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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:25 pm
by Songhue
"She speaks as you do, Songhue"

Sign couldn't help but smile. A small swish of her tail and she had fetched another mango, nickering kindly as she lowered her head and offered it to the other.

Songhue nodded quietly, eyes ever trained on the quickly emerging gown before her, the breezes singing sweetly in her pointed ears. this other did speak as she herself did.. It was a rarity, and appreciated.

"Come, rest, drink, and share your tales, my dear. Ye've no intrusion here."

Re: Strolling for Stories

PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:24 pm
by Vineda
Flutter rose to nicker in reply and accept the fruit. Sweet with a hint of tanginess burst in her mouth, and it was a few moments before she could talk.

Hers were ears made very keen, and though the comment had not been intended for her hearing, they sounded like a compliment. She was pleased and surprised to remember that not all spoke in this manner.

She considered a moment and decided that she could let on that she had heard. She said aloud, “Songhue… the name does sing in the mind on the tongue as if made of wind.” And to the mare with the green mane, “Would that I might learn of your calling as well, sister, for I am sure it will also delight.”

“I thank thee kindly, good Lady, for your hospitality. But tales be troublesome things, for rarely do they waken at one’s beck and call. The ones that matter emerge when they choose to, and not before.”

After a pause, she seemingly changed the subject. “A lovely working, be that,” she nodded thoughtfully to the purple garment “and rare in its making. Perchance as rare as word of fae in these days... Have you specific inspiration for such a gem?”

After she spoke she looked around once more over her surroundings. Satisfied that all was well, she settled herself a short stretch away, folding her legs gracefully beneath her with a soft sigh. So far company was delightful, with mysteries and surprises and jests. Even emotions, she realized, were a good part of company… of life. They flavored and textured and richened, and even in sorrow and pain they were a necessary part of living.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:01 am
by Songhue
OOC| You're very good. :D

BIC| Image

Sign settled near the stream again, flicking her tail as this stranger asked for her name. She was already glad this other had come along.. Perhaps it would prove good for her bonded.

"I am Sign, myself, though your own calling eludes me."

"The tales of life are ever weaving, ever shared, ever known. Those tales that truly make a difference do come whence they come, yet each one is of importance all the same.. Such as what one such as yourself is doing in this little grove to compliment an old fae on her name in such an eloquent tongue."

"Posh, you aren't so old, Songhue, truly. Not for your kind."

There was a pause, the winds faltering for a moment as Songhue kept her own counsel. In the next breath the gown was in motion once again, the sweet tang of mango dancing on her tongue.

"I don't know why or for whom I make this garment, in any case.. Though the method is old and had been known to me for time out of mind. There are no young I can claim, none to my name but my bonded... And yet, there shall be someone in need of such a thing, in time. So I do weave and wait."

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:37 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Thanks! I like to write late at night when the words leak more easily outta my head. Then I wake in the morning and re-read and say WOW I wish I could do that on purpose! hehe But mainly I am trying to keep up with the high standard, for you, "my dear" are amazing

BIC| Flutter whuffled a little in pleasure, enjoying the peaceful moment.

She dipped her head to Sign. “I am glad to have ventured out of my meadow, to have met one who can wear such a mysterious and significant name so fittingly. My wings, decorative as they be, have earned me the name Flutter. I am at your service, dearest Songhue and Sign.”

“What one such as myself is doing hereabouts, eh? And why would that be of particular importance to... one such as yourself?” She asked with a grin. “I could easily ask of you the same question, or of what shadow hangs over you on such a beautiful day as this.” She would not allow this fae to ask such hidden questions without returning the favor. It gave her pleasure to be a bit difficult, and she chuckled softly.

“The soul I sense is not so old, my lady, though weary and much weighed with worries.”

“I tell you plainly, though, that I am not bonded and sharing has not been a custom of mine for many a year until just recently. Indeed many of us wear our tales and mysteries as cloaks, and it is hard to put them aside. Pray excuse my awkwardness if you may be so kind, for I believe my tongue will loosen in time. Story telling is never my strong suit, and my story is no tale. ‘Tis not exciting or very interesting in the least.”

She stretched out her neck to reach another mango lying on the ground, thinkning.

“In answer to your question of my presence here, I have been reminded of life outside of my hiding and now am journeying to reconnect a little with this land and its dwellers."

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:51 pm
by Songhue
"Why wouldst I wish such knowledge? That I may find if there is aid to be given, of course. Such aids I can see are none that would be kindly welcomed from my lips, however."

Sign flicked an ear, waiting, listening. The fae was trying to dodge once again...

