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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:35 pm
by Songhue
The tender breath was greeted with an equally tender touch as the threesome followed the cool, crisp stream. Thoughts of her elfen male always whisked her mind away as easily as a fall leaf on a strong wind, yet they returned just as easily.

"Very observant of you, my dear. Yes, they are still key in what is woven, particularly my mother and I as we exist on the very threads of life, just as we exist in all times. It isn't much worth noting, in truth; just that our spirits wander freely on plains of existence unknown to many others."

Sign looked back, blowing that strand of hair loose as she caught Songhue in the middle of an unsteady step. If not for the mare the small fae would have fallen.

"Easy, Sign, hush now. I'm alright."

Sign did quiet her fussing, quickly turning to face forwards again as they moved. She didn't know where they were going or how far it was, or even if her bonded knew.

"You and Wolfy have that in common. Each of you forgets to concentrate on what your feet are doing."

"Is that your only comment?"

"Not in the least. How long have you known this drow? Do you honestly like him or is it just a way of preserving your clan? Why have I never seen anyone in this clan, your mother even? And your father, where is he now that his daughter is so weak?"

"There is anger in your words."

"Of course there is, Songhue. What did you expect?"

Anger first, weariness following. Such was the reason for her secrets; that no other be burdened with these things she knew.

"Anger in love is still anger, my dear, and therefor destructive."

"Know it all."

"Mother hen."

They smiled, each feeling a warmth in their hearts, an acceptance for how the other was. It was sweet, rare, and cherished for each of them.

"Enough of such shadows and tears, in any case. Look, Flutter, see how the stream widens and allows stones upon the surface now. See how the trees do dance as the smooth earth glimmers in the moist light, how the stars do wink as they awaken. There is life and hope all around, always."

Sign stopped as she spoke, looking for herself as twilight blossomed around them. She wasn't tired, herself, and knew for a fact that twilight was the fae's favorite time. Yet Flutter would undoubtedly have elsewhere to be.. Or other interests than an old fae and her seaside Serian.

Snorting quietly, she helped Songhue over to a log, grinning as she was thanked with a tender touch and a light kiss upon her muzzle. Such a strange little creature.. She seemed to speak easiest when there was naught a word to be heard.

"I can hardly wait to get into that stream," she nickered. She trotted over, snatching a few peaches from a nearby tree to pile them in Songhue's lap, and trotted by Flutter with a happy, playful wink. Whatever anger or concern she had previously held was now banished in thoughts of water spray and making her bonded laugh with random antics.

For Songhue, there were few greater joys than seeing those she cared for in good spirits. Sign wasn't about to stop trying to help, would never cease her efforts to learn and listen, but for now they could wait. For now, the distracted little fae needed a smile and she planned on providing it.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:28 pm
by Vineda
“Oh not worth noting indeed, miss ‘I wander unknown planes of existence’. I find such things curious to say the least, actually it’s closer to very interesting.”

Flutter was glad to hear Sign asking her questions. She had wondered about some of them herself, but it was not really her place to ask. “For what little it is worth, I feel more concern than anger, for is this not something beyond me? Would that I could do something to help. ‘Twould be no burden,” she said, knowing now that the fae would see her mysteries as such. “Just bear in mind, Lady, that I am eager to be of service should you ever need anything.”

She laughed loud and long at the antics of the two as they fought their little word spat. They were a pair! She grinned at the gods and their ways, for certainly they must have had a hand in such match.

As Songhue’s words rang out with a sweet clear sound, Flutter took a moment to enjoy the small details around them. They made her think of another who appreciated such things. “A.. a friend of mine… the magicker. She said her magic was borne of experiencing life… the beauties and sorrows and everything betwixt the two. Emotions, happenings, nature… everything. I believe it was an energy of its own sort.” She flicked an ear and fluttered her wings. “As I said before, I am interested.”

As Sign helped the fae to the log and gathered peaches, Flutter decided that such a night was to good to waste. “Should the two of you be ready to retire,” she announced, “I will take my leave. As for myself, I have no wish to end this lovely day so early. The sun is departing, but the moon shall kindly take his place ere long. I propose we enjoy this fair eve to the fullest.”

Flutter’s ears pricked as she caught Sign’s mood. The serian’s coat was glowing slightly, more the colors pronounced in the low light of dusk. Catching the wink as the mare traipsed past, her feet began to dance and she arched her neck. She glanced at Songhue to check she was alright, made a quick sweep of her surroundings, and assessing that life was good, she barreled after Sign.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:13 am
by Songhue
Songhue had the breezes twitch the gown off of Flutter's withers as the mare arched her neck and pranced after the sea faring creature bonded to her. The gown was laid across some clean branches in an old tree, an easy place for it to be spotted whenever this strange and beautiful creature too her leave.

