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Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:43 pm
by Sethelu
She froze when he offered to teach her how to fight. She would never say it outright for fear of being reprimanded, but she secretly wanted to be tough just like the warriors. She wanted to be strong and powerful and able to hold her own so she could protect those she cared about. To be trained by Caustic himself was like a dream come true. She smiled a trifle nervously and answered I'd like to learn how to fight, but you might not want to teach me. I'm easily frustrated, and become difficult during those moments. If you're willing to try to train me, it might help if you put me in time out when you see that happening. If you don't want the extra headache, I understand completely. Please, at least try. she thought desperately.

She carefully thought about the rest of his advice. Did she have someone? If not, she needed to find them soon. What remained of her sanity might just depend on it.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:06 pm
by Songhue
You are no Warrior, to know the drive required, he said by way of agreement when the youngling referenced her known lack of patience. Taking a step forward he walked a slow circle around her, making sure his movements were languid and easy - he didn't want her to feel threatened, and they had just established that she was indeed her own unique creature and a young one at that. Everything about his attitude towards her would shift accordingly.

I know you have some training already, however, which means you are not beyond redemption. You know that there are those who fight in fire and those who battle in ice; you know that you do not truly battle until you are so cold, and that stone-hard control is the cool cap to temper the flaming rage of the other kind.

He paused here, half-finished with his inspection of the weapons this new shape granted her, and considered how odd it must seem for him to have any sort of insight into her lessons. He felt a sly smile curve his mouth as by way of explanation he added My Bonded speaks of you often; there is pride and fondness in her tales of your growth, lessons of encouragement for the rest of us.

Completing his circuit he gave her a considering tilt of his head. She was certainly no warrior; even this more impressive form was not built for battle as much as it was flight and defense. It was not one she would hold when she was cold; so she must not have found that part of herself yet, if his understanding of these creatures was accurate.

But she was, at least, discovering her own methods of defense, outside of a quick nip to flee to the nearest hole.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye - the closest he'd dare to proper eye contact. Even he hadn't been the one to discover that his deadly gaze held no sway over she-who-bound-him; it had been that strange being that had made the discovery, she who met his glare with her own. That he'd felt his knees weaken hadn't hurt her standing with him, though he'd not admit as much - no proper Warrior admitted to being cowed.

They might as well just start mooing at that point.

Still, even the almost-look was enough for him to get a read on her mentality; she was truly young, and clearly tried too hard. But she was earnest, and quick; and strange.

It was a little known fact that it had been Sparkle to first use the title of Strangeling upon their Bonded - Caustic could see why as he looked at this youngling afresh. There was a duality there, a strange opposition wrapped in a cloak of alien enigma. Young as she was, the eyes were again too old; and just slightly insane. She still strove for balance.

Whatever the proper name for this creature's kind was he didn't know - none did, using only that title which Sparkle had first granted the odd little creature to save him. Now, as Caustic considered working personally with one of them, he found himself regretting his lack of knowledge. Where had they come from? What were they capable of? How did they think? What was their culture, their beliefs, their fears? What would drive them to fight? How were they capable of shifting? Why did every one of his Bonded's forms bring an entirely new mind, a wholly alien perspective the only link between one and another? Was it that several creatures shared a single consciousness? That would at least explain the hint of insanity; or was it even madness, rather than a different level of thinking? Would an ant think his own thoughts mad, should it glimpse them, as complex and different as they would seem?

How could he train something he knew practically nothing about?

By starting at the beginning.

With an internal sigh he moved away a few paces and turned back to face her, standing tall and solid. Charge me, he commanded, his voice stinging and sharp. Make it count; you have one try. Draw up your rage and strike.

He had to see what she was capable of now, to start with; as well as what gave power to her attacks. She hadn't found her cold center yet, so she had to be drawing from a weaker source; yet she didn't have a Warrior's fire. So what drove her rage? Desperation, perhaps, with the eagerness he saw in her; or desolation. Or madness.

They would start at the beginning and work their way up, slowly building the creature's control. He was certain that she would have little to none at the start, at least if her previous displays were any indication.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:36 pm
by Sethelu
Her face screamed one thing; you are mad! Her, charge him? Was this a trap? 'Wait, what!?! Fool! Caustic doesn't work that way!' she thought, bringing a claw up to strike herself. She paused as an idea struck her out of nowhere. She quickly began thinking of all the times she'd done or said something foolish. As she thought, she became so humiliated and angry, at both herself and those who witnessed her humiliation, that tears started forming in her eyes. She had to punish herself because she couldn't hurt the others. What better way than charging Caustic? She jumped and hurled herself at him blindly, her head bowed with her frontal horn ready to pierce through him. If he side stepped, she'd clock him with one of her side horns. Not that she expected to even graze him, but she'd do what she could with what she had. And that wasn't much.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:28 pm
by Songhue
He watched her with an intentness that would be unnerving to most; and squinted in disapproval as she twitched her paw, almost as if swatting away a bug. Yet there was no bug, so why waste the energy with the motion?

He also saw the tears that gleamed at the corner of her eyes, which were squinted shut in desperation as she ran forward. And he was right - there was little to no control.

Coiling his legs beneath him he took a quick step forward and jumped, clearing her horns and barely resisting the urge to taunt her by scuttling over her back. Instead, he landed sharply behind her and spun around to watch her pass. Serians were made for jumping, with powerful hindquarters, and her forward momentum had carried her right under him; it was a simple matter to evade her.

Enough, he said, his voice dropping cooly to a tone that would stop most in their tracks. Come. Follow me.

And he turned and walked towards a small pond without a glance back, automatically expecting her to follow.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:59 pm
by Sethelu
She froze at that cold voice, swerving into a tree. The jolt snapped her out of her fit, and she quickly ran after him to the pond. She walked over and sat next to it, her full attention on him. She smiled sheepishly before asking Can you teach me to jump like that? That was cool.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:46 pm
by Songhue
Perhaps, he conceded, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly as he enjoyed her attention, If you listen to me.

And then he fell silent, searching for words. Though he could talk, and normally quite easily, it was rarely in this manner; that of teacher, nurturer. Normally he began by destroying. It was how he'd helped Shiro realize that his need to please and romance everyone had a deeper (and darker) aspect. It was how he'd made Frolic stop moping around on her fat little rump. He had to erode their illusions (and oh, how Frolic had adored hers).

You don't have the spark to fight. Not yet. So don't create one. This is a practice of the mind, of observing, repeating, learning. A practice of muscle and bone and precise movements. To achieve this, you must release what entices you into attack now. Release anger. Release insecurity. Release ambition. Find the quiet place that is the mind apart.

That felt right.

Start there. When you achieve this, we will continue.

She didn't know darkness, not really. That was clear to him; but then, he was Deep Shadows. He was certain that if he gave a hint of the poison in his soul it would stop her heart; just as his own had skipped a beat when he saw the abyss within his Bonded. This one, she knew nothing of the true heart of battle.

He could fix that, but if he pushed her too hard or too fast it might break her. His Bonded was fond of this one; she wouldn't appreciate it if he broke something of hers. He'd have to be careful.