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Determination {Unbonded RP}

Leave it to the water-kind to come sweeping change along.

Even still, it took three to bring the change needed to this one. He was half sea, yes, and half sands - temperamental, resilient, the strongest aspects of both his parents. He had thought himself determined; until he finally met someone who knew his mother.

Torrent, his name was, and a torrent the fellow surely was, for Keidas had found himself being swept along in grand plans with hardly any say in the matter. This one would be different; he wouldn't interact. He would watch, only, standing upon a hill as hardly more than an outline, observing everything that happened. Torrent was there to usher him along when the time came; and how someone could be so gentle, so kind, and still so infuriatingly pushy was beyond comprehension.

Come along, come along, he would say, and the trees would pass, the rough brush changing to soft grasses, and here they were.


We've got this, Bubble reminded her, and gave the small mare walking beside him a gentle bump with his nose. Sign smiled timidly, though she looked to the wolf walking beside her for comfort, rather than to her new friend.

They were quite a sight, the three of them. Sign wore shells of every vibrant color and design woven into her mane and tail - some had grown slightly faded in the sun, they'd been worn for so long. It was something started for simple enjoyment, but had become a symbol of her personal growth by this point. She strung herself in the jewels of the ocean to show that she was just as precious.

Bubble trotted slightly ahead of her, still damp and dripping from his lagoon. He had a light bounce to his step, but it wasn't from any excitement on his part; if anything he was almost as anxious as Sign was. But she needed him here, she said this was a portent, that he would come to them now. He had to be there.

The wolf on her other side was easily as large as she was, their shoulders brushing every so often to remind the quiet mare that she was still there. Ice-blue eyes with strange pupils, and a gentle heat wafting from the flames that made up her coat - blue-white, the blue more an indication in the glow than in the fires themselves.

I will send the call, Songhue said gently, drawing to a stop once she saw the horned stallion in the distance. Be ready; it will be strongest for you, with our bond.

They nodded as one, and Sign leaned against Bubble to brace her as the firey wolf sent her call to the skies. Fire answered, burning in waves as clouds gathered and lightning cracked, and the pair beside her flinched from the onrush of energy ripping through their bond. A call sent throughout the lands, through Serians to link into bondeds, a summoning.

She touched each of them again, a soft nuzzle, and with a shimmer was gone.

She only called the Bonded, Bubble reminded her, and tucked a bit of her heavy mane aside to keep her from withdrawing into herself. It would pass through anyone else the way it did for us.

It didn't mean that only those who would bond would show, but it did mean that anyone else who did come would have been specifically selected by the Bonded themselves. It wasn't that she was afraid of others, not really, but Sign was painfully shy. With the Bondeds, she at least had a purpose, something to accomplish; something that mattered.

She had to take care of her son. She had met him only once, the barest moment to say hello, and had hardly been able to see him before he had gone to stay with her mate, to be raised by others. Sign had no idea what sort of mother she was, or what kind of a mother she could have been at least, and it may well be too late to repair anything. He was fully grown; he could fight his own battles, now.

And yet, here she was.

She took a breath, let it out, a rough huff of air; and Bubble moved away, honest excitement adding a little jig to his steps as she lifted her head high.

She would see him cared for. She had seen it in the clouds, in the waves that reached her cove, in the patterns of the fish, in the very stars; the signs, the portents, they couldn't be denied. Someone had come now, when her son was at his greatest need, and that, too, was a sign. She didn't understand the why of it, not yet, but one didn't always understand such things. She just knew he had to be there.

Bubble looked up, searching for those who would answer the call, only to see Torrent ushering Keidas around in circles. Not yet, not yet came the words through the wind, You need a clearer head, my friend, not yet.

That was why he was here, then. Sign would give the tests, would determine the match, and he would guide her. He was skilled at the needs of life, of the terms needed to thrive, and knew it in his bones that the restless pair in the distance pitted their wills against the need to confront an absent mother. Newly bonded himself, he knew what would be most needed for the stranger to find his peace.

With knowing came a stirring inside of him, a desire to see it so done. It seemed the word for the day was determination, each of them stubbornly set to their tasks.

