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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:06 am
by StormSilverWolf
Storm smiled slightly at the little creature... She had almost forgotten the others in her soaking up the positive energy from the mouse.
Almost... She was inhaling the lush loam around her when she caught the scent of fear and anger... The blue in her eyes whirled into hard silver as she took a unconciously protective stance over the mouse again... Something was off... She sensed it and could smell the faint iron and sour scent in the moist air.
She turned the oddly hard silver eyes back to Songhue to see what her reactions were and caught the tension in the younger wolf. She frowned and followed the other's glance to the second youngster. The color in her eyes whirled looking oddly like silver-blue ice.

She said nothing but just watched.
~Songhue... what are you picking up?~ Storm mentally asked Songhue and wondered if that was something Songhue would be able to do.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 12:41 pm
by Songhue
There was a mind questing contact with hers. That was odd, she hadn't met anyone with that ability since she'd left home. Cautiously, she opened up a part of her mind, knowing that there was a strong potential for pain and danger and honestly not wanting to risk it.

She was far from a mindreader. She could do a mindmeld, combine two beings into one, but that was all. Because of this though she was highly sensitive to the life around her. Songhue could feel the leaves soaking up the light as well as the earth soaking up those leaves that had fallen. It was a sort of hypersensitivity.

At the moment though it was Wolfy, and wonder of wonders she wanted her opinion. Why she couldn't imagine, but she thought Wolfy had a sort of trust in her. That might only be because she had a trust in Wolfy though, so she didn't put much stock on it.

Confusion, her mind whispered, opening fully to her friend. Fear, anger, whirling thoughts that mix and blend. An inner battle with the darkness. She's weakening. I think she needs help, but this battle, as all on this level, must be faught alone. They determine who we grow into. But our young friend has yet to come to terms with hers.

Flicking her long, sleek tail in an apparently careless manner Songhue opened her mouth in a yawn. What she was doing was reminding the young one that it would be wise to keep control of those demons for the time being. There wasn't a wolf one that could stand against a tigress, and the pale replica that lay under the tree had a certian flair for going over the top.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:45 pm
by StormSilverWolf
Storm felt the mind whispering back and wasn't sure if the whispering was due to the other's inability to kyth or due to being out of practice or what... But she did understand the thrust of the message... The fae was picking out the thread if not the whole tapestry of the youngster's inner workings. Without taking her eyes off the younger one, she nodded ever so slightly to indicate to Songhue she heard and understood the reply.
Unfortunately, the reply did little to ease her tension. The thought that she might have to fight with an unknown over something as simple as their own inner confusion left her feeling restless and uneasy.
She tried to mentally tell the little mouse to get into her home slowly and carefully but with as much haste as she could manage and still seem like it was a casual movement. She could stand over the whole home but she couldn't protect mother and family separately. And she didn't want to put Songhue in such a position either.
She just barely realized Songhue had changed... She was steadily becoming used to the other's energies and as with any other, she forgot what the external aspects were after a short time.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:32 am
by Anonymous
Fiona relaxed a little again. she saw the others eyes turn towards her. The mouse had stopped being so happy. As the little mouse went into the house, it took fionas fears and worries away for the time being. She sunk to the ground, the mind battle had exhausted her. All she wanted to do now was rest. She hoped she was also signalling she wasnt going to fight.

She closed her eyes and brethed in deeply and out. She made sure now the door to the bad memories remained lokked for now, and she let the good ones waft over her. It wasnt sleep, it was a meditation routine her teacher had allways taught her to do if something bad had happened. She grew more aware of other living things while lying next to the ground, she sensed the others tensed. She new this was how everyone would react if they had sensed just a whisp of what she had been going through.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 9:19 am
by Songhue
She is at least fighting it Songhue thought with sympathy. But I don't think she realizes that she's not completly safe until she comes to terms with her demons. She should be left alone until then to avoid trouble. And to let her fight this battle on her own.

Tilting her head slightly, Songhue eyed Wolfy and purposly surpressed the waves of tension that were raident in the air. She needed to get a feel of how the others were before she made a desision. All things considered, she was not one to look for trouble or fights; she just wasn't one to back down from it either.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 12:26 pm
by StormSilverWolf
Storm felt the what seemed to her as a gentle poke to her tense muscles... With an effort she forced herself to at least untense the bunching muscles in her body. The last thing anybody needed right now was an old wolf going off half baked. She forced herself to sit so that she at least seemed Somewhat at ease.
She gave an inner chuckle... It may well be as her brother called a 'military rest' rather than a realistic one. At least she still had her humor.
She tilted her head and listened to the mouse chitter at the little naked pink babies. She may not know Mouseling, but she knew Motherling. She would bet the mother was calming herself by calming the babies and explaining the dangers to them or comforting them of their fears. That would be what she would do... That thought reminded her of David and Kally back on her world... She wondered how much they had grown in her absence and if they missed their mother.
She actually chuckled outright when she thought of coddling David and how he'd grumble at her for 'treating him like a cub'.
Her irises slowly stopped whirling in color and settled on a warm spring hazel flecked ocean blue. They remained distant as her thoughts turned inward. And she smiled at the treasures she found there. Tam pelting Dark with snowballs from the Nort White... Kally learning how to shift into her dragon form for the first time.
She sighed... She missed her extremely gifted and stubborn cubs and family. She would have to find gifts to take home to them when she left. Maybe Songhue would come visit her world and meet everyone. That made her smile until it lit her eyes with warmth... She would bet Kally and David would be wild about meeting such a talented and unique furson.