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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 5:43 pm
by dragonflame
I can't wait for the next one!! :D :) :P

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 6:07 pm
by Anonymous
songhue wrote:yea, i kind of admit to mostly reading :D i'm not used to having to spell :lol: and thanks poison ;)
~still open for suggestions~

try calling her Ivy it'll sound better

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2005 4:41 pm
by Keira
Personally I really don't care what you guys call me, I get the picture. :D

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by Songhue
well, one of my favorite bands is called poison (80's music rules) and one of my favorite charectors is ivy so i that's why i called her poison. to me, ivy will always be ivy and poison will always rock :D ;) and i'm glad y'all like it...i figured i'd get told to keep my day job-not that i have time for one :lol: and i get what you mean flame-i started typing one day as a hobby 'cuz i was bored and now i have 98 pages. and i'm just starteing the story! bu tthis one's moving much faster, it's starting after developments, so no worries :D and before you ask i listen to pretty much anything other than classical...i'm to restless for that.

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2005 11:49 pm
by Songhue
"I have to rest...i don't care about risk right now, i have to rest..."

Sekyra had been traveling for weeks in search of Sheganu. in all this time she had taken her rests with the flame maidens and sires of the great dark. they had been the only life she had seen. she was convinced that all was well with the Brachnu, that they were on the retreat, but she could feel the danger she refused to recognize.

but now she had to recognize it. poor Sekyra had pushed herself to exaustion and if she didn't get a full rest soon, one that rested not only her body but her sprit as well, she would simply slip away to what some ignorant creatures called a coma. the fullest deepest rest of nature, when current things were just too much, one so all encompassing it was often difficult to push away. to sleep, without interruption, without worry for when you woke...ah, it would be bliss. but Sekyra had not spent her life in war to wast her parents blood on weakness. she would rest somewhere she could feel the life source and think about the warnings of danger. she would not let herself fall into the One Mind, the mind of the Almighty One, also known as god, allah, zues, and several other ridiculous titles. she would not because all of her brothers and sisters had been killed in raids before her parents had been captured, because her family had lived in the worst of the war, and because she would NOT fail the onlt creatures to have loved her. she would NOT.

"because they were the only ones to know me. they were the only ones to understand. Ronaku accepted me but he didn't understand. he couldn't. he never knew his parents or what it was like before the Brachnu. what it was like to be different the way Nico is. i think that's why i was willing to let him be with me. but now, you foolish girl, you have to stop begging and rest...please, i must rest, i must--"

ahh. there. just beyond the little clay hut at the end of the row. the river. she had always been welcome at the river.

"greetings my friends."

the water was calm when she said this. now it seemed to churn and lift, as if caught in a waterspout, a sort of tornado made of water. Sekyra smiled and sat at the bank, finally feeling at peace with herself. she loved the Songhu. (song-who...not hue. my name means musical soul or soul that is watered with music) "water's mist" was what this meant in the old tongue and a very fitting name it was. they were one of her oldest friends, ones she'd had since before the big change. very few creatures were blessed with such a friendship, very few indeed. Sekyra was different the way Nico was by this friendship and by many other things as well. because of her canntectiont to the life source she could share a creature. if she clased her eyes and emptied her mind she could be a bug on a leaf ond a wolf on a hunt at the same time. she could live through these creatures. she couldn't influence anything only live with them. so while the wolf hunted she felt the satisfaction of a good meal and the intense fear of his prey; once it had been a Yagmeck (yaag-mech with an infasis on the a harsh k sounds) a creature that was greatly simular to a fluffy dragon called a Wooling but with only one color and nine legs. they also had no tolerance for cold which was why the Woolings had their soft coats of lace in the first place. the legs had been the attraction and had tasted delicous but the imitation magical creature, something meant to be a defence, had not been the least happy. she'd put up a good fight with her ninth leg that was supposed topass for the Wooling's tail but in the end found herself tangled in the balance nonetheless. this skill was also what had made her friendship with the Songhu. she'd lived through then and found that they were wonderfully like her in several matters. it was alo what made it easy to know what the Brachnu had been doing. she simply lived through a creature that had seen them. when she did this she absorbed their personality as well as their memories and experiances. that was how she lived through them.

"it has been long since we last spoke, old friend. we had begun to worry."

Sekyra smiled at the concern pulling herself back from old memories and leaned back to look at the one she'd come to think of as the male who'd adopted her.

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2005 11:52 pm
by Songhue
i hop i have your attention :D if you want to know more about any of the creatures ther than the clay huts and the water's mist ask away. the other two will be explained next time. ooohh, suspense :P naw, i don't expect ya ter be that interested but i do hope i have yer attention. :D