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The Realm Revealed

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:20 am
by Keira
Standing at the top of the crest Keira surveyed the land below. The last few years had been tough. Rife with trial and error, they had certainly taken a physical and mental toll on her. She had always been one to roam, to live off the land wherever she pleased. As her first few bondeds had joined her they had jumped right in to her gypsy way of life. For years they had all reveled in the freedom of exploration and journey. As the times had changed on Sionayra and serians came pouring forth, having been found abandoned and in need of a new place to call home, Keira and her serians had answered the call. With open hearts they welcomed those who came to them and once all were assembled, tucked themselves in to a corner to figure out where to go next.

In their first ever "family meeting" it had been decided that they would scour the realms, looking for a place of their own to call home. With Pixie healed and traveling the realms with his mate Lothorien threw himself in to the mission with gusto. At times leaving his foal Zara behind in the tender care of Faith and Starlight.

The girls had bonded together in the face of loss and hardship, resulting in a tight and furious bond over the years. Faith and Starlight were inseperable, helping each other through the emotional turmoil of their past and helping each other stay strong in becoming who they were now. Most of the serians had changed drastically over the years, but these two girls had completely reinvented themselves, becoming someone entirely new. Gone was the shy, tender, and soft spoken Faith who had showed up to Keira broken. She had reclaimed some of her former self but had also forged herself anew. Starlight, although less broken on arrival, had joined in the reformation and become a new version of herself.

The serians who had joined the family were shaken up and dealt with it in different ways. Some, pulling tightly in to themselves, staying distant and aloof. Others, tried to push on and resume a sense of normalicy, shrugging off the past and focusing on the future. They'd had varrying degrees of success. There a few that had worked for and now they were back to, more or less, their old selves. The rest, however, had to pull back and heal at certain points before becoming a mix of their former selves and someone new. Then, there were a couple who had lashed out. Running from the group and trying to scream in the face of the world that, in spite of all that had happened, they were too tough to let it get to them. Eventually they too would return to the group, having realized the error of their ways and would pause to heal.

After the first few years of searching for a home it became apparent that nothing felt "right". Nothing had that distinct, welcomig feel that they had been searching for. Another family meeting was called and after much heated debate it had occured to Keira that the only proper thing left to do was to create their own realm together. The idea had terrified her. Truth be told, it still terrified her. Even now, as she stood on top of that crest looking down at the home she had spent so many years on. The blood, the sweat, the tears. The pieces of her soul that had been, essentially, ripped from her in order to create this place. As she had calmed the comotion back then and stood shaking, delivering the option, the group had fallen silent. Each seemed to digest the information at their own pace before silently nodding their head in ascent.

She hadn't had a physical home since she'd left her father's house as a teenager and the creation of her realm had been more emotional than even she had expected. The physical aspect alone would have taken years to complete in the best health, but with her emotions run ragged and her bondeds still healing themselves, it had taken even longer than they had anticipated.

They had only been settled in their new home for a few short months when one of the group had come to her, asking for company retuning to Sionayra. She had been surprised to say the least and while she was happy that they felt strong enough to return for a visit, she couldnt help but wonder how many of them were getting that strength back. Would this new home be practically empty less than a year after its creation? How would she cope with finally having a physical home, just to be on her own again? Pushing those thoughts out of her mind she walked back down the hill and mentally steeled herself to prepare for the journey ahead.

Re: The Realm Revealed

PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:31 pm
by Keira
It was a pleasent enough journey with alternating periods of gentle banter and contented silences. She could see and feel the tension running through him. Not gripping him within a vice, or the claws of dispair, but with a firm hold keeping him alert and slightly gaurded. She'd often glanced at him to see him swinging his head slightly back and forth, drinking in the sights and narrowing his eyes occassionally as he tried to make sense of the unfamiliar scenary.

Once back on their home land Drift had been quick to say his goodbyes and she understood the need for solotude in the face of change. As she left she took to the trees once she was beyond ear shot, going slowly and with great precision. Slipping naturally in to her surroundings she blended in without Drift either seeing or hearing her. She had been doing this sort of thing as long as she could remember and while wishing to comply with his request to be alone, still wanted to watch from a distance for the moment in order to ease her feelings of guilt at not being able to help in this transition more.

After a few moments he had begun to move towards a stream in the distance and she smiled, being able to see another up ahead. She couldn't see clearly as the serian seemed to ge an earthen tone and she could only make out the barest details. Looking around her heart thudded dully in her chest as the change of the land sank in with more force. The years had changed the scenery drastically and this place, once so familiar, was now almost foreign. How much raw elemental power and self esscence had Pixie poured in to this land, she wondered for the first time, with a new appreciation to her lovely and all he had sacrificed.

As Drift approached the stream Keira concluded that her guidance must come to an end and swung lightly down from the branches, landing softly on the balls of her feet and coming to rest in a crouch. She gave a cautious look around before starting the transition between realms and seeing nothing concerning slipped deftly between the fabric of the worlds.