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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:34 pm
by Songhue
The winds stilled as Songhue picked up the bit of fruit in her lap, her head ducked low to savor the juices. She didn't seem to notice much of anything that was going on around her outside of Sign.

"I am assuming that one does not idly choose to follow a fae."

"What are you making?"

She had to smile. They were both rather talented at avoiding certain things, both good at keeping to social standards. They were the caretakers, the ones who looked after others, and would ever sidestep any who tried to help them in turn.

"At the moment I make not a thing, for the sweet taste of fruit does dance upon my tongue."

Snorting, Sign turned and settled near her bonded, her long, flowing main rippling around her as she studied the frail looking creature. There was a smile playing around her lips, something that hinted at one of her bonded's special days. She would never forget the day of riddles she had witnessed.

"You speak in rhymes that doth catch the tongue and demand that it be let out to play. What celebration is this, then, that calls you to weave a barren's clothing and sprinkle magics in the air?"

"Always asking, always caring, always trying to be what's needed. My dearest Sign, you must trust in others."

"Always dodging, always fooling, always giving what little's left. My dearest Songhue, you must trust in others."

There was a moment's silence between them, each frozen as if in a picture. Finally, the fae lifted her head, almond shaped eyes flashing as they met the soft purple gaze before them.

"This is a day for stories and tales, a day for rhymes and letting songs sail. When I was young.. I would hear the story of my people, stories told by the very first creatures."

"I thought you were young as of yet.. Your name, after all. NewShine, a new star shining on the horizon.."

"For a wind sprite I am young, yes. Now it is your turn to tell a tale. Tell me why you followed me."

"You've been.. Strange. I wanted to make sure you were ok."

The fae looked back to her weaving when Sign gave this answer, holding her tongue for the moment. There was much she could have said, yet little would have done good. So she sat with the half eaten fruit in her lap, the sweet scent wafting through the little glade as she wove a garment out of wind and thread.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 7:50 pm
by Silverdust
Lock's ears flattened slightly at the elegant spill of words. She couldn't understand them at all. She caught a few words, a few meanings...but the rest was lost. Words. She snorted, contempt to cover up her uncomfortable confusion. "Speaks strange, this lady."

"Hush," Sanguine reprimanded her, vaguely and without much conviction. Lock was blunt, but she couldn't much help it. Language came first, then social skills; one had to crawl before they walked. Instead, she merely listened in silence. So, her discomfort was that obvious? She had been in these peaceful lands too long if she became so easy to read.

She shook her head at the offer of food; she had never liked fruit, the taste to sweet on her tongue. Lock looked at the mango in interest, another thing she had never seen before. "That?"

"Mango. A fruit."

They were still very much in two seperate worlds still, at least the way the fae spoke to her bonded as if Sanguine and hers were not there. She didn't mind; her silence elicited as much. She was used to observing rather than talking outright, the same way Lock had been, the same way all warriors were, in a sense. She observed, but she did not pry into secrets like Sethe was apt to do. She let the fae and her bonded hold their private conversation, merely watching the interaction, trying to learn from it. Learn to fix the bond between her and the mare at her side.

"Food, then."

Lock reached up the the tree, straining her slender neck. Sanguine eyes flicked to her, and in the same motion she flicked out her rapier, cutting one of the fruits down to the serian's outstretched mouth. She looked to the fae as her bonded ate.

"I...know not of this storytelling tradition," she spoke, hesitantly, her eyes still slightly wary. "Where I come from...our stories are our own."

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:05 pm
by Songhue
The breeze cut through the air as Lock ate, shaking several ripe mangoes to the ground before returning to the fae in the willow roots. Songhue herself didn't seem to notice this at all, though Sign startled next to her.

"It is a way of coming together to remember what once was. In my homeland we did not live in any one time, but dwelled in all."

"She does speak in a way that is uncommon in these lands. If you wish, I could help you understand."

"Hush, Sign. If help is required, they shall ask."

They were silent a moment, Songhue weaving and thinking, Sign, watching in close scrutiny. It was always hard for her to tell what was happening in the fae's head, especially on days such as this; the joy of the celebration was quailed by old pains.

"The stories are as we lived; of what has been, what is, and what shall be. They were to remember, to learn, to laugh. No story could be told too often, for there were always new ears, new eyes, new ways for it to pass from the lips of the one who harbored it."

"What stories would you tell?"

That, at least, got a reaction. The winds faltered, her hands stuttering in their work, the gentle whispering that had been playing in the leaves suddenly growing quiet for a moment.