OOC| This one is going to be a bit different; as you can see, nobody is going to RP Keidas himself, but Bubble is going to determine what's needed and Sign is going to determine how to fill those needs. Once everyone is here (and I have more reliable access to computers again) They'll give the first of 3 phases. Your job is, basically, to convince a newly-bonded Serian that you're a stable home, and to convince a mother that you'll properly care for her son - how you do that will be revealed as the "game" goes on. Good luck!

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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

There was a change in the winds, the barometric pressure. What started out as a calm, sunny afternoon with a light breeze was now much heavier, in the air and the atmosphere. A weight fell upon her shoulders, and though she could sense it, she was clueless as to what was causing it. She tilted her head backwards, closed her eyes, and took in a deep breath. The air was still crisp and fresh, but a change was on the horizon. Was there a storm approaching maybe? Zyria lowered her head, studied the feeling for a moment, and opened her eyes. In the distance, across the field and over a row of hills, dark clouds began to form. It was confirmed then, just a storm.

As she took another bite of her peach, the clouds grew darker... and darker... at a pace unusual for a normal thunderstorm. Her eyebrows furrowed, concerned. She couldn't look away. A sudden flash of red light and smoke startled her. The hand holding the peach unconsciously fell to her lap. It was as if the sky was on fire, the clouds actually smoke billowing up from the flames. Sparks of lightning lit up the clouds from inside. A harsh wind rushed at her suddenly, with a heat mimicking the desert, and whipped her hair backwards and out of her face. Zyria was no stranger to thunderstorms, but this was something else. Something fierce. Her stomach turned and fear began to set in.

There was a sudden shift behind her. What she had been leaning against for support began to move, and for a split second Zyria forgot she had been resting against the smooth shoulder of one of her Serians. The grey mare lifted her head, ears perked up and teal eyes alert. Zyria leaned forward and turned to look behind her, only the wind swept up her long black hair and buried her face with it. Flux stood to her feet, and the bright red hair of her mane and tail became swept up as well. A strong gust of wind blew Zyria forward, and because she was blinded by her hair she fell forward onto her hands. The half-consumed peach rolled off to the side, out of sight. Frustrated, Zyria stood to her feet and turned to face the storm once more.

"What is happening?" she asked aloud, surprised at how muted her voice was against the thunder and cracking of the storm. Flux stepped forward, joining her by her side, and lowered her head. Her eyes narrowed, whether it be from the strong winds or from studying the scene up ahead. Then, an urge came over her. It was a strong sensation, pulling at every atom in her body. Her muscles ached to move forward, begged her to take a step. Suddenly, nothing else mattered to her, all she wanted was to be in the very center of that storm. She needed to be.

It took very little effort on her part, her feet practically took the steps themselves. At first she walked, but the pull she felt grew stronger and stronger, urging her to hurry. She moved faster into a jog, and then a full-on sprint. The pounding of Flux's hooves were close at first, but began to fade. Flux was determined to stay by her side, but as they grew close to the hills something urged her to stay. She slowed to a trot and eventually let Zyria go. This wasn't for her, but her bonded. Zyria charged up the grassy hill and down the other side, finding herself in the low valley directly under the dark charcoal clouds. The wind remained strong, whipping around her, but the heat of it had lessened at least.

She didn't understand why she was here, only that she needed to be. Her feet came to a stop finally, and she leaned forward to place her hands on her knees and catch her breath. The pounding of her heart in her chest wasn't only caused by her sudden sprint. As she lifted her head and took a look around, she caught sight of several pairs of eyes on her in the distance. Standing up straight, she began to feel a little panicked. Were they the reason she was here? Why had they called her here? Who are they? So many questions ran through her mind. She couldn't help but wonder if she was in danger, but she suppressed that feeling as best she could. There was a reason she was here, and she wasn't about to let fear get in the way.

