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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:49 pm
by Vineda
Songhue’s joy was beautiful to behold and her happiness spread itself, wonderfully contagious to all those around her. She was forever weaving, Flutter thought. Whether she intended to or not. And what had she expected of this day when she had first approached the willow sheltering two bondeds? Certainly nothing like this.

Ears pricked and swiveled as she listened to the fae’s song. It sounded like an invitation. She took the invitation and raced even faster, pouring herself into the moment.

And then she really did receive an invitation. Her stride was not quite as easy as she took in the whispering wind’s message. Seriously? Her… fly? She had never flown before… didn’t even know if she could, really. Her wings had always been pure decoration before.

Nonsense, she thought. How could such delicate wings lift a heavy frame such as hers? Her skin twitched in excitement at the thought nevertheless, sending her black markings dancing across her chest and shoulders.

She was racing now, flying through the waters of the stream and having the time of her life. What more could she ask for? …But to fly… She lifted her head to the wind, considering. “Do you jest?” she asked the wind, half sure this could all be a joke.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:53 am
by Songhue
Sign was completely lost in the moment, her gaze fixated on the churning water beneath her hooves as she sped ever faster, heart fit to burst from the waves of joy that washed from her bonded. To roll across the seas as just another wave, to chase the traveling stream, to watch the moon laugh in the soft ripples.. Oh, but such a joy, such an expression of energy, could never be replaced.

Songhue was tugging at her mane, urging her faster, making her laugh as the breeze rolled around her chest and under her belly. Such freedom must be lovely, yet it was nothing she longed for. No, she was glad to merely have her powerful frame rolling across the waves, her hide rippling like so much living water in the moonlight as her green areas flowed like seaweed in a current.

The fae wove her way through the Serian's legs, riding currents of her own, those of pure energy. She danced, she sang, she twirled in the pale night air, and for a time she nearly felt strong again.

Strong enough to grant the gift of flight, if nothing else.

With a merry twinkle from the stars she cleared the vibrant green tail and gently threaded around Flutter's head, her words laughing and dancing in the creature's ears.

"Dare I jest at such a gem? Nay, I dare not, else the precious treasure be lost to me."

With that, and a little flick at the Serian's forelock, she wound her way down her neck, across her chest, under her belly, waiting to give support, should the racing creature choose to accept. She could share this, at least, if nothing else, could share the freedom of being bonded to the wind and sky.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:31 am
by Vineda
Flutter watched Sign revel in the breeze that must be her boned as the two played. Such joy! She knew she probably would never have such a chance again. The hawk eyed her intelligently, as though daring her to do it.

The breezes surrounded her, tickling her side and making her wings tingle. They cried to be opened, or was that her imagination? She remembered the fae in her fairy-like form, seemingly so fragile and frail. Such an experience must give her strength, if her little magicker’s ways applied to a fae at all. She hoped such was the case.

She felt out of her element, with such uncertainty nagging at her. She had become independent since she had been abandoned, learning to rely only on herself. But this would take immense trust…

But the trust would be in Songhue. That she could do, no? “I know not how…” she trailed off. Was this to be her excuse? Would these words torment her in days and nights to come, when she dreamed of flight? “But I would like to try” She blurted out quickly, before she could change her mind. She was too proud a being to ever bring up the matter again, she knew. No, she would not - could not - give herself one more thing to run from. It would not do to pass this up and forever long to experience flight.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:48 am
by Songhue
OOC|This is utterly random, but I figured you might be interested in takin a look at the new pic I posted for the fae form in the charac bios. ^_^

BIC|She twirled, churning, beneath her, the laughter almost becoming a tangible thing in the still night air as she stretched the winds under Flutter's chest and belly, tenderly tickling her wing-tips. It encouraged, dared, welcomed all at once, the hawks' cry seeming to echo the invitation as her hooves and paws landed lighter and lighter.

Sign was in her own moment now, was lost to all but the feel of the waters' spray and the breezes that churned her mane and tail. She had no need of some creature of the winds, leaving Songhue free.

I was given the gift of tales and fresh ears, a new heart to speak with and listen to. Now may I be given this one last thing, this chance to thank her for her kindness.

