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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:29 am
by Songhue

BIC| Eyes filling with tears, Surisha looked at him and then sat next to him so she could hold him. She didn't have to answer; she was so overwhelmed with how she felt she couldn't have blocked him if she tried. Finally, she got a semblance of control, and pulled back, looking at him with soft, round eyes. Is this why you asked me here? so there would be a ton of others sitting on benches and munching on their food?

Drake gave a rather sheepish grin at her question and answered it with one of his own. "So," he murmured," Will you? Will you be my mate? I need to hear you say it."

Her eyes filled again with these words and she bit her lip, immediantly causing him to give a mentle kick for his choice of words. Poor Surisha was often picked on because of the loss of her voice.

"Hey," he cooed, "Hey, it's okay. I love you just the way you are. Don't worry, it doesn't matter to me."

Smiling, she leaned against him, burying her face in his neck as she sent, Yes. Yes I will marry you, I will be your mate, because of what you just said. I've loved you for so long.

He smiled, his heart soaring, and kissed her forhead, glad that he'd finally worked up the courage, mortified that she'd actually accepted. Now that she had she'd move in with him but she'd remain pure until the time of the mating, which was a good ways away. She was so strong, it was one of the many things he admired about her, but at that moment she seemed so small and weak he was afraid to ever let her go.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:51 pm
by Keira
For some reason the next few days passed in a blur for the both of them. It seemed like she had just been moving in with them a few hours ago when in all reality it had been almost a week ago. She hadn't felt this happy or content since before she had lost her voice. Drake walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist and his head on her shoulder "What are you doing" he asked, although he was fairly sure of her answer. "Finishing up the last little bit of unpacking" she told him, even though basically all she was doing was stating the obvious.

Once she finished putting away the last of the nick-knacks she looked into his eyes and kissed him.

They spent the next few weeks in a happy bliss the only thing that she worried about was that... The time of the mating was upon them.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:36 pm
by Songhue
He has experince, she thoght nervously as the seasonal urge started to take over. He knows what he's doing. I love him so much, but I'm so nervous. So why can't I stay away from him?

She was laying awake in thier nest, staring out at the sunlight that filled the entrance while Drake slept soundly, and worrying again. He told her a hundred times at least that there was nothing for her to worry about, and that she'd be okay, but she still worried. She wanted to be perfect for him. The strongest part of the mating was upon them, though it had started a good many months ago, and that meant she'd have to give in to her urges. No one could fight them once they had a mate.

She rolled over, sighing as her stomach cramped with need, and then turned her head as he put a hand on her arm. "It's allright," he murmured, knowing automatically what kept her up. "Don't worry. Two more nights, and then it's time."

That's what worries me, she thought. It made him grin, and he offered her a kiss, a long sweet one that she couldn't resist. Sighing, she rolled into his arms and finally fell asleep. It would be the last clear memory she had until the mating passed.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:04 pm
by Keira
Eeekkk your evil!!

Drake woke up with Surisha still in his arms, not wanting to wake her he just layed there watching her in contented silence. As if sensing his gaze Surisha opened her eyes and smiled up at him. They kissed once more and got out of bed. That day and the next dragged slowly by, Surisha dreading the upcoming mating.

After seeing her dreading face Drake decided to take her out to dinner where he had proposed. They enjoyed a nice meal and a comfortable silence before heading back home. As they got there she tensed as she realized: It was time to mate.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:20 pm
by Songhue
He was gentle. He was understanding. He was wonderful. For the weeks that followed there was touch, and flesh, and need, and that was all they would remember. While in the grip of this they lost all sense of self, and succomed to their own urges. Finally it was over and Surisha was VERY happy; though she couldn't remember a reason to be. They feasted, since they'd hardly done any eating before, and then rested, thier muscles sore and tender, both of them thinking of the little ones that were sure to come.

Hopefully she couldn't help but thinking, hopefully they'll come. You've learned your lesson. Always be ready for disappointment. That's how IT happened after all. I wasn't ready for the attack.

After all, there was still a list of creatures that were getting too close. For all she knew it could be gone in the blink of an eye. Everything that had happened, Drake, Nico, Her mama's help with everything; gone. And all that seemed to be happening was that everyone was getting more and more uncomfortable, edging closer and closer until a problem was unavoidable. She couldn't enjoy what she had; she was always scared that as soon as she loved it, the way she'd loved her voice, loved to sing and laugh, it'd be taken away from her. And now she let herself love Drake. She loved him like she'd never loved anything. Oh, how that scared her.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 11:47 pm
by Keira
When the news came Surisha thought that she would die. Glancing at Drake she knew her heart would break if she didn't let her emotion out. She walked into the other room, sat down and began to cry. Drake entered a few moments later "Isha!" he said rushing over to her. "Whats wrong?" Sobbing she could barley focus her thoughts enough to tell him "I cant lose you, I just can't" "What" he was as confused as she was depressed. "The enemies have broken into our borders." Standing he took her hand and told her "Honey I know you need me right now but I need to go see If theirs anything I can do." he kneeled beside her and gave her a kiss. "Dont worry I'll be careful"

After he had left she walked into the bedroom and clutched the blanket she had been making. She loved Drake so much she couldn't loose him... or this baby she was carrying.