Having caught her breath, she stood tall and confident, placing her right hand on her hip. The forest green cloak fastened around her shoulders swung back and forth behind her. Her hair continued to blow in the breeze, but less violently. Dark violet eyes studied the hills surrounding her, darting between each set of eyes. She struggled to speak, needing an explanation but not able to form the words. Her lips parted, but the pressure she felt encouraged her to keep them closed. Momentarily, she would understand why she was called here. She just needed to be patient. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.
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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

Kyra was enjoying the feel and pleasure of swimming over the coral reef. Her long skymagenta hair flowing out behind her as her powerful orca marked skymagenta and blue tail pushed her effortlessly through the sea. She had just left her Ice Princess with her two brat dolphins with Luna the Cetquine. It was quit amusing watching how cute Dove and Pointer could be when the big Cetquine in Orca form was around. There was quite a size difference and those two know it. Luna and the others had come to her isle not too long ago. Luna being grey & white could sneak up and she had supersized the two dolphins by coming up behind them when they being pulling playfully on her hair. Kyra never seen those two zip away that fast in her life. Now she was heading to meet up with SilverFlash for a hangout. The mare would be waiting in the waves near shore for her.

She was about 100 yards from shore when she felt a temperature change in the water and a current came up from behind her. She spun around on a time and looked around. This was not an area where the current normally was or even pushed towards shore. She floated looking about, no creature big enough near by to cause a butterfly ripple wave effect either. Strange... she thought out to anyone near her under the waves. With no answer she resumed her path back to shore.

She traveled another 10 yards, the current still with her and gaining in strength. Kyra was sure now a storm was coming and she did not much want to be the waves when it was this strong and not even close by. She kicked it into her speed swim, coral, sand and water zipping by in a rainbow of colours.

The silver mare was in the sea up to he chest, enjoying the waves lapping at her sides. It was a nice day out and she kept checking the breaking waves for her bonded. Though only after a little bit of time, a strong wind picked up coming from the sea. Her mane whipped around behind her like bolts of light. A storm? Its so nice out..., she thought nervously, now worried for Kyra who now would be swimming in a rough sea.

Kyra was close to shore now when the storm let loose, it got her in a storm surge and she was moving faster than she could swim. Frig! Frig! Frigget Birds! she thought shouted as she was rushed towards at an alarming speed. Just as she saw the coral reef where the breaker waves were came into view, she used all her ability to control water to push back against the surge. Kyra managed to slow her speed so when she was thrusted though the breaking waves, she skipped along the surface and only came to a halt on the sand shore. If she did not slow her speed she probably be almost touching the grass and scrapped her whole underside. She released the tension in her body from preparing for a sore shore landing and sighed.

Once she did, she rolled over and looked at the sky. She saw the lightning show going on further in land, and her time with Sage had taught her this was not an ordinary storm. There was also a pull, a strong urge to go to the skyfire.

SilverFlash bolted as she saw Kyra shoot out of the sea to shore, the water slowing her progress at first, until she got into shallower water. She galloped full out, no time to think just act. As she got to her bondeds side, she could see that the Muraki was alright. She was breathing hard, but looked up at her with relieved look. Both knowing that the other was ok. The girl was already using here power to dry her tail and bring back her legs.

I am good Silver, super tired and heart racing, but not hurt. she said looking back to the see then at the light show. The storm had pushed her to shore but there was another call her too, the ocean helped her, even if a little to dang fast, to answer it. Her legs with jeans now and her peach tang top with pastel leaves on it appeared from the water mist. She got to her feet and placed a hand on the mare's neck.We are going to see why there is so much Skyfire, on what had been a beautiful day. As well as to see whom is making such a pull on my spirit.

Silverflash nodded, Alright, but after that exit from the sea, I giving you a lift. Your tail now legs must be like jelly. With that said she leaned forward for her bonded to ride her. It was all she could do to help at this moment, so that is what she would do.

Kyra sighed and smirked, knowing there was no getting around this and walking there herself. Mind you, she was not sure her legs this tired would have carried her to where they needed to go.

As they got closer to the storm, both could pick out shapes, four serians and something smaller. Kyra recognized once they were within shouting distance who they were. She smiled and waved to Sign whom she knew as well as a greeting to ones she heard names but never met before. This pull on her soul, she recognized as a summon to an unbonded serian, but those present she thought already had bondeds... The call was different from what she felt from Sage's pull but similar at the same time.