For no reason other than she was feeling so very good she sent an air current up to carry the feathered friend as well, allowing a gentle glide to ease the strong wings of their burden. She was losing herself as well, this one moment embracing her as it did her bonded. May it pass slowly.

And then the word was given, the knowledge that she would like to try. Slowly, gently, the wind embraced the creature, lifting her perhaps half a yard as it carried her forward, towards Sign. She would start easy, would be patient, yet once Flutter's wings opened in full and she showed she was ready, oh, would that mare soar. She and the watchful hawk would dance with the stars in the moonlit sky before this moment had gone.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:19 am
by Vineda
OOC| Utterly random is marvelous in my book. =) Is it in the persona characteristics thread?.. I couldn’t find it :(

The pull of the wind and the daring of the hawk along with her own yearning overwhelmed her, scattering her nervousness and fear. She leaned her head over and gave Sign’s whipping mane an affectionate tug and flashed a grin.

The moon seemed to hover and watch. Time itself seemed to stand still as the three played and joyed in the lovely night. Flutter thought to herself, 'tis worth it. A chance worth taking. Terrifying but so exhilarating that she neglected to be afraid, losing herself utterly in the wonderful moment.

Sturdy legs stretched and pounded, nostrils delicately flared, and neck arched. Then the wind enveloped her. Her first instinct was to blanch, to shy out of such a grasp, but it was quickly smothered as Songhue’s gentle laughter chided and teased in her ears. She leapt, barely realizing that her paws were already leaving the ground, and spread her wings wide with a soft but strong flick.

She slowed a little as they caught the wind and she began fluttering, testing the wind, grasping gently with her wings. Her first moments in the air were mesmerizing as Flutter’s mind half-froze. The enormity of the situation had taken her captive, but even as she stared around her with wide-eyed amazement she felt Songhue’s strong presence and thanked the gods for their blessing this night.

How strange not to be churning her legs at this speed! She drew even with Sign, once again learning. The stones had been a constant motion, a letting go of sorts. The breeze was similar, and her wings were made more for catching drafts than for constant rapid flapping. She had to let herself dip and climb with the winds, trusting that she would not be dashed to the rocks below. Weight had to be shifted, despite the illusion that nothing would be there to support her.

The hawk veered close and pulled at a strand of her black mane before soaring higher to leave a large shadow gliding over the water below. Flutter whistled, letting her happiness overflow as she investigated a semblance of control over her flight. Songhue’s grip had loosened just enough to let her experiment slightly, that she might feel the control and learn.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:19 am
by Songhue
She was carried, but not held, this mare that seemed to so easily flow with the tumbling breezes about her. She was more accepting, more flowing than she believed herself to be; perhaps this one night would help her to see such a thing, perhaps not, but it would at the very least always be remembered by a young and ancient soul.

Songhue rose higher still with an intoxicating laugh as Flutter's legs grew quiet, that she might focus on the flight. A soft touch, so similar to a tiny hand, brushes aside Sign's forelock as she glanced back and raced on, her hide gleaming with more than mere water now.

The sea-mare's eyes were glazed now, her mind having retreated into some secret, inner haven as she moved over the lands with the water, the cold spray stinging up her chest as she lunged and galloped. She was a true mare of the sea just then, truly wild and strong as she rolled passed all obstacles.

The breezes seemed to tilt as Flutter's hooves passed over Sign's ears, lifting her up towards the moon as the hawk let out a cry of welcoming. They carried her higher, letting her see the stars with a clarity that few knew, the flames visible across their surface if she would but glance upwards.

The soft, child-like laughter continued to ring, playing about her ears in a sweetly reassuring manner as Songhue led her through the heavens, ever so careful that the winds flowed comfortably around her new friend.

Eventually the little stream was naught but a silver ribbon below, the hawk still above and ahead of them. For a time, all seemed to stop, the breezes slowing as they whipped passed, the stars brightening, the heart heard clearly in one's ears while their lungs slowly filled as words danced between souls, known through the heart instead of the ear.

The less you fear being hurt, the more you trust in someone. Can you trust me?