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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:10 pm
by Vineda
Flutter smiled as the breezes blew her up, up, up towards the bright starlight. Up this high there was no other way but to gaze in wonder at the stars, their glow no longer so gentle and distant. Surprising at how strong and beautiful they really were when one could actually see them! But then such was the case with many things, she knew. A shooting star streaked across the sky, so quick that in one blink it was easily missed. She reveled in the freedom here, the beauty and the quiet. The splendor of flight was intoxicating.

Sign looked lost as she splashed through the water. Flutter hoped she was alright. Her joy was not bursting as it had been, she seemed preoccupied. Flicking her ears, she whickered and shook caot a little. It was pristine and sharply cold up this high. The water that had dripped from her belly and legs was all but gone now but she still felt the wind’s bite.

In her heart she heard. For the tiniest split second she thought of pretending she hadn’t as the words still echoed through her body and mind. Reality was slowly returning, creeping to catch her up. In all the open space here on top pf the world, all was still but she and Songhue and the hawk. There was nowhere for her to run, and for once she questioned if she wanted to run. Her heart whispered faintly, solemnly through the night.

You would never mean me harm, Songhue. I know this. .. I trust you.

In her heart she knew the truth of the words, and she marveled. She was reminded of days long past, when her mother would find ways to take her by surprise in order to undermine her stubbornness. She would be utterly wrapped up in something, so intense that when her dam revealed her essentially enjoying the very thing she had scorned, all she could do was stare perplexedly back at the mare wondering where her argument had gone wrong.

Wings, powerful though they were, had never been used to flight and were beginning to tire. But she wanted to glide – needed to glide – just a bit longer. Everything was clearer up here, and she felt if she talked to the glimmering stars they would talk back. Part of her longed to make this a part of her life, and part of her scolded that her quiet days in the glen, the hours spent lazily dancing with butterflies, were all she needed.

Soon. Soon she would depart the skies. She refused to tire Songhue, realizing how much effort it must've taken the fae to grant her flight. She soared, she threw herself to the winds, diving, gliding, even circling once or twice. The fae's support never left her, like a light touch, a hand-hold should she need it.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:02 pm
by Songhue
There was nothing to say for it other than it happened. One moment she was supported, embraced, and the next she was spiraling downwards in a full fledged dive, the hawk shooting along beside her with a loud cry.

After She had not, however, been abandoned. The winds still swirled around her wings, supporting them, aiming her dive to keep it from an honest free fall. the frail looking wings were protected by a soft, circling breeze, the same that laced all the way back around Flutter's paws.

She and she hawk were pulled up just above the water's spray, the hawk climbing once again with a joyous sound as Flutter was allowed to float down to the far bank. Sign was returning to her own mind, slowly breaking the wild connection to the water and land that had consumed her, and trotted over with a somewhat distracted snort as Songhue solidified once again.

It was hard to see her at first, but Sign knew where to look. The small, pale colored snake curled around her hooves within moments, carefully working her way up between the Serian's shoulders.

Her side's were heaving, her mane soaking, but for all of that she sounded so very happy and alive when she spoke, so very sure of herself. Losing herself to the water, any water, always did this for her.

"You're one ssssleepy ssssnake, aren't you?"

"Very funny, Sign."

Snorting, the mare pranced slightly and nudged Flutter's shoulder, offering a very shallow bow as she explained.

"This is how she appears when in need of rest, or so she says. I've seen it a fair few times and always make the same joke."

"Would you like us.. Well, care for Sign to walk back with you, dear Flutter?"

There was a smile in the words offered, a soft breeze springing up from nowhere to lay the woven garment that was left behind so long ago across Flutter's neck once more. The fae may be tired, but she was still a good friend.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:54 am
by Vineda
[Whew!Got a little carried away ;)]

Her heart pounded frantically despite the easy winds circling her. They made her fall eerie and for as fast as she plunged, time once again seemed to stand still. Was this some sort of test?! Her mind cried irrationally. She had just finished declaring her trust when all of a sudden she dropped at an alarming rate from the peak of her fight. Her guards were up again, though they helped her none as her height dwindled. Songhue’s presence was still there, if a bit muted.

The mare had tried not to let her fatigue show, surely she was not that easy to read? Ah, but perhaps she hadn’t hidden her thoughts when she should have. The fae had always seemed rather perceptive that way… Another option slowly dawned on her, and she winced as she realized the fae had probably become tired around the same time she had. Her greed had gotten the better of her.

After her feet had nearly collapsed upon touching the ground, she resisted the urge to stagger over to the water. It would be warm on her numb paws, she knew, but only as long as she kept them hidden from the air and the drafts floating above the bank. Best keep them dry now, she decided. The air would warm her soon enough. Compared to the crystal sharp air of above, the ever so slight breeze down here felt warm and fluffy. She kept her feet in motion, forcing the feeling to return, perfectly aware of how hindered she would be if she were to be attacked right now.

Her heart was still hammering from the exhilaration of the flight and the fall. It had scared her, yes. But it had been amazing as well. She glanced upwards and found the stars dull and distant and dim compared to the view she had so recently known. Her eyes stared longingly for half a moment before she spotted the pale form slithering over Sign’s neck.

Again she started in alarm, before realizing it was Songhue. Sign explained further, and Flutter took a quick look around before relaxing tense muscles. Her wings were shaking slightly, boy she would be sore tomorrow. But she welcomed the evidence of her flight, for then she would not awaken to believe it had been only a dream.

