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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 11:56 am
by Songhue
Sekyra flicked her ear and looked around in mild annoyance. it was a fairy, responcible for the change of seasons. laughing and playing, she twirled around the horse like feature and then settled on it once more. this was a fall fairy too, brilliantly yellow orange but shown to the few who she deemed trustworthy.

blinking, Sekyra looked again and saw young ones playing in rainbow puddles and chasing eachother in the bright evening moons. she turned to lood at the pheonix king in time to see a pyro, living fire that could take any shape and color is wished and always be a flame. looking back at where the young ones had been only moments before showed her instead a clan of Sukreth (sOO-kreth), a beautiful creature that was as she was in some ways, a mixture between different creatures of myth and lore. they had many colors in their short coats and reminded her of at least three of her past friends. they had the bat-like wings of Dragons, the mark of the Unicorns, and the long, whispy tails of Shadow Shifters with gracefully flowing Horse mains and Deer hooves. of her friends she had known Deer, Horse, and Dragon. now it was their young that played in the rainbow puddles as the adults woke for a night of hunting and grazing. the gentle curve of their necks and tails as they reached for the berries disguised the fact that they kept balance by favoring neither one form of food or the other. they would hunt as often as they grazed.

life continues all around but i have only now noticed it. this is past. now there is a beautiful present waiting for discovery.

yes, Groshaan sighed, as they shared all things now, but before we can see all that lives around us we have to pull ourselves all the way from the past. and i am still wary. if you had not helped me i wouldn't have had the strength.

smiling, Sekyra took his had and looked back at the pheonix king. she felt better now and she knew that because of his connection to the Life Force, Nico would as well. there was a deep bond between them because of this connection one that cold only be rivaled by Groshaan or.....Talisrun! the Songhu was in a nearby stream, listening carefully to her account of the events since their last meeting; as she was sure he had been for awhile. this was a fine thing for her because now she knew that all she loved and held dear could be with her. it was the proof she needed: she was home.

it was at that moment that she gave thanks to Diana, the Godess and ruler of the 7th heaven, the level of the Shadow Shifters. she ruled the night and the creatures of it and it was by her grace that all under the moons, her watching helpers, came to be. all the evils that had befallen Sekyra and her kind had been achieved while the sun yet shown. it was always after dusk that her battles were won, always after the watchers had been placed in the darkened sky. and now as dusk approached yet again she was given the solice she needed. she could finish her story, her past, and then begin a new life; one she had prayed for but bever dared hope would come true.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 12:10 pm
by Songhue
by the way, i was thining i could put up a new story when i finish this one, it's all up in my head and stuff and i was wondering if you'd be interested in reading it. :?: it's just a thought for you to consider. :)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 8:35 am
by Songhue
i'm hoping to put more up today but there's no promise so hang in there :)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 6:43 pm
by Keira
yikes! I've been gone a while and youve written a lot so I doubt I'll get It all read today but I'd love to hear your new story when your done w/ this one.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:38 am
by Songhue
thanks :D :D :D i'm thinking of the title now so i'll tell you here before i start it....if you still want to read it by then of course. ;)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:28 pm
by Songhue
the transformations were complete; the Brachnu were now the humans and the humans, simple as they were, expected advanced 'science' and strange local customs instead of malic and distrust. the latter is what they got but they interpreted it as the former, such poor fools as they were. but now the danger wasa at its greatest hight. the friends had to get out, and get out now. they didn't have enough energy to wrinkle, to be somewhere by sheer force and will as was their gift. and Sekyra certainly didn't have enough for Gorth to hang onto her arm and be carried with them. he had yet to return to his normal self but he was still as drained as any of them; more as Shadow Shifters were able to deal with these losses easily with food and rest. he would take a lot of nursing before he was normal again.

the worst of it was that Sekyra was the only one who'd been marked. so far she'd managed not to let Groshaan see and the matter of escape was what she thought of but she new that that couldn't last forever. she would eventually have to show him. just not yet. not now. ow they had to figure out how to get past oll the horrid humans. how to fly away without drawing attention so they could reach a safe spot and ask someone to bring them home. they were too weak to go phisically and their minds were almost completely shut down. what they needed was a distraction.

and Gorth turned out to be the one to give it to them, knowing or not. he slipped as the others worked their way ahead of him, falling behind and being caught by a pair of wandering eyes because of it. Sekyra doubled back for him, letting loose a fierce snarl in a language never heard by our ears from a beast never seen by our eyes. the reaction was all she needed to get the last of her new family into safety with the others although her 'mark' didn't make that easy. she had barely reached them and touched her arm to Nakomis's before they were standing amung a good sized heard of blue-roan centaurs. the old tale about many colors af centaurs were true but a heard or clan or family, whichever the preferance, was determined by these colors; they did not intermingle. each family had a different name as well as a different color; these centaur may be blue-roan but the next could be pixy blue.

not really knowing what to do other than rest the group walked as far as the nearest home out from under the trees with some direction from teh herd and found themselves with the pheonix king. there they could rest and try to heal what damage the battle had done on their souls.