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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 8:54 pm
by StormSilverWolf
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Storm focused her mind trying to get up when Songhue tried helping her. Seeing the younger one thrown shocked and worried her. She dragged herself up ignoring the feeling of blacking out and focused her mind on getting over to the other wounded wolf.
"Are you ok...? Do you need healing? I can still do some natural healing in this form. It's more magic based than earth based but I don't think I can change like this yet..."
She finally reached the other girl and placed a shaky paw on the wounded rib... Songhue could feel the magic slowly pulling at the rib and the tissue trying to mend as the rib left her lung. Storm's eyes were glazing slightly both from the effort of healing while in sorry shape and from concentration.
Songhue's breathing would be getting easier and easier with in minutes but not fully healed yet.
"I'm sorry... I can't heal you completely. But at least I was able to help ease it and start the repairs so your body can work on the rest by itself easier. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I'm not a very good fighter. I am mostly the shaman and teacher of my pack." she said quietly dropping down with a heavy thud beside Songhue and panting...
The tingling had dulled and the blood was clotting but she would still need a lot of time to heal even if she were able to find a healer to help her. And changing back to her hume form was out of the question... The wound was too close to the spine and changing would most likely cripple her until it was more repaired.
She chuckled slightly....
"It's funny... You would think that being a wolf would make the more earthy side of me stronger. But it actually dampens it. I guess it's the trade off of being elven/wolf mix... As an elf, I'm more animalistic. As a wolf I'm more elven. Things are definitely warped in life are they not?" the comment ended with a weary sigh and cough before the old one let her head slump to her paws exhausted.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2005 4:23 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| Grunting, Songhue looked over at the tired wolf and wondered what events had brought her here. Certainly nothing like the life she'd lead after the war. She was soft and kind and truly caring. Songhue was colder and distant. The Fates sure could be funny.

Please granmamans, I need your help. Give me the strength to help Wolfy. Heal me so that I might do the same for her. It is Windsong, and I ask your help in my time of need.

"Raash Fates, caa mea ach gleeth. Lork cea grack glath Wolfy. Sree cea ret caa houg reyth trort yon garr. Lerg Songhue, yar caa yuhn ach gleeth orn cae ewim bleeyth."

She lay perfectly still for about three seconds and then stood, limping over to her friend since her ancesters didn't believe in such nicities as ridding sore muscles and bruises. With a slightly frightening expression on her face she leaned over her friend and tapped into her well of strength as her muzzle touched Wolfy between the eyes. The wounds healed, the gashes closed, the marrow that had hidden in bone released into her body and was replaced.

For each act that was given the energy that would be used for it to happen naturally was taken from Songhue and when she stepped back a moment later she had to sit and close her eyes. She'd been foolish, hadn't payed close enough attention to how the wolf moved, and this was the price she payed. Still, the Fates had helped so she thanked them from the bottom of her heart and looked to Wolfy, wondering if she would be angry for showing how young she could really be.

"I'm sorry, I'm so used to going through the paces and pushing myself in real battle....This wasn't supposed to happen."

Shaking her head she changed into a small rabbit, the transition taking longer because of the effort she'd put into helping Wolfy and hopped lamely over to a small patch of grass that had managed to peek through a crack. Food and rest would help her alot, though she had to admit that she preferred to have a sorceress brew her up a potion. Too bad she hadn't known any in years. And if Wolfy didn't blame her for her immaturity it would be a miracle. 'Accidents happen' didn't quiet cover this one.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 2:22 am
by StormSilverWolf
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No kidding. *grinz sweeping her fluffy wolf tail into a red tailed hawk's feathers and back*

Storm weakly moved after the bout of healing the younger one had done. She was still sore but that would mend with time.
Seeing the rabbit hop off, she followed her... She smiled a bit noting the grazing and tillted her head...
"Thank you for healing me... Though I know it must have taken much out of you to do so. Give me a moment... It's not easy for me to shift from this form. There's a little bit of... Touching up I need to do." If she hadn't been quite so furry, one might have noticed her blushing.
She looked around trying to find a somewhat private place to shift and get dressed... Seeing a support pillar, she walked carefully behind it. She gritted her teeth, and very slowly shifted her form to that of a hume. Normally in mixed company she would have stayed half-and-half; resembling an upright wolfishly furred elf but she needed her belt pouches right now.
For a moment she stood naked. Paying no mind to the jaggid red welts still evident from the battle, she stretched a little and winced at the tightness of the still mending tissue. Then the silver-blue-green eyes grew luminous... Then gradually she became garbed in her usual loose fitting attire. Complete with her belt pouches and dagger. During the conjuring, it would appear as though she was a doll with her clothing being colored in and on outline-then color-then texture-then being fully dressed. It happened rather slowly despite what others often thought of magical effects.