Both mares were breathing hard, and Flutter shouldered over to the sea mare. She leaned a little and in doing so invited a little lean back while their breath slowed and their sides stilled a little. The purple garment twined once more around her neck, snug and warm. There were still remnants of the adrenalin coursing through her veins, but she could tell that very soon she would hardly be able to keep her eyes open.

“In truth I would return to my grotto, but the night is late and I shall return to the willow if it is not already the resting place of another. I can find my way easily enough. Should you wish to accompany me you are most welcome, however.”

After a moment of silence, Flutter said quietly, “Thank you Songhue. Thank you Sign.” Her words were almost a whisper, yet they contained emotion enough for a loud shout. She did not try to hide her disappointment at the night’s ending and their parting.

“I should like you to be welcome in my grotto and the surrounding lands, and would love to meet you again. I suspect another has returned, and that I shall have another friend before long.”

She turned more to look at Sign, knowing Songhue would have her own ways of finding her if she so desired. Sign seemed an adventurer and also likely to find her easily. “Please, should you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Ask the winds, they will find me. I call you both friends, such a gift I shall treasure for a lifetime. My forest is wild, yet none shall mean you harm there.”

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:20 am
by Songhue
OOC| Eez fine, I love it! XD :D

BIC| The mare gratefully accepted the invite to lean against the other's shoulder, her breath slowly returning to her. She'd caught the tail end of the dive and could only imagine the rush that would offer. She'd also caught the sweetly longing glance to the stars.

She felt the snake shifting around between her shoulders and could almost see the flexible jaws opening in a huge yawn. What had she been told of this form? That it required the least amount of energy and was the easiest to hide, offering plenty of rest for a weary sprite.

"To the willow it is, then," Sign said warmly, knowing full well that her bonded would only see it in good manners to accompany their new friend on the return trip. Besides, she was loath as of yet to see such a night end, even if her eyes did droop upon the calming of her heart.

"We shall find you soon, whence the time comes" the little snake whispered. There was ever a smile in her eyes and lingering in her words, thrumming with a fond warmth. If she had the energy she would warm the chilled bodies; as it was, she had over exerted herself in her joy. It was no matter, however. A good rest and a visit from the elf.. She would be well again.

"Now come, come. Movement shall help us to warm on this sweetly chilled night."

A mild snort greeted this, agreeing, and Sign started off, nudging Flutter to move with her. It was so very natural to her, walking with this other upon her side, a tiny little rat snake curled between her shoulders, that she would never think of how odd it would appear to others.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:58 pm
by Vineda
Flutter smiled at their decision to accompany her to her camp spot. She sighed as the thought wistfully of a nice warm patch of grass. Flutter turned to whistle to the hawk but it must’ve already returned to the stars.

“My clearing has been too quiet of late. As I retreated to hide, I let the forest become unfriendly. But no more. Would that you were welcome is all. I hide no more.” She felt more solid, more sure of herself and steady than she had been in a long, long while.

She bobbed her head as she moved along with Sign, letting her stride flow unusually long and loose. Carefully staying close enough to brush sides occasionally, the mare shared with the other the warmth that was slowly returning to her body. The two walked on with a companionable silence between them. She noted the gleam in the snake’s eye and half wondered what she was thinking. It looked like a fae secret, and she grinned with gladness. The fae would be strong again. Normal again soon, and strong in time.

Her eyes wandered as she walked, and her eyes fell on something that glinted slightly in the moonlight. She lowered her head to the rocks that strayed from the bank of the stream and nudged the thing with her muzzle. Looking closer at the thing revealed a rock that had been worn and smoothed by the stream. It must be years and years old! As old as Songhue? she wondered. The stone looked as dark water will, but it had a faint six rayed star inside that shifted and shimmered magically as though underwater. It was a rare find. As she began walking again, she proudly dropped the small prize between two of the snake’s coils, where the tired creature could see it without trouble. It would be a perfect reminder of her joyous flight to the stars.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:17 pm
by Songhue
The little treasure glimmered in her scales, a tender remnant from some great magic long passed. She couldn't help but think that it would make a marvelous gem for a necklace. Smiling, she curled around it, almost protective, and let her thoughts turn to her elven companion.

The two creatures walked companionably, leaving her to her tired thoughts. Ah, but the night was yet to be done. It wouldn't take much healing to maintain her fae form once again.

Still, she couldn't suppress the yawn that surfaced, her flexible jaw distending noticeably. Perhaps a little rest would be best after all..

The breezes seemed to agree with her, a tender song drifting over to lull her into sweet slumber as they neared the willow.

A woman by a seashore
At the end of day
Gazes the horizon
With seawinds in her face
Tempest-tossed island
Seasons all the same
Anchorage unpainted
And a ship without a name

Sea without a shore for the banished one unheard
She lightens the beacon, light at the end of world
Showing the way lighting hope in their hearts
The ones on their travels homeward from afar

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears she left behind long ago

Sign's ears twitched as she caught a few quiet notes, the tune faint yet somehow familiar. Had she heard this magic in the winds once before? She couldn't remember. Her body had warmed again, allowing full sensation of her tired muscles. It was becoming hard to think over the weariness in her body.

Still, she would trade such moments for nothing, as rolling with the waters over the land was her greatest escape. And somehow it was never the same unless Songhue raced the winds with her.

"May you rest well and deep," she nickered, dipping her head as they reached the great tree's embrace. "And would that we venture your woodland soon and happen upon another meet. I must away, as the soft snuffles betray my bonded's state of rest, yet I go with a smile and love for a new friend."