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Re: A New Adventure [Open]

PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:51 pm
by Aria
Zyria was relieved to hear that her dear friend was doing well. Not a day had gone by that she hadn't wondered about her. Their worlds were so different, yet somehow their minds and hearts continued to play tag with each other. Zyria gave the woman a good look-over as she listened, taking note of the changes in her appearance, the vines intertwined with her auburn hair, and the tattoos at her wrists. Buds and sprouts of various colors and sizes stemmed off towards each other, in both her hair and her skin. She was just as beautiful as Zyria remembered.

Her friend did the same and gave her a good scan before asking her how she was doing in return. Zyria laughed. "I suppose you could say that, yes! I finally found a place I feel I can call home. It's beautiful, you would love it!" she answered. Zyria was certain it would take a lot of bribing, convincing, and promising to get Vineda to visit there, but traveling here was no bother. These hills and valleys still held a special place in Zyria's heart.

Vineda then asked where Zyria was headed, if she had interrupted, and offered to join her. Zyria's eyebrows furrowed. "You silly thing! I'm here for you!" she laughed. "I knew if I spent some time here in the hills some goofy little creature would recognize me." Zyria teased. It was the truth, she had nowhere else to be. The rain was not letting up, and she adjusted the hood of her cloak to help protect her eyes. After letting out a sigh of relief now that the two had finished their introductions, she smiled. "How about you? Were you headed somewhere before I came upon this tree?"

Re: A New Adventure [Open]

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:25 pm
by Vineda
"I am sure I would love it! I will have to visit you there, and see some of the sights. I'll need a guide, certainly!" It had been quite a while since she'd been on a proper adventure, so many little things had been keeping her busy lately. She listened to the sound of Zyria's open laughter with gladness, then had to bite her cheek. "Oh, now, let's be honest! You're just a perfect magnet for goofy creatures!"

Watching the other girl fiddle with her hood, the rain's presence came back into precedence and she decided she should probably stand under one of the large branches again for a little cover. "Would you like to sit a while longer? We can see if we can wait the rain out." It was a peaceful place, and she drank in the companionship greedily. A campfire would be nice, but perhaps that would come later. For now the smell of damp nature and the patter of raindrops on strong leaves was grand.

Most of all, Vineda was pleased to see her friend and touched that she'd come here to seek her. Especially on the off chance. "I love to wander these lands. I did before I was bonded, and now that I share ties with serians I feel its pull stronger than ever. I didn't have any designs in mind, really." Sitting until Zyria decided she wanted to do something else, Vin wrestled with the small satchel over one shoulder. Eventually the knots that held it came undone, and she looked into its depths. "I'd like an apple from the cupboard. Please. Perhaps two?" She reached into the bag no deeper than her hand and removed a pair of red-gold striped apples, holding one out to see if her friend wanted one.