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PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2005 5:20 pm
by Songhue
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Sekyra got as far as the eighth star before she had to rest. one of her gifts was the ability to adapt to any atmosphere. if she consentrated she could-and she had-she could breath underwater or tolerate harsh, burning, chemicals in strange air. she was a fast flier for the same reason she had adapted to these things. it had all been necisary in her fight against the Brachnu.

now what will i do? she wondered. i have to rest but i don't see anything. and what about after? when i get home-if-how would i live? my whole life has been fighting. i can go home now--but do i want to? will i be happy there?

ah, well, it didn't matter. it was her only choice. if she remained it would be suiside. even in the most dire of sercumstances a shadow shifter could not so much as think that. a numbness would desend upon them, a resegnation towards their fate. if they got out it would take a lot of work to shake this off but it always happened. the price of having a connection with the life force and all its gifts was that you had to live.

i'll rest here, she thought. sighing, feeling more alone than she could ever remember, she changed course and headed for the nearest star. the gravity would help keep he rfrom drifting and she could loose herself in its might as she often did with fire.

"Who are you?!" Sekyra had been so buisy trying to push away her feeling of predestination she hadn't noticed what it was she had been flying towards. as she drew nearer the circular ball af fire had turned out to be anything but. all of life's greatest achievements were magical, she knew that, and that ment that they all had charms to protect themselves. but she had never thought os a star as magical.

what Sekyra saw made her think that she'd gone off course in her mind's wandering. it seemed to be a very large lion with two tails and an almost dainty build. it had a very wide mane so it was greatly aged and it seened to be made of the most vibrant fire she had ever seen. gold, silver, and white flowed over and around, through and into one another, a fantasticaly impossible sight that hurt your heart to look at. the eyes were also fantastic. to humans, the cause of the Brachnu, they would seem a faint grey. but when seen by a magical creature they were storms, living systems of enchantment that showed the creature's power. the eye was always the most spectacular thing about any creature of magic because they gave a small glimpse of the life force.

"I am Rokanu. who is it that visits me?"

"I-I am Sekyra," the girl-woman stammered. "I had hoped to rest here. i'm very tired and have much on my mind. i won't be able to go much farther."

"Then rest here," Ronaku sighed. he'd hoped that for once someone would visit just to see him. it was lonely being a flame sire. he only got to see the others once every other century. and then it was to find a flame maiden to make a new star with. it was dangerous to have too many visits though. someone unplesant might take interest in him.

Sekyra knew this from his sigh and used her ability to adapt to make it so they could touch. when she pulled her hands away there was a small mark on the meaty part of her palm where her thumb connected. it seemed to be two flames intwined. she was now a friend to fire. now she could rest her mind as well as her body and thank her host with her company. she would have had to have done something anyway. shadow shifters had to return favors. they felt the balance of the life force and this made it so they had to keep the balance themselves. otherwise they would feel as if one of their limbs had gone missing. yet the conversation she shared with the magnificent flame sire reminded her of the many gifts that accompanied the knowledge of the life force. perhaps one day she would return home and see it for herself. it was the only place it was safe. that was why so many of her fellow magical outcasts had resided there for so long. it was not dishonorable to find a sanctuary to help continue your kind. it was though to risk it because of pride. she had much to think about.

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by Songhue
"So your mate-to-be had my name? i find that interesting. please, tell me more of your parents. why are you so bitter about their passing? you feel the great peace waiting for them the same as i do and you were not the only one to suffer."

Sekyra had to admit that he had a fair point. she wasn't the only one to suffer. but her parents had suffered the worst. they had been one of the first shadow shifters captured after the mutations and had been treated as a rat in a science center. if you took their eyes would they still feel the pain in their sockets? if you removed their hands could they still call upon fire? if they were starved could they still use their gifts? and if you hung a daughter in front of her parents would they say what their captives wanted to hear?

"how did they hurt you to make them talk?"

"they hung me," Sekyra sighed. the memories were old and scabbed and now when she looked upon them she felt a hollow sadness where her tears had dried. "they strapped me in a kind of metal cage and hung me upsidedown. they used strips of leather to hit me but it didn't hurt that bad. they just wanted to scare me so i'd scream. what i hate them for is when my mama and dad still couldn't tell them how to "remove the curse" they strapped them in as well and tried to torture it out of them. they knew that the greatest weakness of a shadow shifter is their young and they kept throwing my presence up in their faces. i caould understand the tests, they were tryin to find the answer without help, but that was just pointless. if my parents proved useless they could have let them go. if nothing else their death could have been mercifull. and i was too young to be of any help to them so they turned me out."

"if that happened, and if you've been fighting ever since, i imagine that you never learned to love. or to live peacfully?"

"no. you are very talented at guessing what a creaturea hides in her heart of hearts. but i can no longer fight. they cannot mate because of the mutations so there are only a few hundred left but i cannot hope to fight them and live. the Brachnu have called a retreat anyway. they think that the claoser they are to a shadow shifter, the worse they live. if they can still think at all."

"are you certain of their retreat? i feel that danger still marks this part of the life source. perhapes you have been fooled."

Sekyra, however, didn't think that was possible. she had regained her strength in any case and had best return to her journy.

how COULD they trick her? she knew so much of where they were and how they lived she could have been a Brachnu herself. the only way to fool a shadow shifter was to hide your mind, to become thoughtless, and only one creature had ever been able to do that. it had been the curssed korech, the dragon hunters. they had no mind for thinking, only for acting. because of this they had been the most feared creature in existance. they had grown so feared that they starved themselves into extintion. fear is a powerfull motivator. even the worthless Brachnu had seen as much.

even so, Sekyra thought of the flame sire's warning as she searched for the one place in all of creation she would feel safe in. "I feel danger still marks this part of the life force...perhapes you were fooled..."

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I made a story (fairy tale) about witches, dragons, and spells, curses, and even knights!!!

I did it in grade 6 last year, for school. we had to do a 1 full page (1 side) story, but i did a 3 page story!! I tend to do more then nessasary!!! lol my teachers say i got descriptive writing lol. Anyways its called the "Dragons Curse"!!!! haha! I still have it!! :D :) :lol: :lol: (i got an A on that story!! :D My teacher sed i wudda gotten an A+, but my solution to my problem was solved to quickly!!!

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