Persona Characteristics

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Re: Persona Characteristics

Forms: Horse and Human
Horse: Silver and glowing, dark blue eyes, a bit translucent.
Human: Light peach skin, platinum blonde hair, dark blue eyes.



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Re: Persona Characteristics


Name: Masine Conolo Ashratreve't'tora-aa (AKA: Ashra)
Age: 5, 25, 45 (See description)
Race: Lakontamashar

Mate: None
Bonded: None

Description: Ashra has lavender skin with pink and black markings around her eyes. She has purple lips and nails. Her hair is pink and medium blue, carried in a ponytail with loose, sideswept bangs. Her ears are long, pointed, and stick out to the side. Her eyes are reflection of magical energy so contain no sclera or pupils. Since she is a physical manifestation of magical energy, she never actually touches the ground unless she makes an effort to. She can either appear as a young child, a teenager, or a middle aged woman. She can also take on a purely ethereal form in which she appears to just be light. This usually takes the form of a ball of light, but she can appear in any shape of light. These shapes lack features, though.

Personality: Her overall personality is a bit mischievous and fun-loving. This is most pronounced when she is in her child form and least pronounced in her older form. In her child form, she becomes a true child. She acts like a child, thinks like a child, and has desires and needs like a child. Each form is similar in that she acts and thinks according to the age she appears to be. She tends to be a mediator, especially in her older form. It is extremely rare for her to ever cause physical harm to anything, both because it is physically difficult for her to do so and because it is not in her nature.

Strengths: Due to her ethereal nature, she is extremely difficult to harm.

Weaknesses: Due to her ethereal nature, it is equally difficult for her to harm anyone else. She would first have to be trying to take a physical form, and since harming beings is against her nature, it would take an extreme amount of concentration to take physical form to do so. She has a hard time forming lasting relationships. Anyone who is not blocking mind-to-mind communication can hear her thoughts unless she makes a very concentrated effort to block them. Since it takes so much work, she rarely blocks them. In order to touch something in the physical realm, she has to be purposely trying. She often forgets and simply passes through things (or beings) instead of touching them. She has been told that she feels a bit like a static charge passing through people.

Powers: She can travel through anything and can traverse dimensions and space. She never ages other than by changing her form. She can also speak mind-to-mind with other beings, so long as they are not blocking such communication. This form of communication transcends language barriers.

Native Language: None. Her race speaks mind-to-mind. She had to learn to speak using physical language. The Lakontamashar have the ability to speak because they have a larynx in their physical form. In their home realm, they use it to make music, but with practice, they can imitate any sound.

History: Like all of her kind, she simply appeared from the magic of her realm one day. Since all of the Lakontamashar are created from the same energy, they share a connection that reaches across time and space. They share a collective memory with each new experience of an individual simply being added to the memory. She did, however, have to learn all physical abilities (including walking, physical speech, being able to touch objects, etc.) as mental memory does not necessarily equate to physical memory.

When a Lakontamashar is created, it starts out as formless light. Their experiences (especially early ones) shape what their individual forms and personalities will be. The only part of a Lakontamashar that never changes is the eyes, which will always reflect the magical energy that they were created from. Ashar was formed during the period corresponding to very early human history, and she appeared in a small family group of people. At the time, a child, its mother, and its grandmother were the one ones there. Ashar took on three basic forms and personalities based on these three people, giving her both a gender and ages. However, she was still composed entirely of energy so was devoid of distinct features. Later experiences refined her form, giving it colour, her distinctive ears, her normal physical voice, etc.


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Re: Persona Characteristics


Name: Tsukimori Yashida
Origin: Japan or Oriental equivalent for Sionayra
Age: 23
Height: 5'8 (unusual height trait)
Family: Single child, Father is Kenuichio Harada, Heir to Yashida Clan
Unusual Trait: Soul bound to the Yashida Guardian (A silver wolf)
Abilities: Shapeshift, wolf form. Shapeshift, hybrid form. Enhances senses and reflexes

Personality: Curious and intelligent, she loves animals and nature, has an interest in advanced sciences as well as music, art and poetry. She was raised with the honor code of Bushido even though she comes from modern day Japan. She believes in shinto and in her free time she likes traveling through the forest as a wolf. Her mannerisms shift from human to more wolf like at various times even though in human form.

She has amber eyes and silky black hair. Her body is athletic and her skin holds various tattoos. Her ears are pierced and she usually wears plain titanium earrings in different colors. Her skin is lightly tanned and her shoulders are tattooed in chrysanthiums and cherry blossoms. Her back has a traditional Japanese tattoo of a samurai woman battling a demon. She usually likes to wear close fitting jeans and black leather.

Wolf: She is about waist height to the average female human with thick silvery fur. Her eyes stay amber after transformation and retain the look of intelligence. She has broad, muscle bound shoulders and wide paws with a slightly slimmer backside and a bushy tail. Her body is so evenly colored that her nose and nails are in stark contrast to the rest of her body

Hybrid: 5'8 in height like her Human form, Tsuki is tall for a female. Her body is covered in the same silky silver fur though it is not as thick or fluffy. Her face is more wolf than human, with a snout and wolfish ears. The fur on her head is longer similar to her hair as a normal Human. She will wear light clothes in this form if any are available, otherwise her fur is long enough to make her decent. She retains her tail in the form as well and is usually swishing it around. Her narrow finger end in long hard nails as black as her claws in wolf form.

