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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 5:13 pm
by Keira
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BIC: As Surisha finally slept Runa thought back at the memories of her mother. All the happy times they had once shared. She wasn't even aware that she was crying till she put her head in her hooves and felt that her cheeks were wet. She had to stop this, she couldn't show any weakness. She had to be strong for Surisha... she just had to.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:35 am
by Songhue
OOC| Er, Runa doesn't have hands. She's a rothga, a flaming flying unicorn. And sorry, I thought you'd just put what they did when they woke up or something, I didn't think it'd be hard. :oops:

BIC| At least she hadn't seen it. Runa might miss her mother but she didn't see how it'd happened. She'd been told to hide in the brush. Choking back sobs she lay her head down and felt things start to swirl around inside her, eventually dragging her down into a sleep of her own.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:47 pm
by Keira
OOC: k- I edited it so it says 'hooves' instead of 'hands'

BIC: As Sekyra awoke she could sense something was wrong. Glancing to over she could see that Surisha was gone. Oh how she hoped that she had just gone for a walk but seriously doubted it. After surveying the room some more it became clearer that Runa was also missing. No, not my little girl. Sekyra hung her head and cried, she could only hope that she knew what she was doing and that Runa was with her.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 5:04 pm
by Songhue
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Surisha sat up slowly and stiffly, rubbing at the back of her neck and wincing as she saw the sweet little Runa laying next to her. Her mother would be worried, her mate would be furious, and the lives of her little ones was still as yet undecided. This would be a night to remember.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 7:00 pm
by Keira
OOC: Do you mean Surisha? :)
Songhue wrote:Sekyra sat up slowly and stiffly

BIC: Sekyra wouldn't yet worry the little ones that their sister and new friend were gone. She would have to make up an excuse for them not being here, more likely than not she would tell them that they had gone out for some fresh air and that they didn't know when they'd be back. Although this little white lie couldn't last long it would set their minds at peace. Thank goodness that they wern't old enough to fully grasp the situation. She just hoped that Surisha had the good sense to come home before she had her babies.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 9:58 am
by Songhue
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BIC| This was the last thing she needed. Contractions from a fussy batch of babies. If Runa was up she'd probably be worried. Biting back the urge to curse the little wrigglers she leaned heavily agianst the tree and struggled to keep her last meal in her belly. The sickness was one thing she definately wouldn't miss.