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A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:01 pm
by Sethelu
Sethelu paced back and forth nervously as she waited. She was meeting up with Caustic, one of her, now mother's, bondeds. She had set up this meeting because the last time they had met she had behaved shamefully and now she wanted to make amends. She was in her new form due to her nervousness, but she was glad because that meant she could get Caustic's opinion of it. She also hoped to share a funny she had thought up about it as a way to break the ice. She finally forced herself to stand still and took a deep breath, steeling her nerves. She was as ready as she'd ever be.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:28 pm
by Songhue
He was perfectly happy being isolated; it was his nature, after all. And yet, the same scenery did grow boring after a while, so it was time to seek a new landscape. At least for a while.

It wasn't really his idea, but he no longer had a 'project' anyway so he couldn't see any harm in listening to the suggestion of 'getting his sour rump some new air.' Maybe he'd find a new friend - or run into Sunny again. He was rather curious as to how that particular stallion was growing by now. The bright fellow had developed enough when they last spoke that he could reveal a spine without compromising the wisdom required for humility. And besides, he wasn't exactly fond of his last moments with his friend involving the thought 'nitwit.' It'd been thought with affection, at least; Sunny would always be his nitwit if nothing else.

Ah; but he'd wandered too far. Rather than finding his bright-toned friend he found the bonded of the stallion. His ears flicked back in disdain, remembering the false front she had presented him when last they met; anger, pride, indignation. And lies, though he was sure that those were unintentional; he'd also had the rough end of his Bonded's tongue, just enough to make him come to a screeching stop whenever he'd act out. He'd never known her to bully; yet that is what he'd seen of this creature, and she placed the blame for such on his own Bonded.

Of course, it looked nothing at all like the bat he'd last seen; if his own Bonded wasn't known to randomly change appearance as well, he'd hardly have recognized her. There were small tells, little cues - the aura of personality, the way they held themselves, their eyes which were always the same, eyes he glimpsed for a moment before he was seen. As long as their gazes didn't connect it was safe - he wasn't sure if this one had the strength to resist his death glare. However foolish, he knew that he would be in serious acid if he allowed any harm to come to one his Bonded had lain claim to.

It was mostly because of that very reason that he found himself at odds. He was not a creature inclined to avoiding such troubles, and yet this creature belonged (to his mind) to she who claimed rights over him. He could no more nourish derogatory notions for her than he could for any of his bondmates. Either something would have to be resolved, or she would have to cease to exist to him.

He had no faith that she would prove a worthy partner to resolve anything - he very nearly turned to pass by her for just that reason. Yet his pride niggled at him; he wouldn't avoid her. If she failed, she failed.

Ears tilted back in disdain, eyes flat, he stepped up to the unidragon and took in her new form. It was, he had to admit, at least impressive; she dwarfed him, his ears reaching her shoulder. He could tickle her stomach with his forelock while walking under her.

Bat, he said simply, for that was all he knew her as. The bat-Bonded of an idiot stallion who somehow managed to redeem himself.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:11 pm
by Sethelu
Sethelu jumped at the sudden voice and quickly turned to its source. When she saw the black stallion before her, a large fake grin (formed mostly from fear) spread across her face. Caustic! Hi! she shouted in a fake cheery voice. Not three seconds later it all melted away. She sat down heavily as her bottom lip began to tremble. I'm sorry she whispered. Her voice was steady at least. I was an idiot the last time we saw each other. I could think up every excuse under the sun, but it wouldn't make my behavior any less shameful. I... I need guidance. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm growing a little, but I'm still pathetically behind. I'd understand if you turned away from me given my history, but please just know that I understand how I was wrong.

She hadn't dared look up the entire time she spoke. She kept her head down and waited for him to pass his judgement.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:21 pm
by Songhue
You discredit yourself, he said, not unkindly. It was Caustic - his voice wouldn't ever be outright kind. But it could be gentle.

She'd surprised him, making him give her a considering look. And, after a moment of effort, he managed to find a concession of his own to make. Saying it was another matter; he'd get to it, though. It is only with real courage that a creature sets aside circumstances and excuses to see nothing but the actions taken. You've grown well, floundering or not; it seems there is reason she's so proud of you.

He tucked his legs in and rested on the ground here, hoping to use body language to his advantage; it was something that he was picking up from not only his study of life, but also from a few private lessons. Very private - nobody knew about them. Except maybe a certain filly, but she was known for nosing around everywhere...

At any rate relaxing in the grass should set a more casual tone, allowing her to relax as well and begin what could be a proper conversation; he was certainly good for a while where he was.

I was little better, he finally admitted, staring straight at the tip of her nose (it was the closest he'd come to eye contact). I met your disgrace with disdain and disgust. I had expected more upon meeting you; when you proved not to be as the one I bonded to it was a marked disappointment.

It felt as if you'd let me down, he didn't say. Didn't she realize what being a Bonded meant? The first of their kind to bond to an outsider died - choosing to trust one's well being in a bond was not only a sacred trust, it was highly controversial. The wildlings didn't trust these outlanders, often viewing those that bonded as traitors in a way - even if bonding added the strength and powers to heal and maintain their sanctuary of Sionayra.

But she was still a filly; if he'd forgotten that fact, that was on him. He was stallion enough to realize that, and good enough to admit as much. She'd need to take as well as give strength from those she bonded.

Still, he gave no indication as to how it'd hurt to be denied the opportunity to view her with that same respect. At least as far as he knew; if she was watching very closely she may have picked up on a small tell that his own Bonded had discovered long ago. His ears twitched just slightly as he reflected, tilting to the sides; that the tips were slanted down rather than back put the last detail to having them ask why did you hurt me?

He'd returned it with interest though, snarling at her in disgust and mercilessly calling her on being foolish. For that, he shared some of the blame with the defensive facade she presented him. It wasn't something he enjoyed admitting to himself.

If you can look beyond my harsh reaction, I shall see beyond your bravado. Fresh start, little bat - and it seems this start should begin with a name, for you are no longer a bat.

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:07 am
by Sethelu
Her head snapped up in shock. He was giving her a chance? Sethelu smiled sadly when he said she wasn't like her mother. She sighed and said If you knew how much I wish I was like her, you'd find me pathetic. Her head went down even farther, until it almost touched the ground, and her body quickly followed it. And I don't blame you for your reaction. My actions were shameful. I was a filly trying to act like a lead mare, when in actuality I was just accidentally trying to bully others. She regretted it, wholly and completely. No. not completely. If she hadn't made that mistake, she wouldn't have been able to learn and grow from it. The realisation let her pick her head up a bit, enough to look at Caustic's neck. She smiled nervously and said They've taken to calling me Moony. By the way, what do you think of my new form?

Re: A hope for redemption

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:39 pm
by Songhue
She wasn't hopeless, at least; though perhaps a little too empathetic for her own good. Still, he wasn't going to argue how he hadn't exactly helped things.

It gives you a sharper edge, he observed, letting his gaze travel over her new shape, I could teach you to use it properly; to fight. It would be his own redemption, though he didn't say as much.

As far as your name, he continued, Growing is... It is like being abandoned. Things change, memories shift, and you come out different. It can be hard. Find the one you can depend on to see you through it - as we have our Bondeds.

He couldn't help it; she reminded him too much of his Sunny. He had to guide her. If she took exception, he'd drop her, but until then she was as his friend.