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Re: Re-Introductions

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:01 pm
by Vineda
[May I join you? I'm a complete newbie...]

Vineda sat silently in the warm field, listening to the beautiful wilderness around her and within her. Time passed as the cool breeze shifted and laughed around her. Her journey had brought her through caves and woods and fields for a reason she couldn’t explain, following a pull on her heart.

Her current appearance was one of her favorites, a young woman with long brown hair roaming free and expressive blue eyes. She wore a simple dress, going barefooted and keeping her staff handy.

Turning to peek through the tall grasses, she spied the gathering and grinned. It was growing rather quickly. Should she join in? A part of her mind wanted to hold back...

Unsure of exactly what she should do, she considered remaining content among the dancing grass. But suddenly, along with a distant sound of voices came the sense that today things were different. Vineda shivered slightly with excitement and stood up, ready to approach the group.

Re: Re-Introductions

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:25 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Welcome! :D

BIC| He pointed ears flicked slightly as the winds brought news of yet more company.So many others was starting to make her feel a little nervous, though she didn't take much note of this.. At least not until she found herself shimmering into her owl form.

A mildly indignant hoot sounded from her, her feathers ruffling as the breeze laughed in her ears. Ah well, there was nothing to do for it, really.

Glancing over at Kyra and the other girl, she spread her wings and took to the sky, looking towards McDerth and the newcomer on the cliff side. The long grasses danced beneath her, beconing, so she glided lower in her search.

Ah, there she is.. She is quite lovely, I must admit.

Hooting again, she hovered a few feet in front of the approaching woman, eyes gleaming happily. Life was finally returning to this land.

"Would you be kind enough to extend an arm, my dear? I'm a little large for a shoulder perch at the moment."

Re: Re-Introductions

PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:37 pm
by Vineda
[Thank you kindly!!]

Weaving through the unruly grass toward the group, Vineda let her thoughts wander with the winds. So lazy her mind was becoming, to remain unsurprised at the sight of an owl out in the open before dusk. Savoring the sight of the graceful owl gliding through the air, she simply enjoyed the breezes sweeping around her. They brought to her the sound of a voice echoing over the grass, asking politely for an arm on which to perch...

She jumped slightly in alarm, surprised out of her daydreamings.
[i]Well that was undignified[/i], she scolded herself, at the same time grinning wryly at the laughing winds and their mocking amusement. She began searching her surroundings for the voice’s owner but instantly halted her search as she sensed the presence. [i]The owl[/i]. It had talked.

[i]Not it[/i], Vineda realized instantly. [i]She[/i]. This was definitely not an ordinary owl. What wonders this land holds…

Though slightly wary, she was not afraid. She eagerly stretched out her arm to the owl and replied, “Good day to you, wing-friend, and well met. Might I ask what land is this that I have journeyed so far to find? It is most beautiful and intriguing.”

Re: Re-Introductions

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:49 am
by Songhue
Songhue liked her already.

"'Tis a land called Sionayra, fair wanderer, and particular place be the foothills, a gathering place for such creatures as ourselves. Many reside in these lands, many more outside of it still. You are welcome."

She landed as lightly as possible, yet she had to admit that a northern hawk owl was not the smallest, nor the lightest of feathered beasts. The perch, in any case, was highly appreciated, though she soon found she was no longer fowl but rodent; a salt and pepper squirrel rested where the owl had mere moments ago before scrambling up to curl in the girl's hair.

"I do hope you'll pardon all my shifting forms, my dear. It seems I'm having a bit of trouble finding myself."

Or at least finding her state of mind. There were moments where she had to consider how much simpler life would be if she have to worry about looking around and finding out that she was quite suddenly a whole other creature.

"Greetings to you, in any case, and pray tell your namesake, that I would put words to a face such as yours."

She couldn't help but grin for a moment, her mind wandering to what Sparkle would say whenever he heard her. Perhaps, one day, she would manage to speak 'normally' outside of those moments where she was angry and blunt.

Re: Re-Introductions

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:03 pm
by Vineda
The owl’s voice rang out, her eyes danced, and her weight settled on Vineda’s arm.

Sionayra… The name echoed pleasantly in her mind.

“I can see well that this be a place for gatherings. Just before I chanced the luck to encounter a being such as yourself, I was making my way over to a gathering near the lake. Would you happen to know the purpose of this gathering?”

For as carefully as the bird had landed, the weight of her vanished amazingly quickly as Vineda had spoken. The air shimmered slightly for the smallest of seconds, and Vineda looked down just in time to see the tip of a bushy tail whip out of sight.

Interesting. Though she had known this was not truly an owl. She wondered if this creature had a true form. She had never known anyone besides herself do such a thing, but it was usually costed her a large amount of effort and concentration to do it. Perhaps this was the result of a lack of practice, but where she came from she had dared not use such a gift… it was forbidden. She stiffened at the memory.

“I don’t mind your shifting at all – But if you – if you – pppleease – hold! Hold! You are a b-bbit - small and nimble, and I am very - ticklish!”

After she had recovered from a burst of giggles, slowly relaxing again, she continued, “I am Vineda. Pray forgive me, for though in my wanderings I have learned that this land is one of many and varied speeches, I am far from eloquent in my own. If it doth please you, I would joy to learn of your name as well. Although a name might do me no good, as I am sure that before long I will not know which face to put to your name…”

She had felt the smile from the being even though she could not see it, and its smile was mirrored on her own face as she spoke. She quickly bit her lip, however, hoping that her easy jest would not offend and wondering what had prompted a joke to a near stranger. Perhaps she was a bit too at ease.

Re: Re-Introductions

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:23 pm
by Songhue
She simply had to laugh. Ah, this stranger, this Vineda, seemed to know her quite well already!

"Indeed each face I have does hold it's own name and story," Songhue giggled. "My first form is the one I normally use here, so they all call me by that name. I am, as I have myself been informed, to be known as Songhue, my dear Vineda, and it is quite a pleasure to make the acquaintance of one who doth speak so smoothly as yourself."

Songhue did try and be still at least, though she couldn't quite help flicking her fluffy squirrel's tail. This was quite the pair up, she had to admit.

"No particular reason or event led to the gathering at the lake side. Two girls happened upon one another only that I would happen upon them.. Then, as ever, others wandered and we were happened upon. Now, if I'm not mistaken, there awaits two females speaking of the native creatures that come from these lands, as well as a male and female taking solace in the other being a new traveler."

With another grin she climbed the girl's hair and sat atop her head, curling up to peek around her tail. Somehow this creature put her at ease.

"You'll be more than welcome, I'm sure.. Perhaps the fireflies shall come to dance for us over the water, soon, and we may all enjoy their splendor together."