"Perhaps you shall share with us this reminder of what lays beyond your own realm, sweet Flutter. What might be strong enough to lull such a gem as your own self into the public view?"

"I like your name, by the way," Sign noted, offering the mare a gentle smile as her bonded worked. She paused a moment, looking at the gentle creature, before walking over to nudge her.

"Perhaps, on this day, you might tell a tale as well. Don't hide behind your cloaked mysteries, Songhue, as these broken Serian do so live."

The sudden faltering of the wind was more notable now. She was shaken, a feat that was none too easy.

After a moment, she raised her head.

"Such tales as I have to tell are none you would wish to know, dearest Sign. Yon wandering spirit was correct in what she saw; I am weary and heavy with such dark thoughts."

The breezes twitched back to life as Songhue ducked her head once again, hiding those darkly glimmering orbs as the pixie gown wove its' way into existence. The moment of insight may have never happened.

"As for your tongue, yon wondrous Flutter, fear not how awkward it may sound to thine own ears, for to my own doth find it pleasant indeed that there should be another to know such discretion. My own reasons for accepting the grove's embrace are of naught; Sign, however, has one that is quite notable."

"Dodging, fleeing, hiding, is that all you know? It seems that it is, hence my reason for being here. I know you need someone, anyone, to care for you as you care of all of us. Rather you accept such or not, Songhue, it is a need you have, one that I aim to meet."

The faintest hint of a smile twitched her lips once again, the stray length of hair grazing her cheek as her fingers danced. Such a sweet soul....

"Yet one cannot hold the winds, my dear, no matter how they are cherished. And you, sweet Flutter, you know a need for such care as well, however unrealized it may be. Perhaps it is nothing more than the longing for others of your kind, yet I see it quite clear in your soft orbs all the same."

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:47 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Sorry this is so long... Let me know if I mess up... But like I said, the standard... woah!

BIC| “You mistake me, kind Songhue. Aye, I do have a need for others, and I realize that well now. And you, beautiful wind-pixie, have such a need as well, however you might deny it.” Flutter returned, catching on to the feud and agreeing with Sign.

As the other serian closed in for a nudge, Flutter suddenly seized a playful thread and arched her neck and danced in place. She blew out huge breaths of air, snorting and pawing the ground, mock-shying.

After getting the excess playful energy out of her, Flutter turned back to her conversation with Songhue, saying, “I simply do not feel in need of aid, though it is not unwelcome. I wish to counter you, my friend, for I can feel you hiding behind your concern.” With this she looked up to meet Sign’s eyes, wary of offending or prying too much, asking permission to tread on such personal ground. She knew the ways of some bondeds, and this was enough of a reminder to tread lightly. “We both have relatively simple reasons for being here, though I am sure there are more heavy tales behind them.”

“To prove my point, a tale it is. In the crash my soul experienced in the aftermath of my abandonment, I forgot how lovely it is to walk and talk, laugh and play, even cry with others. I confined myself to my glade, aiding Prophet in his task of keeping watch. I sealed myself off to the world in my despair.”

With a quick glance, she warned the others not to interrupt. If she was to tell this tale, then, she would have it out before it became too tangled with emotions. “And then a little calico cat came through the portal caves that I have been guarding. She was waiting for a companion and seemed so scared and weary that I could not send her on her way.”

Pausing a moment to gather her words, a calming breeze swept into her face and played with her forelock. “As she waited, we two became more familiar. She is such a one as I have not met in many moons. She was an exile, driven out and nearly killed by her own people. A contrary little thing was she… feisty but polite, eager to help, loved to argue and play with words, fierce when provoked, lovable and irksome all at the same time… She gave me hope.” Flutter let her words drift off at the memory. “She asked many questions about this land and about magic here. After finding it accepted, she admitted to being a magicker of sorts and, giving me a warning, shifted into a butterfly.” Flutter could almost feel the tiny wings brush against her own as the breeze continued.

“Thereafter, we filled our days with dancing and laughing, until the day her companion came through the caves for her…” At this Flutter shuddered. “Upon greeting him, she turned into a human girl… I was horrified. I had not expected it at all and felt I was not ready to treat with humans again. As she greeted her partner I melted into the shadows and disappeared.”

Flutter appeared to be thinking a moment, but as the silence started to stretch she shook herself a bit and continued, “Weeks have passed. I regret having disappeared, but I have decided to make new friends. I have found a bit of peace in my soul and a new spring in my step.”

“However,” she declared with a slightly stern voice, “I also learned that sharing and shedding a cloak or two makes the soul much lighter. It does seem to me that you try to hold things in that are much like the wind, in that they cannot be held onto either but must flow freely.”