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The mists around the mountains clear to reveal in their center a ring of stones, an easy landmark for travelers to gather.

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Songhue kept low to the ground, the storm's wind snapping around her soft white collar of fur that lined her jaw, eyes ever watchful of the two strangers. This was not her land, that was true, but it wasn't all that unusual for a wolf's territory to extend to areas such as this. If for no other reason than to have enough land to accomidate the entire pack, wolves often claimed more area than they physically hunted on.

Watching the pair react to her made clear that she had nothing to worry about as they seemed to fear her rather than wish her harm. A soft, rumbling growl quivered in her throat as she found one of the many ancient trees that managed to thrive at the edge of the sands. As with many of such trees the ocean water had cleared away soil from around the roots, creating a cozy little den just the right size. It would be perfect for a wolf to take refuge in.. Or a willowy looking girl.

Growling once more to steel her nerves, Songhue shimmered as the wind gusted harder than ever, comfortably staying within its realm for a moment before solidifying into.. A thing.

The 'thing' was called a kranken, and it was rather fitting for the current circumstances. The general look of it was a dragon crossed with a horse crossed with a bird. While the head was that of a falcon the body was more or less positioned like that of a typical equine's. The front feet were coinciding with the falcon head and the back were those of a dragon. While covered in feathers from top to bottom they wer layerd, stiff, and resembled movable scales. Oddly enough, this strange beast also had the tail of a doe.

Clicking her beak, Songhue eyed the others carefully, soft flames flickering in her mouth when she opened it. tossing her head to settle the scale-like feathers, she opened wings as large as the trees around her and coasted closer on the winds. Opening her beak once more her soft, whipering voice carried on the winds, becoming part of it instead of lost in it, a soft, flame rustling message for them to hear if they would only listen.

I can help you.
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Hearing the other, slightly smaller, gryphon-morpher she relaxed, but still didn't trust it. Puting a large wing around the slim figure to block the wind, She waited for the other gryphon to come closer.

Finally figured out how to post an Image, Heres my gryphon form:

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