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PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2005 11:48 am
by Songhue
lol, okay, if you want. :) all i have left is the ending so this one should be over in about two or three posts. ;) in the last one i'll pass the nwe title bye ya and see if you're still interested. ;)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:02 pm
by Songhue
Sekyra would never be able to remember how they got there. she'd caught up with the others in time to see that they were home but that was all she knew. if she'd known the journey they'd traveled, the distance she'd pushed herself she never would have survived. she would never know of what was to be seen, what she had passed, things both from dreams and nightmares. and perhaps this was best; perhaps she had had all she could stand for awhile. perhapes if she had known she would have died insane.

but once they were there and looking for a place to rest she had to stop concentrating on catching up, keeping up. her mind was let free and she had to realize that she was badly wounded and needed to be tended to, no matter how Groshaan may react.

"oh, dear god, Sekyra!!"

his cry rent through the air, startling everyone but her; she was simply too tired. he had finally seen her mark. the outer half of her right wing was withered and crumpled, looking like someone had sucked out her flesh with a bendy straw. odd and sporatic, she had many pocks and holes, and many more places where the flesh was simply depleated, made thin and frail and decidedly unhealthy looking. worse, her left leg, from just below her knee was teh same way. the wounded areas held an unnatural sheen, as if they had some sort of slime stuck to them, and her every movement threatened to send her to the ground. she had given too much. this damage was irreparable.

it could be relieved though, and the sheen made to leave. she would always have a weakness in those limbs, in her wing and leg, and she would always rely on others if something required speed or flight, but the pain could be taken care of. the pain came from the blood, pooling at the ends of arterites that had been cut short as her flesh was shorn. the sheen was a sign of her illness.

they spent three days and three nights trying their best to use what they could, spending more of what precious little energy they had left to save her. after Groshaan's cry, Sekyra had managed to walk the distance requered for him to catch her; then her whole body had collapsed. she had fallen as so many others had fallen, and it was only by love and a miracle that she didn't die as well. in the three days required to heal enough for travel Groshaan never left her side, and while she was unconcious the light in his eyes snuffed out. when she was well enough and woke it came back readily enough, but she could see in his mind the worry he'd felt and it touched her deeply.

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by Songhue
Groshaan sighed as he looked at Sekyra's wing. She would still be able to fly and run, so it wasn't like she was horribly grounded or disabled, but he knew that she'd never know the full joys of either one again. Whenever she tried she'd always be held back. Worse, when he thought that if he would've tried to give more and hadn't been so concerned about reaching the same fate, he felt like he'd failed her. Maybe that little more was all that was needed to avoid this mess. Then again, maybe he should stop beating himself up and move on. As Sekyra had noted, life continued all around them; they might as well be a part of it.

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by Songhue
The mating wasn't too far away once they were home. When the time came, Sekyra was shy and quiet like never before, uncertain of herself because she was horribly new to the whole concept of giving herself. For the Shadow Shifters when a male came of age, he was placed in a strange and dark place only used for the ceremony. He would wait until he felt a touch and then he would mate. They were of age at 12 years, and the ceremony always happened around the mating when they first felt the urge to obey the call. Oddly enough, after they turn one, they're physically grown; they move out to find their own homes and start a life. between then and the time of the comming they have a chance to find a mate, someone they can really love. If it doesn't happen then the females stop looking at this male; his mate had not found him. When God wished them together they would be but until then he would grow and learn and others would become one.

Groshaan was no different. He had gone through the ceremony, had even listened to his father cast the spell that would ensure no young came from it so he could do the same for his own. No one ever knew who went in or who it was that waited for the experianced female; she was always gone when he woke. The females remained untouched as Sekyra had, though they usually weren't so nervous about trusting someone in that way. She reminded him of a mouse, trapped and trembling by a house cat, and just waiting for it to happen. At the same time she never left his side, trusting him even above herself.

When it was finally over all she would remember would be the scent of their love, and the feel of flesh on flesh. it would be vague and foggy, but Sekyra knew when it was over that she was glad she had had to wait. She wanted to only ever share this joy of joys with Groshaan and no one else. She was sore from the whole thing, and a tenderness lingered in her abdomen for weeks after but it wasn't entirely unpleasant; and she knew that if it weren't for her mark, which thankfully hadn't been a problem, she wouldn't have been as sore as she was.

When the emerged they feasted, and rightly so because the mating had lasted a good three months without so much as a thought of anything else. In the few instanced they slept they did what business was needed, waking to go to a bush and comming back to find their partner waiting for them.

They visited Nico and Nokomis as often as they would family once they had returned to thier right minds, and Gorth even more often. He had found a new clan as they had found their home and placed the enchantment that would keep the fires winding overhead as long as they both lived. It was nowhere near as elegant as the Lord Nico's home but it was just as beautiful with just as much of a view and a flight chance; something that was essential in all Shadow Shifter homes in case of trouble. It lay just between their two friends, close enough to be comfortable but far enough to let each of them have the privacy of their own lives. everything seemed perfect until Gorth found a mate of his own. That night things turned to bliss.

Life was continuing. they made new friends and watched as old friends settled near them. They ate and played and watched the moons and stars, loving the light shows they displayed and attempting a few of their own in freindly competitions. Sekyra loved to watch the other creatures, many of which she had heard of but never seen. They were all beautiful.

And then she felt her stomach kick. A small one, at three in the afternoon when she was dead asleep, she felt her stomach kick and woke instantly. When it happened again she woke Groshaan, tears spilling over her cheeks. She was pregnant.

That next spring, more than a year after they had finally made there way home, Sekyra had six young ones; four boys and two girls. they were born just before the mating, and the timing was perfect to cancell out the hormones that would have taken them. Sekyra felt love and tenderness, as well as the knowlege that she would give her life to them if she could. Groshaan's instincts screamed with protection, espessialy since Sekyra was somewhat weakened by her mark. He never let them out of his sight; Renea, Talisrun, Gorthan (Gorth-on), Darshach (Dar-sh-ack), Kovu, and surisha (Soo-ree-sha). They were new life and new hope and the perfect thing to end their battles.

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by Songhue
Okay, Poison, if you're still interested the title for the new story will be Foggy Fates and I'd be writing in a new style. Please give a yea or nay :)

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yay! *raises hand* go for it!!!