would have felt like a tsunami. But would she even notice now?

She didn't really blame her; the little bat often felt that others were the ones with bad hearing, relying on her own to navigate, and it carried over into communicating with these cosmic energies. She worried so much about being heard that she forgot to listen.

Teaching her to correct this shouldn't be too hard; she was a dream of a cub, and wonderful to teach.

Listening herself, the kitsune picked up on the remnants of sadness. This little one had been down before getting here. Many energies left a kind of residue, and it was this residue she picked up on now; but would the flufflebat be ready to talk about it? Or was it something she would benefit processing on her own, an opportunity for her to grow?

She felt the start of a headache begin and had to smile. Tapping into the self-contained aura of this little one always revealed such an intense amount of cosmic energies that it was difficult to adjust her invisible third eye enough to properly absorb it all. She had a rich internal life; she felt deeply and strongly, as any proper Beacon. And this one would be a fine Beacon indeed, when she was grown. But if the Bat knew of these headaches it would make her feel guilty, even though they were just another reason she was cared for so deeply, so they weren't often mentioned outside of being beaten with these energies in an attempt to make sure this little fluffbat was being heard.

Resting her head on a paw, Songhue perked an ear and waited. The little one didn't realize it, but their every interaction was put on track by that little bat; what she did or expected, how she conducted herself. Songhue was looking forward to the day when her energies leveled out and mellowed; the soft, warm fuzz of love that settled in the heart was much more comforting than the abundantly energetic love of a hyperactive cub. It was similar to a dog, really; having a puppy that went crazy trying to lick your face and love you was one sort of affection (often overwhelming in small doses) while the affection of an old dog laying near you or resting their head on your knee was another. This particular kitsune greatly preferred the more mellowed affections, the deeper, more comforting love. But it would come with time, as the fluffbat grew.

Many things would.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:49 pm
by Sethelu
She was shaking with how hard she was trying to contain her energies. She loved snugs like that. She snuggled back into the fur of her sister's tails, loving the warmth and softness. Of course I've been keeping my feather fur clean. It's important to maintain your body's hygiene, not to mention if I couldn't fly I would just die! She said throwing a wing over her eyes dramatically, hoping for either a laugh or an eye roll. Then she pulled her wing off her face and got semi-serious. I'm just flyin around. Sunny has been... distant lately. He probably won't even notice I'm gone. A note of sadness entered her voice when she said this. She shook her head and smiled again, trying to stay happy and not kill her sister's contentment. Anyway, can I hang out with you? I've missed you lately. She hoped her sister said yes, and that she was in a talkative mood. She loved it when her sister told her about the going ons in her life. She loved everything about her sister. Except how mean she could be sometimes, but that was only before she realized how much the other deserved it.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:01 pm
by Songhue
Such a ham. It worked, goofy though it was; she gave a little chuckle, even considered tickling the little bat's stomach before remembering her claws might be a little too sharp for that. Just die indeed, she thought.

Of course you can, you little goof. I'm sure he noticed, though. What has him so down? You know, even if you don't realize it yet. Explore the bond.

She twitched her tails again, flopping the tip of one on the fluff-bat's head. Easy, she thought, willing her energies to cocoon the little one, Relax. Yer safe.

It would take a while for the cub to relax, so the sensation was a quiet and soothing one. A few eons at most and she should have gained a more proper balance. Some days would be longer than others, of course, but for the moment there was no small amount of patience.

It's a wonderful thing, that bond. I hear you've explored a bit more, strengthened your understanding. There's a host of lessons you'll receive that tie into it, some of them directly.

She grinned and paused, stretching lazily as she watched the cub. Sitting and watching in this way, waiting to nudge her one way or another, it was something she had often done with her own cubs. Some day soon the fluff-bat would meet her niece and nephew - both of which were quite a bit older than her. Between then and now, however, there was much to do and much more to speak of. For now, her bonded came first, but there were other things on her mind.

Some of them they could talk about today.

But first, she sensed discontentment in her sibling. Feeling a rift growing between someone so intensely close to you would be disturbing for many; and to not even have your absence felt would indeed bring up concern over a weakening bond.

What could she read of this stallion's listlessness? Reading a link was a vital talent that all learned, one that some had even mastered by the time they reached the Bat's age. But then this one hadn't had the smoothest start in life.

But no, she wouldn't think of that. Those were dark days, a time of such despair that it was still far too easy to fall subject to the painful memories. So she focused on the red-tinted brown of the fur-that-was-feathers which coated the bat, her blue-gray eyes sparking slightly as she picked up on the peach toned highlights that shot through the fluffball's stomach. She really did seem an awkward mix of bird and bat - in the right lighting, usually around that hour of twilight which lends a blue-ish tint to almost everything, she could even be mistaken for a bird.

Songhue was looking forward to see what else this one might grow into - and then considered what an irritated little bat might do fluttering around a grown stallion's ears. It nearly made her laugh out loud, considering the unusual pair bonded to one another, yet she held it to her instead, let the warm laughter spread all through her being instead of releasing it.

Batsy loved to laugh. She often asked why her sis didn't. It was considered a real victory to bring such an amount of warm joy as to have it overfill her being and spill from her mouth, at least it was to Batsy. But then, this little one was a Beacon; there would be many differences.

Songhue wondered if those differences might be of use to the bat now; depending on what she said of her bonded's state, she may invite her to summon him, to give him that exposure to both of them. If she thought it was best, at least; as his bonded, none knew what would be best quite like she would. It would be a strange concept to her sister, to have her step aside to allow the true decisions to be made. She was young, after all, and used to being guided. But she was already old enough to begin to stand on her own.

Today was a wonderful chance to help her stand on her own a little bit stronger; starting with her bonded.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:15 pm
by Sethelu
She grinned victoriously when she heard the chuckle. It was so hard to make this one laugh and she loved when she was able to do it. She sobered and thought about what her sister just said. Yes, she did know. Caustic showed him that he needed to let the past go and find out who he is so he can live in the present. He was trying to find out who he is, but he was distancing himself while doing so. It made sense that he would want to do this on his own and without the influence of others, but it still stung. She giggled when her sister twitched the tip of one of her tails onto head. She snuggled in a little deeper, loving the softness and warmth. She felt herself begin to calm ever so slowly. It was true that she had explored a bit with the bond, trying to find out more about Sunny. And it was wonderful then, back when she could feel his every emotion like they were her own. But even now she could feel it weakening. The thought brought tears to her eyes but she blinked them back, not wanting her sister to think she was weak. Then curiosity taking over she asked What kind of lessons? with a happy but curious tone. She loved lessons and learning new things. Especially from her sister. She stopped and thought about how easily her mood changed. Then she did a mental shrug and waited for her sister's response.