"I merely walked and listened."

"You told no tales, then?"



"Hush, Sign. Please."

She did, though there was not much of a pause as the winds started up once more. It was best to put such moment behind.

"Do not fear, fair lady; I will not pry into your business, though you feel as if you are easily read now."

"You'll have to excuse that," Sign noted with a wry little grin. "She has a tendency to know more than she aught."

Songhue was silent once again, giving this other a chance to speak or weave her tale. Sign was slightly torn, half wanting to apologize for her socially inept bonded and half wanting to help them to see her as she herself did.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:19 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Thank you kindly, by the way, for the invite Songhue! Any feedback is more than welcome. :)

BIC| A tawny mare passed through a few sheltering trees, enjoying an exploration journey. She had not been out in a long time... Too long. She was large, sturdily built but graceful. Though no warrior was she, hers was a wild and dangerous beauty. Her deep amber eyes scanned the landscape, seeing nothing to cause her worry. Decorated feathers and beads hanging from her mane and leg band floated in the breeze, a tiny bell or two jingling softly. Flutter shook her mane and switched her black lion’s tail nervously, half shying at a bit of leaf that scrambled by. The winds kept changing abruptly, even in mid-sweep, and there was some tension in the air. No approaching storm could she sense, though. Odd.

“Hmph. Should go back to my meadow, I should.”

On the breeze she could hear voices. Uncertain if she wanted company after all, she stopped to reconsider. Halthing momentarily, Flutter tensed the claws of her hind limbs and twitched her bright butterfly wings. She was an unbonded, a rogue. As many unbondeds did, she kept herself scarce and didn’t usually enjoy much social interaction. Company, however, was the reason she had emerged from her quiet glade in the first place.

“Yes, company” she said defiantly, thinking aloud. Just because she was an unbonded didn’t mean she had to be a recluse. Events of late had been strange enough to wake her up out of her old habits, even question them. Guilt and rebellion had been battling endlessly over the past few days.

“’Twould be folly to turn back nowabouts,” she grumbled and blew out a sigh through her delicate nostrils.

The voices seemed to come from her right, so she turned and made her way towards a towering willow. The breezes seemed most lively there; Flutter could feel the weaving magic. It poured from the base of the willow and left her skin tingling strangely. Making a slow and wary approach, she waited for the others to make a greeting and so set a tone.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:22 am
by Songhue
"More company awaits us."

Sign's ears flicked uncertainly at this lucid announcement. She could still see the sweetly cherished memories in her bonded's eyes, yet there was much more pain behind them than there had been.

It wouldn't hurt so badly if you would only share it with someone.

"This is a day for stories and tales, right?"

"Yes, my dear."

"Then they are welcome?"

"All are welcome in this land.. You know such things for truth."

Snorting, the mare rolled her eyes and dropped another mango in the fae's lap, getting a fond pat this time in thanks. She paused a moment at the gentle touch, nuzzling her bonded's cheek as the winds danced around her fingers, gently weaving the freshly made thread.

Tossing her long, flowing green main she turned and trotted over to stand next to the stream, eyes gleaming in determination. This was a day for stories.. A day to gather and share and laugh. She would make sure that such a thing happened.

"Greetings stranger, and may we be well met, as my bonded would say."

"Merry meet indeed, my dear.. Would you care for a mango?"

Sign glanced back, half surprised as the gently whispering voice carried towards her. Songhue still sat, head ducked low over her workings, a stray strand dancing in the winds she wove with. Her smile was small and warm, but her eyes, those soft blue-gray eyes, were so very dark with the past.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:00 pm
by Vineda
Flutter flicked her ears as she sensed the shadow that hung over the pair under the willow. They were probably bondeds. The other two seemed slightly aloof and were also bondeds. Perhaps they were having their own more private conversation. She could sense this bondedness… there was a tangible feeling in her mind of a link between the two.

At the warm greeting Flutter twitched a bit. She had tried to prepare herself for this moment, but it still sent a jolt through her to be so easily welcomed. With a glance at the aloof pair, she turned her attention to the dark pair and responded in kind.

“Merry meet indeed, my ladies. Pray forgive the intrusion. By your leave, I would welcome a mango and a rest in the shelter of your tree.”

She advanced toward the two, noting the protectiveness in the gleaming purple eyes of the other serian and the clouded emotion in the blueness of the other’s. She dipped her head and descended in a full bow to the two. She sensed mystery and beauty in the others and wanted them to know she wished no harm. She waited, remaining vulnerable in her bow as a gesture of honor and gratitude.