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A Body of Light

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:09 pm
by Celeste
The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Oscar Wilde spoke those words during The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 1 to be exact. The speech was uttered years - nay centuries - before you and I were even thought of being brought into this world.

It was that simple sentence Celeste was contemplating as she coasted lazily on an undercurrent. She would have liked to meet this Mr. Wilde, he spoke sensibly, and perhaps he would have understood her plight.

For there is nothing worse then being able to say nothing but the truth, when our society is built on lies and misconceptions.

With this final thought Celeste did an abrupt spiral into the trees, carefully avoiding all stray branches during her freefall. Without a sound she landed to the brittle ground like a cat, bathing the area in an ethereal light.

The half-angel nipped her lower lip in embarrassment. She had just discovered her power over light, and was having a bit of a problem controlling it. Luckily no creature of the underbrush was around, or they'd be blinded.

With a sigh Celeste rose to a nearby birch and gently perched herself on the slim branch. She was pushing herself too hard these days; although she was blessed with wings, they could only keep her afloat for hours at a time. Currently, she'd been flying for nearly a day, and it was starting to show.

Black circles masked her eyes, her skin was pale as moonlight, and her once bright green eyes were dull with fatigue. And for what reason? Why was she so desperate to bolt from any civilization?

Only Celeste knew the answer, it was a gift from her Praenuntius father; the power to feel powerful emotions from others - be they human or animals, mortals or immortals.

Even now she could feel the sharp pang of pain as a rabbit taken by a hawk, mixed with the hawk's relish of the blood spilling to his talons. It was enough to make someone go insane, but then again maybe she already was.

And so Celeste was here, hoping to escape the drilling of emotions in this secluded forest. But surely someone - or something - could save her?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:08 pm
by Songhue
A soft, heavy padding announced the great cat's approach, the cougar purring softly to herself as she slunk through the brush. Songhue truely loved this form and it was most fitting for her surroundings. At the moment, however, she wanted to be a little less conspicuous than even this graceful beast and with a soft shimmer became a golden eagle. The palest of yellows and purest of whites only ever showed in her colorings, though she could take any form she's seen so far. Because of this her eagle form seemed to be slightly washed out and faded, but all the more delicate because of it.

The softest of sounds left her as she fluttered up to a branch, a gentle reveling in the vocal skills of this creature. If one looked closely you could almost see what could be called a smile along the edge of the beak. Ahhh, so good to be free to fly. And the quiet sounds of nature always soothed after a long day. Yet there seemed to be something new to these woods, a new disturbance and quiet. Something was here that did not belong...And she thought she could see it.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:08 pm
by Celeste
Celeste's drooping, tired head jerked to attention at the faraway sound of flapping wings. Who could that be, and why was she there? The hybrid had scouted this area for the lack of life, and now here was a creature to ruin it.

Well, she'd have to stay hidden, she was done being victim to other's emotions. Unfortunally, her sire was an angel and Celeste herself wasn't bitter by nature, so it would be next to impossible for her to do anything but hide or flee.

And she chose to do the latter, and with a child's innocence she flew upwards and crept under the canopy. Invisible to the human eye, save for a light yellow glow, she curled up into a ball.

Please, go away. Go away! She commanded, eyes closed tight in fear. In desperation she prayed that the creature approaching was happy, or at the least not suicidal. She had no desire to pitch herself onto the forest ground in despair.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:15 pm
by Keira
Poison walked through the low brush silently, thinking to herself. She sat underneath a tree to catch her breath and tried to clear her mind of all troublesome thoughts when she heard a faint sound that she could only hear in the wolf form she was in. Pure black except for the tip of her tail... bright white. She tuned her hearing and looked in the direction and just caught sight of Songhue as she turned into her eagle form. Smiling to herself, Poison wathed and waited to see what her friend would do.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:48 pm
by Rainer
Little black wings twitched inches from the creature's shoulder blades. Not connected by any veins or flesh, but still seemed to move to the will of the mind.

Crimson eyes observed the scene, tilting her head quietly to the side. A wolf, an angel, and an eagle. What an odd little gathering, although she wasn't one to talk.

With her long black hair done up in white ribbons, and her semi-complex outfit, she definitly wasn't one to talk.

This girl was had sat upon a high branch of an old oak tree, watching their movements with perfect angles of their every action. Geez, she was good. After a long stretch that included her arms being raised towards the heavans, she decided to join this little game.

A lean, brown and black german shepard soon took her place on the thick branch, glancing around casually.

This was her. She was an angel. Not a stereotyped, white one. As a child, she had lived with a tribe of her species, which were given a species of animal as their... 'other form' as she liked to call it. Sure, it wasn't original, but it got the point across.

So there the canine crouched, watching as if it were a movie.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:15 am
by Songhue
Yes, Songhue could certainly see something, though she couldn't quit tell what it was. The form reminded her of an angel....But she was more than reminded of such a creature as the young girl took refuge in a thick layer of branches. She didn't belong here though; this quiet area of the woods was not welcoming to newcomers.

With a mild tilt of her head, she fulttered over to a nearby branch and studied this creature, this angel rather closely. She seemed upset about something. Songhue didn't know if she was hurt or not based on her position, but from the tension of her body she would have to guess that wasn't the case. If there was any kind of wound on her, so much tension would cause pain.

About the same instant she was makin this assessment she heard movement in the underbrush. She barely had to move her head to see Poison, and upon this siting there was no mistaking the smile that came. After one last look at the disturbed angel, Songhue glided down and landed gently on her shoulder, gently pecking at her ear.

"Poison, it's been a long time," she said in her wind whispering voice. "Hopefully you can help me; there seems to be some sort of trouble with this new invader."

Very nearly always neutral, Songhue found it hard to make the proper connections to help others in extreme distress, though she would gladly lay down her life to defend someone. There was no defense needed here however, only comfort, and as her way of living was accept it and keep moving she never provided very much of that. The attitude of just keep going is often taken like suck it up and move on. Which, in reality, is what she did.

Just like she was accepting the fact of that odd dog up in the tree. Sometimes it was simply annoying to feel the life around her, but othertimes it saved her life. At this moment in time she didn't quit know what it was, though she was certainly going to keep tabs on this strange creature. That was no ordinary dog and as a wind sprite she knew when a beast could change it's form.