Ability: Shape shifter (Wolf)
Tsuki is not a born shape shifter but gained her ability soon after her soul was tied to the soul of a powerful wolf Guardian. The link to her Guardian wolf gives her enhances senses and strength as well as the ability to change into a Wolf or Hybrid. The wolf she becomes looks identical to the Spirit wolf in all but gender.

Secondary ability: As an effect of their bound souls she can communicate telepathically to the wolf. This telepathy does not reach to anything else however. As they're bond ages they are able to channel energy back and forth, sustaining each other as needed. They usually comminucate in impressions rather than words, or in dreams.

The Guardian: The silver wolf is the spirit Guardian of the Yashida Family. The Spirit is bound to the Yashida property and can never leave. It only appears to members of the Yashida family. Only in the presence of a Yashida can someone else interact with the wolf, if they are very close to the family member. Due to the bond of their souls, the Guardian can draw on energy from Tsuki to physically manifest in times of need but the ability drains them both.

Side effects of the Bond:
The most apparent side effect of the bond is that Tsuki sometimes acts more like a wolf than human. Her emotions are sometimes colored by wolf instincts such as territory. She is an Alpha personality and very protective to young and those close to her.
A more sublte side effect involves her aging. The Spirit Wolf was immortal before the bond and she mortal. Now that they are bonded Tsuki ages at slower pace and neither she or the wolf know what will happen to him when she dies, since he is already a spirit.


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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: ?
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall; Tan; Brown eyes; Gangly;

Pessimistic, smiles all the time, moody, dreamy, constantly checking appearance (defense mechanism), tattooed
motto : Try to mind your own business.

Name: ?
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Medium hight; Slim build; Pale skin; Shoulder-length black hair; Green eyes; Gold tooth (right canine); Usually dressed in semi-formal to formal clothes, all dark
Story: He always did love taking risks, much to his parent's concern.

Suspicious, scheming, secretive, perceptive, gambler, judgmental
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: Zyria
Age: 24
Homeland: The Mystic Vale

Zyria is a young, beautiful elvish woman with long midnight-black hair and deep violet eyes. She was born and raised in Luintaure (Blue Forest) with her family and elven colony, but truly never felt it was her home. As a youngling, she would sneak out of the forest and explore the surrounding fields almost every night. Her dream was to travel the world and explore it all, meeting new species and making new friends. Her father was extremely hard on her, often attempting to keep her locked up in her room at night.

She is approximately 5'6" tall and 125 lbs. Her pale skin contrasts her dark hair and clothing. At first she is quiet, shy, and mysterious, but as you earn her trust she opens up to you. She excels at hunting with her bow and daggers, and performing small magic, such as healing wounds and mixing potions. Had she not been so talented with a bow, her father might never have let her join the hunting party.

When she became of age, her parents (her father, mostly) chose what they felt was a compatible mate for her. He was a member of the hunting party, a slow clumsy little guy. Zyria wanted nothing to do with him. However, one unfortunate night, she was caught sneaking back into the forest. Her father and mother were mortified, as nobody was allowed to enter or leave the forest. They had no choice but to banish her, which Zyria was both sad and happy about. That morning, she packed up her things and left the forest for the last time.

She found herself in the land of Sionayra, where she spent several years living off the land, alone in her own neck of the woods. Eventually, she moved on, in search of a place that really felt like she belonged there. After years of journeying, she finally found it. A place called the Mystic Vale, where a luxurious green meadow stretches out farther than the eye can see, scattered with tall trees, lush berry bushes, and a rainbow array of flowers. A long, shimmering river meanders down the center, its edges lined with earthly stones. The sky is a deep blue that refuses to stay hidden behind the numerous cotton-white clouds that fill it. To her, it was beautiful, untouched paradise.

However, a piece of her heart has and always will be held by Sionayra, and now she visits there quite often. The only friend she had ever truly made lived there, which was reason enough. She cannot escape her drive to explore though.

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Re: Persona Characteristics

True Name: Will be revealed when she comes of age.

Common Name: Sethelu.

Given Name: Moon Blaze.

Nicknames: Batsy, Moony, Set.

-A small bat with reddish brown feather-fur. This is her happy-quirky-fun form. Image
-A serian sized dragon unicorn hybrid. This her predator give-me-a-reason-I-kill-you form. Image

Clan: Her father Krinlith, her aunt Talia, her aunt Talia's mate, her aunt Songhue, her aunt Songhue's mate, and her two cousins. Both cousins are the cubs of Songhue.

Interesting Tidbits: She is the Beacon. This means that she doesn't just feel emotion, she is emotion. And one of the strangest things about her is she can learn. Beacons run on instinct and emotion, but she retains her lessons and can use logic. She is currently the youngest in her clan. She still has a lot to learn and is continuing her lessons with her aunt Songhue until her father takes over.
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