Silverflash slowed to a trot and then a halt a few feet away from Sign. She nickered in greeting and took in who was here. She knew Sign, but was not sure who the others were just yet. A slight knot formed in her stomach, at being out numbered by those she did not know and them being boys. She hoped her slight nerves did not show in her pastel blue eyes.


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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

They came as the fires flickered out of the sky, leaving behind heat and dense clouds. Evaporation condenses, collects, and then - falls.

The wind stirred as the first fat drops fell, displaced air angrily resettling. As her mane was blown back, spiraling behind her in spite of the sheer weight of it, Sign looked again to the hill. Lightning flashed, highlighting the pair that watched now, still as sentinels.

She wondered if he liked the humidity. She had wondered so many things, during all this time.

Bubble kept an eye on the others as they came, as the storm broke, hot and wet and revitalizing. He grinned at the first to come, wondering a few things himself. The surge that had passed through him had shaken him, so he'd thought that it might perhaps have reached more bondeds than this... Unless these were all that were left. It was such a shame that it might have come to that; but then, he couldn't know if it had or not. There had been so many changes.

The first girl in the cloak, she had felt that call with almost the same force that it had ripped through the two of them; he didn't know this magic well enough to tell if it was a sensitivity to the particular charm, or if it was merely that her bonds were so closely held to her that they were nearly the same soul, split between bodies. He knew the mechanics, what he'd been told; Serians as vessels, bondeds to receive, diluted through the vast network that connected their kind to this realm.

Sign stepped forward as the wind settled, and he saw her offer a shy return smile to the second to come; or, more specifically, to the silvery mare that she was sitting on. A safe face, someone she knew; that would help, he thought. A tiny shake of her head to cast water out of her eyes made her mane tinkle like chimes as it caught in the wind for a moment and rippled faster; she smiled again at the silver mare as fondness warmed her gaze, the sound bringing memories of when they had last shared time together and easing the tension that drew her into herself. Yes, a friendly face helped.

Thank you for coming, she began in her silver, whispering voice. It sounded almost as if the rain itself was speaking to them, although it was perhaps lucky that Serians spoke through a mind-touch. She wasn't very good at being loud.

I'm Sign, and I'm asking for help. My son needs help, she said, and if there was a slightly choked quality to the words it was easy to overlook.

Hello, everyone, Bubble added, and gave a sincerely friendly smile; he was glad they were here, glad he might see his new friend find a little more peace. I'm Bubble, and I'm here to run the game. The fellow on the hill up there - not the one that looks like water grew legs and walked off, but the other one, with all the extra hair flying around - that's her son, Keidas.

I have to see him safe, Sign said, and it was slightly hard to tell if it was said more for them or for herself, because as soon as the words came she lifted her head to keep her mane from rippling into her face and looked at each of them, meeting their eyes; there was a spark, for a moment, that was reminiscent of what it had taken to fight her way out of the claws of the sea beast that still marked her. The scars that grew stark in the glistening wet of her coat, the hair bunching around the healed tissue. She knew about survival.

Since I haven't met anyone, the first round of our little help-the-serian game is going to start with anything you'd like to note, in particular - such as your names, maybe? - and the first questions you have for the stallion over there.

Sign looked back at Bubble in mild surprise, already impressed. The first question would tell them a great deal about the bonds these two held, and she knew already exactly the sort of question she would be looking for.

What would you ask him? she said, and turned first to the girl in green, the first to come.

Lightning flashed overhead, and a blue-white flicker showed through the clouds for an instant, the mark of the starfire wolf still churning the storm.