Scanning to make sure everything was on and in its proper place, she walked back to where the rabbit munched grass.

She sat down cross legged and began to systematically sift through the contents of her pouches until she found what she wanted.
"I'm not the best mage despite how long I've been one or the blood line I come from, but I'm a cracker jack Alchemist!" She pulled the stopper out of a small amber bottle and poured the contents into a little matching dosing cup...
"If you need me to hold it for you so you can remain in that form, I can. Or I can put it on the grass so you don't have to taste it. Though I've worked very hard to get the flavor... Passable... Cas Still tells me that though it's now Less revolting to drink than chewing on an old dirty stocking, it Just barely." She chuckled a little and offered the small cup to the rabbit.
"It's made from the amber blooms of my home world and mixed with a little butter cream to try making it taste a Little better. On my world, it's used to help speed up healing and sooth aches. Earth magic. Though more gradual than the fae kind, it tends to be more lasting and have permanent affects. At least among my kind this is so. Only common sense and the bitter flavor keep most from abusing its lasting side effects of making one stronger. Even then there are those foolish enough to allow themselves to get addicted to it until it burns them out spiritually. One once when needed doesn't do any harm though and it will help you heal faster."

Storm doesn't consider the other one any older or younger than she did before. Indeed, it never occurred to her that anything untoward had happened. She has little experience with these sorts of things and an open enough mind to assume that here isn't home and therefore the traditions and customs would naturally be different. She simply assumed that what happened in the match was what was supposed to happen. She thinks no more nor any less of her former opponent. She does feel she let the other one down by not being the sparring partner that she obviously preferred.
She smiled a little embarrassed and offered the tonic in hopes of perhaps making up for all the trouble and disappointment she may have caused Songhue.

"Oh... Perhaps, you'd rather make sure it's safe though..." She looked even more embarrassed as the thought occurred to her that Songhue didn't know her enough to trust something she might give her. She smiled, put the stoppered bottle back into a pouched and plugged her nose with one hand and took a sip.
The face she made would have sent even her normally stoic younger knightly brother into a peal of laughter...
*gack* "Cas is right... a LITTLE less revolting than an old sock but not Much!"
She made another face at the after-taste and offered the rest to the rabbit.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 9:52 am
by Songhue
What doesn't kill you....Songhue thought as her new friend spoke of changing her form again. She was feeling pretty low but after the thrashing she'd given she figured it was the least she could do. She had to smile as Wolfy spoke of her family and her life, and it actually reached her eyes when she made that face. Still, she couldn't surpress a groan as she went into her natural phase, her gently rounded hips tilted slightly as she stood next to the wall.

With a pang she reached down and touched a bruise that wrapped around her hip and down past her knee, a three blow strand that started with the retaliation from Wolfy at the back of her hip, went on to being thrown into the wall around the front and down her thigh, and finished with her oh-so-graceful landing that reached down past her knee. Needless to say, she hurt.

"At least you had some first," she mumbled as her shimmeringly transparent self slowly came into focus. "You've gotta have a fierce hurt on from that whole mess."

Without looking she reached out and took the bottle, not really wanting to be dissapointed when Wolfy looked at her like an abomination. What kind of rightful creature could be so frail and still try and offer strength? Sighing inwardly she took a sip as well and licked her lips at the taste. It was as bad as she'd been warned it would be but she'd had worse over the years, and at times it was the food she'd had to eat that had made her wish she didn't have a tongue. She'd had plenty worse.

Surpressing a wince she shifted her weight and tried to stand on her bad leg, only to wind up limping instead. Fates give her strength, if Wolfy's potion didn't work as well as she hoped she'd be lame for weeks.

"I suppose I could, if nothing else, show you how I usually practice so you know I'm not a barbarian," she mumbled, still not daring the look her companian was giving her. What it was she didn't know, but she didn't want it to be the one she was fearing. The motions would help to soothe her wounded pride and give her an excuse to focus so if Wolfy simply wanted to be rid of her she could always go home and practice long as no one snuck up on her which was why she usally came here in the first place.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 1:43 pm
by StormSilverWolf
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The medicine would make the wounds tingle and feel as though a feather had brushed them with healing warmth and sooth the tenderness. Already Storm's body was regaining it's flexibility and strength. She put her hands on her back and stretched. There was still a little stiffness but most of the pain was gone now.