She watched quietly for a moment, as the mares trotted towards the stream, her eyes reflecting her thoughts in the soft light.

Sign, my dear sweet Sign, you have grown to mean so much to me as of late. Sparkle shall ever be my first Bonded, Path ever the strongest, yet neither have made the connection you chose to weave. Path is loyal, yet keeps her distance as she is not a social creature, no matter how her inner light doth shine. Sparkle does play and buck and grow, yet there is little I can offer him. Yet you, my dear worrier, you have taken me into your life as the others have not.

She smiled, watching the way the cares were washed away in the sprinkling stream water, her heart warming as the soft blue creature tossed her heavy main and danced over the rocks. Normally so reserved, so protective, was she, that is was truly a wondrous sight to see her so joyous.

Sign glanced over as she pranced about, snorting happily at the gentle smile and gleaming eyes she saw, her own gaze betraying what lay in her heart and mind.

You try so hard for so many, you strange little creature. Enjoy a smile and know that someone cares for you as well.

"Do you know stone hopping?"

It was a random question, but it had popped randomly into the mare's head, thoughts of how the little fae had avoided all the questions that had just been thrown at her leading her to memories of her own avoidance. Songhue had helped her then and taught her this game.. And memory of a game demanded that it be played.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:43 am
by Vineda
Flutter cantered until she caught up with Sign, right to the edge of the stream. All of a sudden she remembered the gown she carried at the nape of her neck… She pushed both forelegs out in front of her, attempting to slide to a halt before hitting the water and possibly harming the garment. It didn’t quite work that way, however. There was just too much momentum behind her and she slid into the stream, tripping and sputtering and very nearly face-planting.

As she recovered, she shook herself off with a great air of dignity and peered around to check on the purple bit of nuisance. Finding it gone, she began to panic, looking frantically over the water and the bank to see where she had dropped it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a purple mass hanging from a tree branch swaying in a momentary breeze. She paused and looked sheepishly at Songhue. Now that all really was well, she turned to Sign and began to laugh. She trotted toward the mare, dragging her feet to send large splashes in all directions and bobbing her head in fun.

She noticed Sign periodically turning her head to Songhue, checking on her no doubt, just as her own conscience made her double check her surroundings every so often for signs of danger… just in case. It was a deep habit.

Still prancing and splashing, she replied to Sign’s question, “Stone hopping? No I have no knowledge of such a thing. Sounds intriguing, though. What is it? ”

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:02 pm
by Songhue
"A game of balance, really. Here..."

She arched her neck, prancing easily towards one of the many stepping stones to show above the water, tapping her hoof on it before lunging onto the hard surface. Two hooves on that stone, the front two each with their own purchase, she balanced above the waves and pranced in place.

"You hop from stone to stone, trying to see who can go the longest without falling. It's honestly quite fun."

And slightly dangerous. Or normally so. If she slipped now and hurt a leg then her bonded was there to take care of it.

"I would think that it would be quite a bit of fun to play in the moonlight, where the liquid gleams off the stone and steam alike. Yet you can play it on your own, as well, by simply seeing how long until you fall in."

With that, and a happy little snort, she dashed down the stream, bouncing from stone to stone with an excited nicker, ears flicking forward happily as Songhue burst out laughing at the playful antics.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:25 pm
by Vineda
Flutter watched as Sign demonstrated her game, both eager to join in and entranced as the mare gracefully skipped over the stones.

She experimentally tried her hooves on two narrow stones. Once her front legs were fairly steady she moved her back paws together onto another larger stone. Tentatively, she began to scuttle forward on the stones. Before she had taken five full and rather careful steps, one of her paws landed with a loud PLOP in the gurgling water beneath. Her big clodhopper caused a splash of cold water to jump up and bite her belly, reminding her of long ago…

“I used to play a game like this when I was younger. We pretended the water or the grass beneath was lava, and we would burn all up if we messed up or fell in. It has been a long, long, long time,” she said, face screwed up in concentration.

As the other laughed with her bonded, Flutter practiced hard. Slowly she got the hang of it, walking faster and becoming more sure of herself. Every few steps or so she would misstep and have to start all over. Her front feet kept sliding off of the slippery stones but her back feet were very helpful. Pads on the bottom of her paws provided a little grip and toes wrapped neatly around the edges of the rocks, lending her some stability. Now if only she could keep track of those feet! She thought with a snort.

“This… is… hard!” she grunted, though her eyes danced even as once again her feet dove into the water. “But fun,” she agreed, flicking her ears a bit to clear them of droplets of water.

She moved out after Sign at a faster but more collected manner, still concentrating hard.