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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 7:30 pm
by crystal ... 22_IMG.jpg

As tabby watched her bonded crystal type forever on the computer she got bored then spotted a flly."oooh somthing to do finally!!"Tabby got up and stretched."Grrrrroar!!.I am tabby wanna play?"The fly said."buzzzz buz zzzzzzzzzzzz."and flew out the window."I guess ill go after it."Tabby jumped out the window and chased the fly all the way to the feilds.the fly sick of being chased flew up in the air."Awww man I dont feel like flying today.I guess ill go through the feilds and look for somthing to do."

(people please rp with me i know its nota cat rp board and this isnt the rp board but im bored and have nothing to do so I think this will keep me busy while I wait for the raffle)(feel free to enter other magical creatures like another cat,rat,dog,a bird ,or anything that Tabby can play with please!!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 7:54 pm
by crystal
Tabby was walking through the weeds when she saw a little mouse."hello there little guy!im Tabbywatcha doing?' tabby said looking at the mouse that was just staring at her."tch tch tch.Hi!Im looking around for anything really.just looking for somthing to do."scourage jst looked at tabby prepared to run at any sudden movements."Would you like to play with me im really bored?"Tabby said trying not to move for the mouse might run away.'Umm.....tch tch tch......sure.but what are we going to play?I mean we could play hide and go seek....I mean thats if youd like to play that game."That was the only game scourage knew how to play."Um sure we can play that game but I get to hide first."Tabby said because she liked hiding first."Ok thats fine with me I like hidin and seeking.Theyre both the same to me butt I guess Ill find a place to go hide somewere good....ok?"scourage loved everything about htis game."ok.....lets find a place to hide....find a place to hide,AHA!!oopss hope he didnt hear me."Tabby found a rabbit hole that he could fit right into."Woah this rabbit hole is big!"Tabby waitedd for scourage to find her."18....19...20.Readeee er naaaught heeere ieeeeee cooome!Got to find the kitty the kitty got to find the kitty the kittyToday!sniff sniff. . . . . . . . . sniff . . . . .sniff.AHA!!!I smell you!!here I come."scourage smelled tabby but now he had to look for her............................................."Aha!! I found you tabby your in that rabbit hole I know it!!"scourage finally found Tabby."Ahhh man your turn............................Tabby and scourage played till it started getting dark."Hey scourage I got to go home can we play again tommorow?I hope so my bonded crystal is probaly gonna get a serian if she is picked for a raffle..and ill be bored again.she said she'd be on all dy again tommorow."Tabby got bored easily but had fun all day today and wanted to play and do stuff tommorow with scourage."Sure ill play with you.mann I love those horses theyre so nice to me!!."scourage couldnt wait till tommorow."I have never met a serian personally but I know alot of regular horse breeds like morgans and stuff like that my bonded owns two and shes gonna get another once she gets enough side money because she cant spend our supply and other things money so shes saving up side money wich is taking a long time.So..... same place tommorow?"tabby and scourage talked alot but it didnt bug either of them."Yea same place tommorow.bye Tabby!"Scourage ran happily home thinking about tommorow."Yea bye Scourage!"Tabby ran home and told crystal everything that happened then went to sleep in her little cuddly spot on crystal's bed........................

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 8:51 pm
by Indi
Saira had watched as Tabby and Scourage had played. She was a sable colored unicorn, with a pink glinting horn that matched her hooves. She shook her indigo colored mane with the small white flecks that made it look like the evening sky. As she shook her mane, it rippled, making it look like stars were dancing.

She watched Tabby go into the house, and settled down on the grass for a comfortable sleep.

(If you really want to roleplay Tabby, you can go to the Orchard. They have stuff like that there.)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 9:00 pm
by crystal
yea but id really like to rp with you guys because I really like sionayra and it only makes sense that shes one of the magical creatures from sionayra you can find out about the magical creatures in the story on the home page and stuff you kno well scourage and Tabby will wake up tommorow and they will somehow find Saira and they will become friends and play together :) :lol: :D

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 9:02 pm
by Indi

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 9:42 pm
by crystal
Tabby woke up to the sound of her bonded pouring cat food in her dish.Tabby stretched and yawned a big and long one."Meeeeeeeeoooooooeeeeeeerrrrrrrroooooooowww..ah."As Tabby walked to the other room she saw crystal eating some cerial.Tabby walked over to her dish and started eating her food."mmmmmmm yummy chicken flavor mmmm crunch crungh crungh.....errp..excuse me."When TAbby was done she slipped outside unnoticed and started walking towards the feilds.