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Huge Waves

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 4:22 pm
by Storm's Fury
Huge waves crashed on to the sea shore. Rain pattered gently down on Storm's black, oversized, feathery wings, one outstretched over her head, one over her small body. Being a gryphon-morpher has its times. Slowly making her way down to the lake shore, she spotted her little cave and picked up her pace to a lope.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 4:54 pm
by Celeste
Sianabi loved the rain, rejoiced in the purity of rain splashing against her ivory cheeks and into her green orbs that were her eyes. The rain itself was soothing for the soul, she could feel her buzzing head relax its urgencies slightly, and she sighed. If only it could rain forever...

Cold fear gripped her stomach suddenly, causing her to double over with pain. As if being strangled by a freezing force, Sianabi saw stars. Down below her perch of stone and metal the hybrid caught view of a drowned seagull. The neck was bent unnaturally, and its eyes were glazed in a way only death would bring; the bird would never fly again. Sianabi's eyes blurred with bitter tears…maybe it shouldn't rain forever.

From underneath her maroon cloak a small rodent emerged, shaking from the extreme cold. Sianabi's expression softened and she picked up the albino mouse in her graceful hands, cupping the creature to face her open face.

"How are you my dear Moneo?" She cooed, and the mouse answered with his piercing red eyes. Ah, where would she be without her guardian! She did not like to think of it.

"Cold are you? I shall fix that..." Sianabi said quietly and placed Moneo back in her sleeve. Shelter, how could there possibly be shelter on an open beach? Oh, how she wished she was blessed with wings, not this horrible curse! She had better walk around the edge of the beach, looking for a dune to hide from the wind.

Loping without a sound Sianabi stopped short to look at her reflection in the foaming water. She carried no mirror, and hadn't seen herself for quite some time. She could be confused with a ghost, so pale and lean. Blue veins marked her pale skin like etherreal snakes, and deep hollows marked her eyes. Sianabi smirked at this frightening reflection; she had not changed a bit.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 4:22 pm
by Storm's Fury
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Quietly sliping down the hill, Storm passed a few slime covered fish that were barely alive. Sighing, She gently pinched its tail in her small beak and walked over to the bank of the lake and dropped it in the rageing water, licking , jumping, leaping towards the dark sky like it was young and new. But Storm knew better, for she had been here for a very long time, Since dragons played with her foolish siblings.
Slowly entering the almost hidden cave and shaking all sign of water off her oiled feathers, she lay down at the enterance and looked at the wild, untamed beauty of the storm cracking its whip and growling.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 6:25 pm
by Songhue
A small albino tree frog clung to an ancient oaks bark, watching the current events. Songhue had been on one of her many wandering once again when the storm broke. The winds brought her word of lives ended and begun in this one storm, a tender balance that was familiar to her. It wasn't too long before she saw a stranger... And shortly after that the odd winged girl she had seen but once before. Blinking slowly she turned herself on the tree and let herself drop down, shimmering as she fell to take the form of a blindingly white shewolf. Slipping quietly along the pale tree spotted sands she watched the new comer enter a cleaverly disguised cave as the odd halfbreed angel looked for shelter of her own.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 8:10 pm
by Celeste
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Walking against the wind her dull copper hair flew in all directions, causing her to look something like a demon. Much unlike a demon though, she was shivering as the wind snaked around her willowy figure. Biting her red lip until it leaked crimson blood, Sianabi shook her head in frustration. She had to find shelter from this wind...

Underneath her cloak Moneo was rasping for air, his lungs beginning to freeze from the bitter air. Panic struck her so hard she nearly dropped to the ground, but quickly she regained her stubborn stance. Moneo needed her, and even if she couldn't care less about her safety, he meant the world to her.

Nearly blown away from the gusts, Sianabi's quick green eyes soon caught a glance of a wolf? Why was there a wolf, a white wolf no less, on the beach? Unless it wasn't a wolf at all...

"Hello?" Sianabi called out, voice shaking with adamant curiosity and usual fear. Hopefully this creature - whatever it was - was well off. It had been a bad week, and in this weather confrontation would be disasterous.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 3:59 pm
by Storm's Fury
Seeing a shimmering white wolf in the corner of her golden gleaming eyes, Storm raised her head feathers in alarm and look the other direction for anyone who may become easy prey for it in this weather. Spotting a slim figure a little ways away, she quickly jumped up, puffing up her feathers to make a bigger impression to the wolf, and flew slowly to the small figure struggling in the harsh winds.