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Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:29 am
by Sethelu
She examined the ground with narrowed eyes as she contemplated the stallion's words. The palm of her hand, eh? She quickly moved over to the rock and tried it out. She gently pushed down on it like she would if she were striking. This did feel more natural. She removed her claw and glared at the obstacle. It was the only thing standing between her and approval. She lifted her fore-leg, felt the power coiling in her muscles, and slammed it toward the stone. The first strike left a spiderweb of large cracks throughout the stone, and the second reduced it to rubble. She paused to contemplate, realizing that striking with the same claw took too much time. I should have used both legs, one right after the other. In battle the time it took to raise my leg would have been enough time for them to strike back. she stated to the ground, hoping her analysis was correct. She looked to Caustic once again, waiting for his next instruction.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:06 pm
by Songhue
He nodded as she shattered the rock in two blows, the only acknowledgement of her improvement. She seemed to be finding her strength, keeping her head as she took on this challenge; it seemed there was as yet some strength left to develope in her limbs, however.

Nodding, he went to another - the place was littered with them - and looked at her, wondering if he would even need to say it.


After this, he would have her switch legs. Preferring one over the other was a weakness; he couldn't allow any weaknesses.

None that compromise, he amended to himself. To tell her not to have any weaknesses was a concept that would get him in more trouble than he felt was dealing with. And in all fairness - those he protected were his weakness. One of them getting hurt was a concept that could compromise him; not that many would realize. Most would just assume it was rage from being challenged in such a way, but there were a few who would know. AuraSidra would, for instance, and certainly Eternal.

No weaknesses that would compromise her safety; no favoring one leg over another. No reservation; annihilate within one hit, give no chance for a return. Or at least, handle that opportunity to be struck more efficiently; pounding in the way she was compromised her advantage. It left her open.

Either she would eventually ask, or she would figure it out. Possibly, the youth would allow frustration to overcome her and lash out; he had no real opinion over such an outcome, other than a realization of a need to handle such an occurrence carefully. If he humbled her too deeply, he could damage her. That was not the point of this; this was his penance for failing previously. This was teaching her to channel herself and untangle the knots inside of her.

This was redemption for them both.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:35 pm
by Sethelu
A sharp nod was her only sign that she heard him as she moved to the next rock. She braced her weight on her hind legs, used her tail for balance, and landed two quick blows, one right after the other. She delivered the first blow with her right and the second with her left saving half a second of time. She contemplated the broken pieces of stone around her claws, wishing she was strong enough to break it in one blow. Caustic still seemed disappointed with her technique, and she didn't know what else she could do. She was trying and trying and giving her all and nothing was good enough! She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the frustration melt away. This was just the first lesson and she was no warrior, errors are to be expected. All she could do was keep trying. She turned her attention to Caustic, wondering which poor rock she'd be instructed to demolish next.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:03 pm
by Songhue
A tilt of an ear replaced a tilt of the head, a subtle sign of contemplation. She'd picked up on the disadvantage of needing two blows and rectified it herself. And, if he was reading her correctly, had found a solution to her inner knotwork before it could unleash.

There was a need for words again. Oh, how he hated using all these words.


Another nod dipped into a hint of a bow, his tail flicking about his flank as he straightened and considered his young pupil.

Rather you were aware of it or not, you have demonstrated three lessons. The first is to improvise to accommodate circumstance. The second is resilience; many times you will find that all your efforts are not for overcoming a challenge, but for reaching the ability to do so. The third is follow through; you reach passed what the obvious goal is and see it to the end.

He gave her a considering look, as if taking a measure of her worth; and then smiled.

You are no Warrior, he reminded her, and though his voice was ever harsh it had softened into the range that he could reach which meant kindness. You are, however, capable of developing the same internal strength that those of my trade possess. It was never about the stones. It was the shift within your mind that was required to shatter the obstacles. Your limb is no stronger for a single afternoon of practice, and yet this, he said, nodding towards her latest pile of rubble, had been outside your abilities when we came.

With that, he stepped next to her and kicked one of the smaller pieces over towards another boulder. Giving her a look which demanded she pay attention, he lifted a leg and within a single blow knocked the boulder to dust - there wasn't even rubble. Once more he gave her the look, the one which demanded she take note, and ground the small rubble under that same hoof; as he did, he spoke.

You will find in time that some of the greatest obstacles are presented by the smallest of challenges. A stone which is small has less weakness than one which is large; the pressure presented is distributed more evenly across the surface, and as the burden is shared by the entire stone it is more tolerable. To defeat this, you must overwhelm the stone as a whole, rather than striking at a weak point within a non-unified surface.

Lifting his hoof revealed little more than what looked to be a patch of earth. He'd not taken his eyes off of her while he spoke, and now his voice sharpened with meaning.

The same is true of your clan. I know little of your species and less of your ways, yet I know that when the burdens are shared equally across the whole, as it is within my bond-herd, they become tolerable. Maintain the tight unity found within the most difficult objects and you shall find that marks you as more difficult still to break.

So many words.

Hopefully, they were not wasted. Hopefully, she would be able to reflect upon this day and find these lessons for herself.

It was a start.