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by Songhue
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BIC| As long as we're here, in our first home with Mama and the little ones we'll be okay, Surisha reminded herself. Dawn was comming, and she was helping to put her brothers and sisters to bed before the sun rose enough to hurt their eyes and skin. The nests were so small, and they seemed so helpless as they lay on thier soft moss pillows that it hurt her heart. Her own were more helpless still. And they might have to grow up without a father.

"You've just never seen him fight," Sekyra said, gently guiding her daughter away from the entrance and into the cool corners of the jewel incrusted cavern. It was marvelous, a testament to how they'd live when their kind had been fresh and rare, with all the precious meatals and gems worn smooth by magic, the flames that lighted the way snaking overhead as the walls gleamed. Every couple had a place like this, one they made together out of Precious Peaks and one that would forever be their heart's home. It would be where they went when they needed to feel safe, where many would mate for the first time...Only she and Drake hadn't had time for that. She'd only just gotten settled into her new home before it was too much to bear and she had to give in.

Now it all depends on Dianna, she thought sadly, looking out a thin window at one of the moons that shared her home. Goddess of the hunt and of night, she was the one Shadow shifters turned to when they had need. Surisha prayed that she'd help her mate come home safely.

"He's really very good," her mother mumured, trying fruitlessly to reassure her daughter. "You'd feel better if you'd been able to see him practice. He can take care of himself."

Is that why you're so calm? It was hard to keep a grip. But breaking down wouldn't do any good. Still, she couldn't keep a few tears from showing in her eyes. You and Papa fought together before, you'd both tell us stories about it. Gorth got hit by one of those arrows. You all saw each other fight, so you know.

"No," Sekyra admitted, letting in the stab of fear for the first time. "No, sugarcane, I don't know. I love your father every bit as much as you love Drake. You should know, you've stayed like your sisters to help my raise the little ones. Your brothers even know because Draakan was knocked out for saying I was close to useless with this mark of mine." She ruffled her wings, trying to get something out of the one she still thought of as her little girl, only to have her turn back to the window. It was pretty, made of diamond and indestructable. It was certianly prettier than her thoughts.

"Surisha, look at me. Look at Mama now. It's going to be okay. Remember what I told you when you lost that pretty voice of yours? Never agian. If you really believe that there won't be another black Shadow Shifter, then there won't."

What he did to me was terrible, she whispered, biting hard on her lip as the memories came back to her. Pain, shame, humiliation, and a spell so powerful it had nearly killed her. He'd forced her. To do as he wanted, to do the most terrible things, and to act as if she enjoyed everyone. He could have had her if he wanted. That knowledge still haunted her.

"It was," her Mama muttered, taking the girl in her arms as if she were still but a few centuries old. "And what you have to deal with now is terrible. But Sugarcane, sweet little Sugarcane, there's nothing you can do. I know you think you should have been ready before, and you feel like you should have been ready for this, but there was no way for you to have known. Please understand that. It's all about believing. Hope he comes home in one piece, pray he's not changed because of what he sees and does, but believe that he will come home."

I can't just run, she thought desperately, burrowing her face into her mother's shoulder. I have to do something.

"I know it's hard," Sekyra soothed, wishing she could do more. "I couldn't get used to being home at first, remember? It wasn't in me, it wasn't a part of me. But our ways are set, and they have good reason. He's stronger; he's larger. Give him the chance to protect his family. Then, when he gets himself screwed, go to his rescue. You just have to give him that chance.

"Come," she cooed, folding her good wing around Surisha with all the love only a mother could hold. "Rest. The sun will be up soon. You shouldn't stay up so late."

Spent, Surisha allowed herslelf to be led to her bed, but it was only for a troubled sleep. It was riddled with nightmares, and when she woke at just past two p.m. she crept from her mother's offered safety, grabbing her blanket as she went, and fled into the day. Wise or not, she couldn't just sit there and cry. She had to move. A very large part of her wanted to go back, to listen to her mother and her mate, and she'd given in for a while, but now there was a louder part that refused to be quieted. Scared, trembling, she hid under her blanket and never noticed a flamming ball of innocence hurrying after her. Runa had a screaming voice as well, and it said for her to follow the one who'd helped her.

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BIC:As she walked on she felt more and more that she was doing the right thing. Once she helped and it was time to give birth she could take a little break but right now she had to fight, she just had to. After walking till almost sun down she could see the battle taking place just a mile in front of her. More determined to be useful she kept walking till she was only a half a mile away. Suddenly, she felt sleepy and couldn't go on. As she stopped to find a place to take a short nap she felt someone run into the back of her. She whirled around as fast as she could to find none other than Runa... who had obviously followed her. But how?? How could she have followed her when she had her blanket over her to hide her from others. It had always worked so well. All she could do was find out.

As Surisha slid the blanket from off of her Runa stood up and brushed the dirt off of her. Trying to keep her voice calm Surisha asked in a tone of authority "How did you follow me?"

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by Songhue
There was nothing like a jolt to the system to wake someone up. And boy had Surisha gotton one. Runa was slightly embarrassed by her blunder, but just as determined that she wasn't going to be sent back. Surisha had been to one to help her, so Surisha was going to have to deal with her.

I saw you leaving, so I ran out, and when you put that blanket on I could hardly see you so I followed your mind trail. Get it all out quickly so they could move on to what was important.

I should have thought of that Surisha worried, folding the blanket in her lap as she curled under the protective shade of an old oak. It was foolish of me not to, I shouldn't have been thinking so hard about why I'm here

I know why you're here, Runa challenged and gave a slightly haughty flick of her little flaming tail. And since I know I want to help as well. They killed my mama didn't they? That's why she wouldn't wake up. So now I get to help as well.

And her eyes said 'just try and stop me.' Tired and worried about her mate, Surisha didn't want to chance it. She simply sighed and made Runa promise to do whatever she was told. It was all so could do at the time. But sleep would come first. Young or not, she knew that it was folly to fight on exhaustion. And she'd have to be sure she fed Runa regularly. The little one had to eat every day, not two times a week like her.

It was all so much. The worry, being out in sunlight, the weakened fighters in the distance. They had to keep to the shaded areas to defend their homeland, and that meant they were at a disatvantage. But to risk the light was to risk thier health, and that wasn't an option. What they would do would have to wait though. Surisha really was tired.......