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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:52 pm
by Vineda
[Uhhh.. Songhue? are ya living? ]

Before the fae had a chance to respond, Flutter’s momentum carried her forward a bit too quickly and she hit the stones with an awkward angle. Her front end slid forward and landed in the cold clear water with a decisive plop. Her back feet had stayed put on another stone and her body was now stretched out at a great length, probably making her look very silly. She straightened and waded through the water toward the pair with a momentary glower and a sharp snort, both aimed at the rushing water. So there, she thought at the silly algae-covered stones.

A sense drifted to her of a night that had gone a bit stale and it occurred to her that these others were probably just humoring her. How rude of her to keep them out and about... and how embarrassing! Surely they had better things to do! She shook her head at such nonsense. What would her mother have said?

“I fear, my dear Songhue and Sign, that the night is thickening. Please, do not allow me to keep either of you from a good rest in warm shelter. I am sure you have other places to go and things to do, no? Pray forgive me for keeping you.”

Too much thinking, and it was surely quite unnecessary. She felt itchy inside... she wanted to run wild under the moon, to chase the shadows, to spread her wings and fly. She considered asking if Sign if she fancied a gallop, but immediately scowled at herself. They probably wanted to be left well enough alone, and she should move on.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:46 am
by Songhue
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BIC| The pair merely watched for a long moment, each knowing better than to try and press such things. The strange mare would reach her own peace in her own time. Flutter would eventually find, as all did, that it was not always possible to forge a new path for every stone. For the moment, however, it was not yet time for such lessons. Only for the seed of thought to be planted.

"Ye keep us not at all, my dear," Songhue grinned, her eyes gleaming warmly. "If you do so tire of the stream, however, then we may move on, if you desire."

"Oh but I'm still so restless," Sign snorted, eying the dancing waters rather regretfully. She couldn't think of why she should have such an excess of energy, yet she did, all the same. And it had been long and long since she had seen the moon's gleam upon the rolling waves.

"Perhaps Flutter has an idea for you, my dear. I can feel hidden words upon the air; she may share them, yet."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:43 pm
by Vineda
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BIC| From the warm smile in Sonfhue’s eyes she read truth in her statement. A small part of her relaxed, glad not to be burdening her friends. “I’m glad,” she replied simply.

Standing out in the middle of the stream, she thought to herself that these two were among the nicest she had ever met, even in these lands. And they were so accepting. Neither tried to push her or convince her of their own beliefs. It was so nice to speak her thoughts openly to others without receiving a contradiction or a lesson. Their calm helped her think about painful and scary things with less panic. But she was still itchy.

The large tawny mare twitched her tufted tail in a classic feline gesture. Turning to Sign and watching the mare shift disappointedly as she gazed at the water, she realized that this other must be of an Altar. And she had not doubt which one she would be of, either. As she looked over at Sign she spotted the mare’s feathers fluidly drifting in the current of the stream. It seemed as though she was actually a part of the water. Her eyed crinkled in a grin, she thought No, staying in the water will do just fine.

“’Tis not that I tire of the stream, really. It’s just that I too am so very restless. I was going to suggest a gallop under the moon. But rather, what would you say to a race through the water?” After a second thought she added, “I should not think myself speedy over the stones as of yet, but I could also try those should it please you.”

With a wondering look at Songhue, she decided not to linger on the creature’s knowing her mind so well. She was, after all, a fae. It should be no big surprise. She smiled in gratitude at her fortunate circumstances for finding the pair, for they were doing her soul much good.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:16 pm
by Songhue
"We can race the waters, then, if you would so like," Sign snorted happily, her feet shifting slightly in the shallows as her fetlocks danced sweetly in the currents.

"And chase the wind," Songhue added.

They exchanged a look, a quick moment that held profound meaning.

Are you-

I am.

You're certain?

As a spring breeze.

Shall we away?

We shall

A frail, tinkling laugh rang out as bells on a breeze, and quite suddenly Songhue was no more. There sprang a breeze that carried her voice, however, a breeze that played in Sign's mane and touched her face with a familiar tenderness before circling Flutter's wings, oh so careful not to get too close and invasive.

Sign's laughter joined that of the breeze as she tossed her great mane in pure energy, gently tugging at Flutter's forelock as she pranced in excitement. When was it that she had last seen her bonded in such a state as she had seen this night?

Perhaps the strange elven male was responsible for such things, whoever he may be.

The laughter was fading, pulling away, calling, challenging, inviting. Sign tugged at Flutter once more before she dashed off through the shallow water, whinnying at the heavy moon and lurching into the air whenever the tender touch of wind grazed her cheek, almost as if she hoped to fly to the stars themselves.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:49 pm
by Vineda
“I would like very much,” Flutter agreed. She watched as some sort of exchange took place between the two, shaking her mane and letting her feathers and beads dance as she pranced a jig in anticipation. She hoped Songhue would join in, but her refusal to ride earlier that evening was quite stern.

As Songhue’s form ceased to stand on the bank of the stream, the laugh and the sweet breeze blew gracefully around the two. Flutter closed her eyes and fanned her wings as the wind that smelled of Songhue’s mysterious scent gently, ever so gently, swirled around her. She laughed in sheer delight and danced in silent merriment, for she welcomed her new friend and felt no strain at her touch.

As the energy built in her body her muscles tensed like coiled springs, supple and raring to charge. The wind glided ahead and Flutter felt more breezes slip past her to follow the first, all eager to join in the chase and the laughter.

Sign took off with another quick nip at her forelock, and Flutter half-reared onto her haunches. After a split second when the whole world seemed to tense, the mare shot forward after the wind child and her bonded. Water flew in all directions as she plowed forward after the elusive breeze, hearing the laughter still ringing.

She ran in great bounds, with less grace and speed than one would have thought from seeing her elsewise. Her wings slowed her a bit here, and she kept them tightly folded to avoid their fluttering and snagging and catching the air. She ran with everything she had, mind racing with her speed and the cold sting as she cut through the water. Powerful muscles pounded and she snorted with the tempo of her strides, showing a bit of attitude. A length behind but holding steady, Flutter watched Sign's mane flying behind her as she speeded forward, looking like rushing green water in its own current.

A kestrel hawk descended and joined the breezes, surveying the action with interest. It glided alongside the mares, enjoying their game and racing them through the wind. Its cry echoed through the night, joining in the laughter of the breeze.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:58 pm
by Songhue
Songhue swirled lazily, teasing her bonded's mane as she danced through the air, pure wind and laughter. The moon was smiling, the stars were twirling and she had someone waiting for his next chance to see her.

All was well in that moment.

She tumbled, tossed, turned, swirling over the stream, playing in the backsplash, kicking the water towards the pair behind her. Oh, it was marvelous to be pure energy once again, to be the wind and starlight and silvery joy.

"Come dance the dance on the starlit night,
around the flames that flicker bright.

Come sing the song of the soft sweet moon,
that calls the wolf and makes lovers swoon.

Come join the life that's all around,
and share this treasure we have found."

The song drifted back to them, the winds moving easily between the two mares as they raced along. There was a smile in quiet words whispered into Flutter's ears, a tender invitation before the winds raced ahead once again to tug at Sign's mane, urging her faster.

"Fly with me, Flutter. Race in the winds."