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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: Lettice Eveline Cabot
Goes by: Letty
Age: 16

Personality: Letty is usually slightly nervous when she first meets someone, but once she decides she likes them – which is almost always the case – she becomes outgoing and sociable. She’s optimistic – nearly naïve – and finds it hard not to tell the honest, if blunt, truth. Sometimes, however, she feels the urge to be alone. When that happens she goes on long walks, taking pictures with her Polaroid camera.

Physical Description:
Letty has almond-shaped green eyes, and while her skin is tan from her time spent outside there are also freckles across her nose and under her eyes. She’s tall – gawky, even – with straight, dirty blonde hair that falls past her shoulder blades.

She usually wears a pale yellow sundress that reaches her knees, and usually she’s without shoes, as she enjoys going barefoot whenever she can. The only possession she brings with her is a canvas messenger bag slung over one of her slender shoulders.

She’s such a klutz, and as a result often has scrapes on her knees and elbows.
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Vineda, or Whimsy
Age 20

A shapeshifter and a conjurer (general dabbler in magic), polite and peaceful, usually very shy around strangers, kind and caring... but with a very rarely seen flaming temper for both those who really deserve it and sometimes those who don't (and usually in the situations that will get her in the most trouble). Changing as water; rapids one day, calm and clear and quiet the next. Also called Vuelie in some lands.

Nature is her stronghold and healing is her pasttime; she is a chronicler, a gatherer of information. Books are worlds. She looks to the earth for strength and has a fascination with the unknown, wistful-like, but fearful as of a flame: will it burn?

Her favorite appearances are usually those of animals or of a young woman with red-brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in a light shift-like dress reaching to the ground and often covered with a cloak. She has some skill with weapons but prefers to be just as effective without them if necessary. Often bearing a walking staff in hand, she journeys with a light bag usually worn over a shoulder and across her chest. Vineda is a plain one with an underlying beauty if the time is taken to see it.

After having taken stock not too long ago, this girl is surprised to find herself slightly changed. More grown into herself and her magics, sometimes less eager to please.
In human form, herbs and blossoms weave among her tresses naturally, seemingly growing from her own flesh. These can be picked and harvested, often growing before they're needed and ready in eerie time for particular use. Her shadow can decide to play tricks and move as it wills, even traveling up from the ground in dire need, and able to change shape on its own. She may hide as a shadow herself, lingering insubstantially.
Images of vines and grasses move over the skin of her wrists, of their own volition. Among the plants, flowers bloom occasionally in response to the environment/situation, the strange result of using plant dyes from her own realm in a tattooing that has taken on life of its own.
She needs for naught as long as she wears her bag, seemingly small, over her shoulder. Not much has she encountered that won't fit inside it when pressed, and things much larger then its size have been taken out of storage from within. Should her staff become more of a hindrance, its entire length may be kept there. The only trouble comes in finding what one needs inside in a hurry.
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Re: Persona Characteristics

[[Sorry I haven't posted in a long time >.< It's been busy for me and I'm still a bit confused]]

Name: Laraine Muse Arai Gilford

Nick-names: Laylay, Rain, Musa, Arai

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Lel (meaning taker) When Laraine comes into contact with someone, skin to skin, she often takes and replicates their abilities.

Appearance: ... Sprite.jpg

Personality: Emotional, rational, thoughtful, a bit hot-head or stubborn, a leader and moody.

Brief Biography: Laraine could never remember how she really came to be, other then it was 18 years ago that she was born. When she was about five years old, she went blind for a period of time, her hair turning silver. For two years she was locked up in a cabin, labeled a 'cursed child' and so on. Soon her vision came back, only to one eye though. She died her silver hair red and returned to normal life. That was until she started seeing things from the future, in prophecies, more like riddles. She was then labeled 'Oracle' because of this amazing gift. However she had not acquired this gift from her illness, rather, what had happened was she had been tempted to eat a curse fruit, causing her to be able to only take other's abilities for herself. She had also soon acquired the name 'Songstress' from her amazing voice that was able to lure men to her. She was soon cast out of her small village for luring the mayor's son into her midsts by accident.

Character two:

Name: Flin

Nick-names: Flin

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Kelpie (Reference:

Appearance: Original form; ... onie09.jpg

Human form; ... uys227.jpg

Personality: Calm, quiet, seemingly unemotional

Brief Biography: He'd rather not talk about it, and seeing how he's lived a long time, he can't remember every small detail.

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Re: Persona Characteristics

Aria Palombino
…You’ll know her as Ari.

Appearance: 5’9’’ and slender with olive skin, light green eyes, and long, wavy black hair. Tawny wings (think golden eagle) sprout from her shoulder bones and reach a wingspan of nearly 14 feet. She is usually wearing jeans and a dark crimson long-sleeved shirt that has large slits in the back for her wings.

Attitude: At first she comes across as cold and unfriendly but once she gets to know someone she drops her guard a bit, even though she’s more interested with observing than getting involved. It’s commonplace for her to simply fly away when people get to close; she gets flustered easily and is solitary by nature. For a select few, however, she’s incredibly loyal and empathetic.

Girl got talent: Ability to fly and communicate with birds, an amazing singing voice, and a heightened sense of sight.

…But she’s not perfect:
Instinctive fear of feline species and enclosed spaces, and she can’t swim.
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: Kayler
ex: Female
Type: Vampire [human waana-be]
Likes: Winter, un-cooked Ramen, making & keeping friends, solitare, alchol, ciggarettes.
Dislikes: Summer, bright light/s, loud noises, breathing...
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name- Krinlith

List of forms-
-Wolf (coal gray/black)
-Dragon (black with blue tribal markings, has a purple glow when angry)
-Pixie (tan skin, pointed ears, shaggy hair and butterfly wings)
-Panther (black panther, with fur as black as night)
-Elf (Facial tattoos and chest tattoos, shaggy hair, pointed ears)
-Unisus (Deep, shadow blue-black, with faint hints of other colors in his wings)
-Shadow Hound (sooty black, uncut fur)
-Merman (Greyish black with a regal head fin and a back fin)
-Bear (Brown bear with a healthy, shiney coat, the fur giving off almost a honey color look)
-Phoenix (Rather dark feathers, with the color of lava.)
-Human (About 5'9", rather muscular with shaggy, unkempt hair.)
-Blue Roan Stallion
-Bull Elephant
-Hooker Sea Lion
-Grey Main Coon cat
-Spider Monkey

Mate- Known in these lands as Songhue.

Cubs- Sethelu, Rielthon and Faelynn. These are all elf/fae names, as is his and his mate's name in this realm.

Gifts- warding/sheilding, controlling the flow and balance of energies and battle control over elements the wind and the earth. He also has a dual nature that allows him to understand both sides of an argument or a battle, leading to a better analysis of situations.

General- Though he can speak in every form, the sounds he makes (growling, purring, roaring, etc) depend upon the form he is currently in. His voice remains the same in every form, however: Deep, and commanding, yet at the same time calm and smooth. His eyes are the deepest blue-black, with his pupils being almost lost in the darkness of his eyes.
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