Persona Characteristics

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Posting Elemental
Posting Elemental

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Would simply like to note that my char info has been heavily updated.. >,>;
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Re: Persona Characteristics

She's been evolving slowly in Rps n such. This is the final result. >_<;

Name: Rainer
Hair: Black, done up in pigtails with white ribbons
Eyes: Red, speckles of gold
Outfit: Black skirt, white tank top. Little black wings.
Other: -Comes from a tribe of Angel ShapeShifters, her form being a German Shepherd (Light brown, dark brown face & back)
-Appears 16
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: Mcderth
Age: Appears in his mid twentys
Hair: Short, Spiky and Red
Eyes: Blue
Build: Short, Athletic
Form: Sorceror
Clothing: Usually seen in a simple green robe, but can change into anything at will
Personality: Quit and brooding most of the time, however when someone gets to know him they realize that he has a very dry sarcastic sence of humor and truly is a good sport. He has no idea how or why he is here, but he is willing to make the best of it until he can find his way back to his home plain.
Forms: Looks like an average, everyday human. Nothing fancy or special there.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Wouldn't you like to know :P
History: Mcderth is the closest thing the plains have to a bounty hunter. Moving from plane to plane he tracks down beings that have upset the balance of the natural order of things. Both good and evil can do this, though evil seems to upset things much more than good.
Powers: Hasn't been around long enough for anyone to know.
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Just a basic profile of my persona. I like to keep things simple ^_^

Name: Lady Talia (prefers not to use her given last name)

Nick Names:
Tali, Tal (*insert random nicknames from Tigs here*)

Special Name: Known as Little Light by her blood kin and Serians only.

Age: Appears to be 25, but no one knows for sure.

Physical Appearance: Petite, lithe and slender. Long, bright gold tresses hang down below her waist when unbound, but she usually keeps it braided or coiled in some manner. Brilliant animated amber eyes. Small heart shaped mouth, high cheekbones, and well defined aristocratic features.

Outfit: Long angled flowing skirt made of deep sapphire blue fabric with silver bead-work edging. Tapers off at one side, ending at mid thigh, and continues on downwards until it reaches the other side, ending at her heel. Strapless top that shows a slight bit of her midriff in similar colors with matching bead work/threading. Small elegant silver linked chain that hangs around her waist. Her hair is partially covered by a small elegant net of tiny crystals. Small, simplistic pendant around her neck, engraved with what appears to be an insignia of a moon or some such thing.

Forms: Aside from the questionable longevity issue, she appears to be your average human. She does, however, have a winged form that only differs slightly from her normal appearance in the fact that she possesses overly large ivory wings that span the entire length of her body. The only other non-human form that she possesses is that of a small, pure white rabbit.

Past/History/Family: Not much is known about Talia aside from the fact that she established her own place/sanctuary out of a desperate need to heal.

Abilities/Gifts: Possesses the unique ability to heal various things, from the landscape to her Serians. She rarely uses her abilities however unless in extreme need, and rarely in front of other individuals or even her Serians.

Will edit more later if I feel that I need to. ^_^
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: Keira
Age: 19
Form: Fae warrior

Appearance: 5'10". Slender build. Dark reddish brown hair that falls in loose waves halfway down her back. Eyes change color with mood, can be any shade of blue, blue green, gray, hazel, green, brown, and occasionally purple.

Clothing: Changes depending on if its causual or battle.

Strengths: Night, Full moon, Clouds, and Rain

Weaknesses: Animals and Kids

History: Has no memory before she came here.

Photo by: Linda Bugkvist
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Name: Kellan
Age: 19
Form: Dhamphire (half vampire, half warewolf), Magical Abilities.

Appearance: 5'6". Athletic build. Long wavy brown hair. Amber eyes.

Clothing: Changes day to day. Whatever I'm in the mood for, mainly jeans and t-shirt.

Strengths: Summer nights, full moon, and water.

Weaknesses: Men and whiskey

History: The first memory was waking up, my arm throbing in pain, immersed in a puddle of my own blood. Always something great to wake up to right, a chunk taken out of my body and still alive in a strange world I couldn't remember. Immortal forever now how awkward is that. It's always difficult to explain why you can never age.

Photo by: Linda Burgkvist
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