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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:32 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Was sick as a dog yesterday or I would have replied then.

BIC| They did laugh, both of them shaking their heads in amusement as the doe-eyed little one came to mind. Ah, but cubs were incurably cute.

Songhue settled into the roots of the tree once again as the laughter passed, her eyes sparking merrily as the winds stilled to show the beautifully elaborate gown before her. It was almost a ball gown, so fancy was the design, yet made for a smaller woman with ample hips.

"This is for you, I do believe, my sweet Flutter. If you should find another companion, even if but for a short while.. Yes, this is to go to you, whither you may roam."

Sign snorted lightly, glancing up at the darkening sky as her bonded carefully climbed to her feet. What did that strange little creature have in mind now?

"Your tales are well woven, my friend, and have added richness to my own. Think of it as a way to thank you for this day that you spent with me."

Sign grinned, quickly trotting over to help prop the fae up. Songhue would have objected, had her legs not gotten so used to sitting.

There was only one last thing that was needed for this day, one last thing to complete her moment of happiness. And that, as ever, was a walk along the stream with new friends and old ones alike.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:14 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Hope you’re feeling better!! Take your time, please. I don’t mind staying put and waiting :).

BIC| Flutter was sad to see the day was coming to a close, a feeling magnified by the sudden silence as the breeze calmed.

She startled as the fae pronounced her new intentions for the gown. Staring at the garment, she asked “What am I to do with such a thing? What about yon companion? I’m sure ‘twould be most welcome there… Surely it cannot be made for the likes of me to carry…”
She wondered if Songhue knew something she didn’t. Her fears of ties, of connections, of reasons to meet others came crashing back, making her a bit defensive.
Continuing with her argument, she said, “Tis not the sort of thing I should be carrying around while traveling to who-knows-where to meet who-knows-who. And just because I decided to become a social butterfly with a fae and her bonded doesn’t mean I shall do so with another…” she trailed off. She hadn’t meant to be rude.

At the next words from the sprite, she softened a bit. “As for this day spent with you, it has been a wonderful day and I very much regret that it is almost over. You are in no position to be giving thanks, but of receiving. You have put my soul at ease this day and I have had the privilege to hear delightful stories that seem themselves woven of the wind.”

As Songhue stood up and Sign supported her, it was as if the world woke from its little nap and began to move again. It was a surprising sight to see the fae so weak, for after only an afternoon spent in her presence Flutter felt the very strong spirit inside the little being.

Glancing around, she wondered if she was supposed to say goodbye and leave… The pair were gathering themselves as though to part. “My lady, forgive me for asking, but might we stretch this day a bit longer? It promises to be a fair eve, and I could use a stretch and breath of fresh air. Would either of you care for a stroll?”

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:19 am
by Songhue
OOC| No worries, I'm better now. :)

BIC| Sign tried to nudge the fae onto her back as Flutter spoke, hoping the distraction coupled with her bonded's tired legs would prove enough to allow such a thing. She wasn't so lucky, her reward being that Songhue gently but firmly pressed her nose away.

"Ah, sweet Flutter, 'tis no garment to carry, but one to stow. You shall find use of it in the future, I am sure. Or perhaps, wherever it is you choose to keep such a trinket as this, will be stumbled upon by another, to find use there. I know only that it is meant for you. Whatever you do with it is your own choice."

Sign sidestepped smoothly as the little one started moving, gently placing the garment on the soft, cool earth between where they stood and where Flutter awaited. Songhue still didn't object to the support, a fact that was honestly starting to worry the mare. The fae never accepted aid unless it was severely needed.

"And aye, my new friend, I would gladly welcome a stroll with ye down yon banks. Rather you are so comfortable with others in the near future or no, there is a welcoming hand awaiting you at this moment. Sign, please watch where you're going, that's the fifth time this week you've nearly been tripped up by a rabbit's hole."

Sign snorted, quickly turning her head away from her bonded to side-step the hole. Songhue stumbled slightly, her face set as she took her own feet under her, yet after that one moment she seemed to walk steady. At least for the few steps required of her.

Once Sign stepped back into place, however, the fae gripped the deep, sea-green main gratefully, though it was such a minor movement that it would normally go unnoticed.

"One more tale, as we walk, Songhue, if yon Flutter does not mind. A tale to be told in answer to my question."

"If the sweet Flutter is of no objection, then aye," Songhue sighed, a small smile playing across her face as she watched the fading light dance in the stream. "The one last tale before we part."

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:03 am
by Vineda
OOC| Glad you're feeling better!! Hope this makes some sense... too late for my brain :out:

BIC| Poor Sign. She watched the beautiful serian with a sympathetic look after watching her play the complicated game of supporting the fae.

