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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:18 pm
by Songhue
Songhue stiffened, ready for an attack as she heard someone crashing through the brush not far from her. Sucking in a hiss of breath she inched forward and nearly laughed out loud when she saw Wolfy. But the wolf looked upset, angry at the best, and she was worried that he'd gotten to her. Her very being thrumming, she followed after, calling out and fighting to keep down the gorge that threatened when she thought of her friend being hurt because she hadn't paid close enough attention.

"Wolfy! Wait, maybe there's something I could do! Hey, Wolfy, wait up!"

Then she just ran after her, forcing back her supper of fruits and dried leaves with anger. She just hoped she would be able to control it this time. But poison wasn't with her, that much was clear, and she hadn't the fainted idea as to what could have happened. Songhue didn't allow herself to think of the possibilites. Tugging absently at her hair, she brushed it back from her face and revieled a large, shallow bruise far back on her cheek. If he'd done anything to either of them.....

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:12 pm
by Keira
All Poison could do was blink. She didn't quite understand Wolfy's feelings but she sensed that they ran deep. She stood up, feeling suddenly alone she walked in the direction that Wolfy and Songhue had gone.

There was something in the air. Something hateful... evil almost. Starting to get scared she decided to make her preasnce known. "Songhue... Wolfy!!??" She cried out in desperation. Generally she didn't mind being alone, most of the time she enjoyed it. But there was just that something in the air that made her uneasy.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:18 pm
by Songhue
Oh, grand. She'd better be okay. That was all Songhue could think as she gave her hips a sharp little twist, sending a strong wind back for her friend and literally flying her up to her. Then she took her hand, gently so she could pull away, and managed to choke out around the breath that tore into her lungs, "It's okay. I'll keep you safe. He's gone now."

She could run well, as could all her kind, but she still had to fight to keep Wolfy in sight. Something was definatly wrong here. And while she was worrying about that she was using the winds to try and find anything wrong with Poison. Oh, Fates, why had he followed her? Why had she let it come to this?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:10 pm
by StormSilverWolf
:ooc: >>; I thought you were ending this thread so I stopped watching it... When you took off like that, it looked like you were leaving like you had in the thread I had started. Sorry for misunderstanding.
Oh and Technically Storm/Wolfy isn't running, she just... Left.

Storm finally hearing the others through the haze of her inward thought, frowned then stopped... Her dark brows furrowing in annoyance. She didn't want to be conjoled about being old and worthless or hear about how she was 'special just the way she was... even if she couldn't fight.'
It never occured to her that Poison couldn't take care of herself or even that she was left unprotected. Her only thoughts were of that Songhue was facing danger and hadn't trusted either of them to back her up in the fray.
She growled deep in her throat and paced glaring at nothing in particular. She knew it was her own fault... All her life had been spent being on the defensive... She couldn't afford to charge head long into things the way others had. She couldn't afford the adrenaline rush of battle overtaking the sense of protection she needed to give others. Foot soldiers might have nothing to lose but their lives, but the generals had that Exact thing to worry about and protect. To send others to their doom or to protect them from it one had to let go of certain liberties others with nothing left to lose had.
One of those being that while she could fight a long waged war of strategy with few casualties, she suffered in hand-to-hand combat. And now she was noting it as a liability for the first time in centuries. She paced still; sweeping the grasses in ever growing strides until it seemed her feet weren't touching the ground and the blades flattened beneath the long strides. The low growls of annoyance and self disgust getting lower and lower until they seemed to make the ground thrum like approaching thunder.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:26 pm
by Songhue
OOC| I know Wolfy, we've just got a bit if catching up to do. And I wasn't ending it, I was trying to pull myself together so I wouldn't snap at y'all. I tend to go on the defensive....Well, anyway, sorry for the confusion, and I'm glad you're back. :)

BIC| Songhue fluttered to a stop next to her friend, forcing back a chocking cry when she saw the obviously healthy female pacing back and forth. The fright of her life, and she's fine. Well, that's just grand.

"Wolfy, are you okay? I shouldn't have walked off after, I should have made sure he wasn't going to try anything. I should've made sure he was leaving. Poison's been so quiet, I don't know what he did, but I can help."

She was pulling her fingers through her hair absently, worrying at it and at the same time keeping on hand on Poison. She'd needed their company, needed them to help her pull herself together, but not at this expence. Wolfy seemed fine, but just because she was well enough to move didn't mean she wasn't mad that she'd been tricked and hurt in some way. To be honest, Songhue couldn't think of another reason she would be mad at the moment.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 5:29 pm
by StormSilverWolf
Unable to stop pacing, she tried to at least keep her temper in check with the younger woman... After all it wasn't Her fault Storm felt worse than useless.
"I'm..." she couldn't bring herself to completely lie and say 'fine' or even 'ok'...
"I'm upset. I failed you and I'm upset about it. I was of no help when you obviously should have had your friends back you up. That I wasn't accepted as that help either means I am not a friend or it means that I'm too broken down and old to be of assistance."
She continued pacing thinking about the not a friend part and realized that could be just as true as the old part. Her pacing slowed as this sunk down... It was true after all... The younger one had never Said they were friends or even that she felt she could trust her. She had just stupidly assumed that since she felt she was Songhue's friend and trusted that it was mutual.
She stopped suddenly and sat down staring into space with a dark visage of self annoyance... A dead look taking place of the anger.
No she hadn't even Assumed as much... To assume would have meant she actually Thought about it... And now that she forced herself to think, she realized she hadn't.

Finally she spoke again...
"I apollogize for acting rashly or speaking out of turn. I honestly had not thought of the reality of my situation. Of course I can not claim any of your alliegence or trust. Had I but thought about it, I would never have made such a grand and egocentric leap from common sense." She said in a low neutral but embarassed voice.

"I apollogize to your friend as well. It seems I have made a lot of unfounded assumptions. Is she well or do I have my lack of sense to blame for her ill treatment as well?"
Sharp guarded blue-black eyes looked Poison over closely and she sniffed the air quietly around Poison from where she sat at a distance. She only smelled fear and perhaps worry but other than that she smelled nothing being shaken up couldn't have caused.