"Some yes." She chuckled... "I'm not silly enough to believe myself the cub I used to be. But luckily for me, often shifting between forms helps speed up the healing so long as I'm not in too bad of shape. Again I thank you for healing me enough to allow me to shift and aid the process further."
Tilting her head, the other's behavior confused her...
"Is the medicine helping...? Or....?" She frowned bowing her head...
"I'm sorry I wasn't a good enough sparring partner. Perhaps if you did show me what I should do next time I would improve. That is if you want there to Be a next time. I realize I'm not the best at fighting as what perhaps Lessa is or even Cas or Dark... But then I haven't had much practice." She offered with an apologetic smile.
"And I didn't think you Were a barbarian. Why would I think that?" She was honestly perplexed at the comment.
"In any case, I'd be grateful for any tutilage you could offer. It might be fun to go home and Actually beat my brother or aunt in a match for a change." She grinned at the idea of how surprised Dark or DarkStorm would be if she took even a fraction of what Songhue could teach her home with her.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:39 pm
by Songhue
OOC| No prob, to be honest I was thinking the same about you. :)

BIC| She was surprised at how easily Wolfy accepted what had happened, and slightly shocked when she heard her going on about how she wasn't a good fighter. The many refrences to her family struck a sore spot, making her wince as some of her limberness returned. She could at least stand straight now. But the urge to bow under the wieght of her past friends' lives, the ones that she'd touched so briefly like a spark of warmth, was overpowering. Her shoulders slumped slightly and Songhue looked at the center of nothing, trying to win out against the shroud that had covered her.

"It's helping," she murmured as her eyes slowly cleared of the pain. "I, don't heal easily without help. My kind is very fragil, though we have a good deal of pain tolerance. It helps a little."

Shaking her head as the ghosts swirled around inside her she straigtened her shoulders and hoped that Wolfy would think the potion or weariness had caused her odd little spell. Her burdens were her own. "I really don't know how I could tutor you, but please don't apologize. I miss-judged. That was my fault, and I alone must carry it." As I carry all else, she thought sadly, and began her routine.

Frowning, she walked towards the center of the room, her gait fluid an free even with the residual stiffness that hovered around her joints. Wings folded back against her spine, she stared for a moment, finding her center, before bringing up a leg and perfoming a round house kick to the right. As soon as she did a sickly dark thing appeared, her usual opponent, and wen skidding on the floor as a second, third, then fourth, surrounded her.

Grunting, she turned again and ducked an attempted blow to her head, her feet sliding on what was left of the blood mess and sending her towards another attacker. She didn't skid, or panic, but used it to her advantage as she delt a blow to his sternum and flipped head first to land her feet into the one who'd tried to sneak up behind her. He'd been unsteady in the blood, unable to stop, and her small weight was enough to send him sprawling.

The first returned to the fight here, and clipped her arm slamming it out of socket only to have a blast of wind trown hard enough to snap his spine as it hit his head. He fell and was gone, and with him left her injury. A hit to the stomach was her reward as one of the others she'd felled regained their footing and as she was sent through the air her wings opened and let her hover enough to deliver a kick to his teeth that sent some down in his throat, strangling him. Two down.

She landed like a cat as the last two returned to themselves, and with a sly, feline grin she kicked first one foot, then the other, sending them sprawling agian so thier heads banged together and they fell into oblivion. Because they were merely unconcious they didn't leave of their own accord so Songhue twitched her wings and muttered a few words, sending them off. She was going to have to find a new level if these had become so easy to defeat.

Sighing, wincing as the tenderness returned to her, she returned to herself, quiet and alone in the old abandoned place she used so she wouldn't hurt anyone back home. She wiped a light sweat off of her brow, the thinnest sheen of moisture having broken out, and gengerly tested her leg. She didn't see Wolfy standing just off to the side and behind her, and her mind was still on the fight so she did what she always did when she needed to think; she talked to herself.

"You're getting spoiled, little snowflake," she murmured, taking on one of her mother's favorite names for her. "Don't get cocky. You're paler than most, and that doesn't help you to hide yourself in the dark areas. Upgrade, yes. Practice. Improve. But don't get cocky." She gave a gently grin, her mother's words comforting her, and stretched slowly, carfully, muttering under her breath the whole while.

"I'm gunna really pay in the morn. But at least I can move, so I've no right to complain." She winced slightly, pulling at the cramped muscle, and scowled at nothing. "Some great fighter, anyway. I go tromping around like I was nothing more than a beginner, getting too involved in the motions. I've lost my dicaplin. I'll have to work on that, assuming Wolfy doesn't come to her senses and seek revenge. Ouch! Sheesh, what a day. I act like a first level fighter and just barely keep my life."