OOC| It's moving day, so I'm getting this up before bed - woot! And Kyra, dear, I left right after sending the call; this is Sign's show, and I have obligations elsewhere, besides. She'll summon me if she needs. ^,_,^
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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

((OOC: I'm so sorry. I hope it's still alright if I join? Better late than never, right? If I'm too late though, feel free to let me know Song :) ))


Talia had been on patrol along the borders of her realm, slipping deftly between familiar lands and the Wilds. Something out in the unknown had set her on edge for quite some time, but she had yet to determine if its intentions were sinister or neutral. Very little was malevolent in the Wilds, but the sensations she was experiencing made her uneasy, and she rarely felt threatened by anything unfamiliar. Her recent awakening as a Warrior had made her more receptive to subtle changes in the atmosphere, sensations and feelings. Her instincts were on high alert; perhaps that's why she had heard the call so keenly, even from such a distance away. She was already wide open, like a receiver waiting for a signal. She was surprised that the call was any more than the barest of echoes, considering her current location. But this wasn't just any call, this was the Call. It transcended distance, and touched on the bonds between her and her Serians. It was deeper, more resonant, and more difficult to resist, not that she would want to.

Galaxy trotted next to her, and he tilted his head to one side while regarding her with interest. The call was strong; he too could feel the inexorable pull of it, and she knew that he would be unable to sit by idly. Their duties could wait.

The skies were clear where they were currently; they mimicked Galaxy's star-spotted hide, so much so that she often thought that he must be made from the very same fabric as the atmosphere. He had been kissed by the heavens, both her Celestial Light Serians were, her Rogues. She couldn't help but admire his coat as she gently captured his muzzle in her hands. She pressed her forehead his and smiled, her red hair spilling over her shoulders in a cloud of rich curls.

"Shall we?" she asked him softly.

Of course, he answered, equally subdued. His voice had taken on a new timbre as of late- there was a new depth or intensity, a resilience he had recently developed. He had been remade. She had watched him change from an unsure Stallion, rebonded more than once himself, to something far stronger, steadier. He was coming into his might as a Rogue, and she was proud of him for finally finding his footing and his place in this world.

She nodded, and the two of them wound their way back into the neighbouring woods, following the lure of the call.


Talia strode into the clearing and the wind whipped at her hair, splaying it out behind her in fiery tendrils. She smiled at the tempestuous skies, and rested a hand on Galaxy's withers as the two approached the assembled bondeds and Serians below. She could feel Galaxy almost thrumming with unspent energy as the lightning illuminated a nearby hill and the scene below. The air felt heavy and thick, even as the rain began to fall from the skies. Galaxy tossed his mane, and sprayed her with a shower of tiny droplets. She grinned, completely untroubled by the weather, their current state of dampness, and his antics. The Calls were always exciting, and the Serians below felt familiar, even though she was certain she had never met them. The Call rang with familiarity- were these Songhue's Serians perhaps?

By the time they drew close enough, one of the Serians had began to speak. Talia and Galaxy listened with rapt interest; as they were one of the last it seemed to heed the call, Talia wanted to remain silent and respectful. The mare seemed quiet and gentle, reminiscent almost of her own Sylvansprite in temperament but there was the faintest hint of something else in her voice. A twinge of emotion that Talia almost failed to catch, but when she mentioned that she was here for her son, it all resonated with her. The love of a mother was a deep, unshakable bond. Sign was looking out for the best interests of her son, as any mother would. It wasn't as simplistic as that, she was sure, but she respected Sign's need to ensure her son's safety.

Galaxy smiled in response to Bubble's genuine enthusiasm and sincerity. A game then; that they could do. Regardless of the outcome, Galaxy knew he would be happy to see Keidas bond with the one that was best suited for him. Having been rebonded himself, he felt the familiar lurch of emotion that always accompanied the Call to bond. He didn't know Keidas or his history at all, so it was difficult to say if this was his first time bonding or his second, but responding to a Call had always elicited more emotion from him than most of Talia's other bonds. Galaxy thought that Sign's bravery and motherly instincts were commendable, and he was glad they had the opportunity to be here in this moment, at the very least.

Talia stood silently, waiting for the questions to progress in order. She pressed her cheek to Galaxy's shoulder reassuringly, and smiled at Sign and Bubble as they talked in turn. They would have their opportunity to introduce themselves when their time came, and they were more than willing to patiently wait and take it all in in the meantime.
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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

OOC| Of course it's alright! I'm so glad you jumped in, this is going to be great!

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