Flutter sighed again, this time in resignation. "I shall keep this gown in my clearing, for many pass through there on their own ways. We shall see if it is still here when I am ready to return home from my wanderings. By your leave, of course." She stepped forward to accept the garment, turning a bit and bowing that one of her companions might easily reach her back. Hands would be a great advantage in this problem of getting the gown from the ground to her back... She supposed she could use her teeth but it would not do to hurt the beautiful creation. "If you please, I would greatly appreciate a bit of help... I would hate to damage the bauble after it has been wind-woven with such great skill and care."

She took a moment to consider these two extraordinary bondeds. They were meant to be together, she had no doubt of that. They complimented one another very well. She wondered if they even knew how well. "I should not mind at all if you wished to ride, Lady," she said softly. She knew Sign would not object to carrying her bonded for the stroll and was sure that Songhue would enjoy riding her bonded as she talked.

Flutter wondered which question Songhue was to answer. "Not a one objection have I; not to another story, leastiwse. To the stab at parting I might object did I not know better, but not to another tale." The beautiful colors on the sky-canvas were begninning to fade and leak away and the crickets were beginning their merry tune. "What tale would you two have told?"

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:55 am
by Songhue
OOC| Wonderfully well written, yes. :)

BIC| A flick of her wings and the winds sprang up once again, billowing softly as the gown lifted into the air and landed upon Flutter's back, neatly bunched at her neck. It truly was a lovely piece; Songhue was very nearly proud of it.

"Rather you have objection to my riding or no, it is something I myself object to. It is no duty of this great sea mare to carry me as a burden upon her backside."

"But Songhue-"

"Not another word on it, my dear, please. Now come, come, what question would ye ask of me?"

"Only an inquiry as to why you seem to have more strength, weak though your body may still be, as of late."

"Ah, now that is a tale I shall happily weave, for it does good to share the light in one's life."

There was a pause, one where Songhue looked away from the stream to check on Flutter, as she gathered the words. A simple question that required a complicated answer.

"There is an elf I know, dear Sign. A drow, in all honesty, though he is of the moon and velvet night; he can not in all truth be called a dark elf, as others of his kind can."

Typically she would leave her answer there, that there was a being whom she knew and so had been getting slowly stronger. On this day, however, she did weave the tale, and was nearly glad to have some of her secrets shared.

"He has long since known of my nature, if naught else. As of late, however, certain truths have come to his attention. He has.. Taken an interest in me."

A small smile here, the faintest whisper of joy. Simply thinking of this male seemed to lend her strength, to add power to her tender steps.

"Much will be lost with the passing of my mother, try though I may to preserve these things. What little is left will fall to me."

Another pause as she chose her words. Explaining her culture.. How difficult it was to ensure they understood.

"Father is missing. Mother is weak. What home was had is lost. Those few left to the clan.. They are nearly no more. When mother passes she will take the old ways with her, will leave me to salvage what I can. And after I myself, the clan will be no more, for it will splinter from within."

A breeze sprang up here, caressing her cheek as if in comfort, making her smile as it tucked away her ever present stray hair. There was comfort to be had in Sister Wind, always.

"This elfen male is helping me to heal, however. And he brings hope. If he is truly the mate I am meant for.. Then there will be life afterward, there will be a clan and someone to continue holding it together."

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:24 pm
by Vineda
Flutter was once again amazed at the fae’s nonchalant use of the wind for everyday tasks, and she rose quickly after the gown had settled snugly at her withers. It was light and springy and very soft… ‘seemingly made of wind’ Flutter could hear others who had not witnessed its making remarking. “A beautiful piece, Songhue,” she said. She grinned to hear the little creature so brisk as she brushed off any thought of help and shot Sign a look both exasperated and amused.

Watching Songhue, Flutter watched as emotions played across her eyes. Joy made her features lively and dancing, shifting to allow sadness to turn them somber and worried. Holding her eyes for a moment, she listened with her soul, feeling the joy and the pain in her very bones and offering her own steady comfort in return.

Flutter heard the joy and saw the small smile and grinned. Even serian brows may be raised at times. She very nearly asked if the fae had taken an interest in this elf in return but checked herself in time. A guess was not hard to muster and though it would be fun to laugh at the cheek, it was not the right time. The image popped into her mind of a rose bud before it blooms, beautiful now and with great beauty to come. She wondered if all of this was new information to the mother-hen Sign as she knelt for a drink at the stream.

As Songhue continued a breeze sprang up, more bitter than gentle, until one could taste the sorrow on the wind it was so strong. And even then it changed and was gentle, with hope lingering as well. Flutter reached out and brushed her velvety nose against Songhue’s hand, blowing out a small soft breath.

The little being spoke again, hope now in her own voice as well as she ended her weaving. Life. Terrible at times of despair yes, but beautiful. With a smile at the fae, Flutter said, “Thank you Lady. ‘Twas a lovely weaving, a beautiful story. I am glad to hear that there may be such another for you.” Flutter wondered at the story behind the missing Father, but refused to ask on such matters. The fae would share as she wished. After a short pause, she asked “This clan… it has an important role in the weave of things, does it not?" trying to understand the sprite’s background a bit more.