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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:34 pm
by Tink
ooowwwww...purty... :shock:

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 9:51 pm
by Keira

She seemed to be rather impatient with him but still all he could do was look into her eyes. After a few times of her asking who he was he finally snapped out of it. "Oh um I'm Cannabis." He stared at the ground awkwardly for a few minutes before the silence got to him. "I'm terribly sorry if I startled you but I'm lost. Plus I'm new around here." Great he had told he, why did he have to tell her, for all he knew she was some possessed murdering idiot, but then there had been the silence. He couldn't stand silence, he never could, especially not with those he didn't know. Somehow he always felt like they were sizing him up or judging him (even if they weren't). Though he knew that it was mostly his imagination some did have a tendency to judge others. That could be the reason that he was always pushing himself and/ or trying to do better. He had convinced himself before coming that he didn't have anything to prove here but he just guessed that old habits really did die hard. Go figure.

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by Songhue
more more more more!!!! ahh, i love it, please keep going! :stress: :stress: :stress:

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by Tink
:stunned: this is good! heck, this is really good!! :o :heart: where'd you come up wiht this? :shock: what ever you did i've got to order one of those minds of yours! :???:

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by Keira
:lol: :D lmao, thanks, actually one night I got bored and sat down to the computer and just started writing and this (the story) is what came out, I've been working on it for about 2 weeks. And as far as my brain goes, just become a mad scientist. :evil:

Ivy could tell he was nervous, or perhaps shy, because he spoke rapidly and stared at the ground so she figured that it couldn't hurt to take him into town. After easing herself out of the water and shaking dry a couple of times she went over to him. "Well nice to meet you Cannabis, I'm Poison Ivy. How bad are you lost, or where are you supposed to be at least." She added a little more bite than she had originally planned on but oh well he had interrupted her swim and that imitated her to no end. This was exactly why she didn't plan on having a mate or if she did he at least wouldn't be that inconsiderate. After another pause she continued "If you'll tell me where your supposed to be I can take you." She didn't know why she was so irritated at him, I mean it really wasn't his fault and besides he was pretty cute.

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by Songhue