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When the wind whispers softly... (Self RP)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:10 am
by Keira
In a place beyond a place there lies a darkened forest.
One that most would never dare enter.
On days like this it is my solotude, my home, and my release.

It calls to me.

From the emptiness and darkness, the quiet and the dispair, I glide through the trees on a whisper. It has been a long time since I have been here but have not forgotten my way. Burried deep within lies an empty bench. It has no reason for being and no reason to still be, yet it is. The first time I saw it I searched for hours for more signs. Had this been someones home? Had someone hoped it would be their home? No.. There is nothing but forest beyond this quiet stone bench. It has been long enough forgotten it is covered in dead vines. Leaves grace the earthen floor beneath it and crunch softly beneath my feet. I open my senses to all that surrounds me and feel only emptiness. No one is here to disturb my anguish.

I slow as I approach it.
So many years it has been.
Maybe I shouldnt be here.

It calls to me.

Cautiously I take a few more steps, then a few more. I feel a rush beneath my breast as my heart flutters with this familliar feeling. I have needed this escape. All the lonliness and anguish rush up inside me, for in this place I am finally free to feel all those things I have tried to hide deep inside of me. I have wearied of being strong and can no longer pretend. This is why I have sought this out on this moon lit night. As my feelings bubble inside me I sit cautiously down, mindful to not make a sound.

I open myself up once more.
There is no one here.
I am truely alone inside myself.
I raise my head to the night sky.

And scream till I have no voice left.

This is my anguish....

Re: When the wind whispers softly... (Self RP)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:22 am
by Keira
Tonight I fear the dreams. I lay on my stone bench and listen to natures sound. It is relaxing me and I long to slip quietly in to my dreams. Only I know dreams wont be waiting for me. Only the impossible task I have been chosen for and have no say in. The demons I see and the people I meet are beyond me. I want to run, I want to wake up, I want to be free of them. But I cant. Not on my terms at least. Its like playing a game that I dont know the rules to. Every night there is some new monster waiting to escort me in to a situation I know nothing about and could never hope to control. This is why I choose my bench over my so called dreams. I seek it out in an effort to hold on to something familliar and real. I want to be able to own something for myself.

Sitting up I gingerly look around. I can see no one yet I can feel his eyes on me. He knows I am here and I know he could steal me away at any moment if he chose to. He is humoring me and I dont know why. It almost scares me that he has so much power. And it scares me even more that his power 'almost' scares me. I have no idea what is goal is or what he hopes to gain, I only know there is a plan. I can feel it, sense it beneath his perfect smile and cold eyes. With the certanty I know I am on that bench I know he has something planned for me. I would run yet there is no place to run to. I would hide but there is no place to hide.

How can lose a monster that lives inside of you?