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Under the Moon

PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:33 pm
by Letty
I hope it's okay that I started a new topic...there were a lot of people writing in the 'Re-Introductions' post. I felt I'd get beginner's overload, haha.

Letty sat with her back against the trunk of a willow tree, watching its whip-like tendrils sway lazily in the breeze. It was one of those summer evenings that could’ve been mistaken for autumn, with the heat of the day steadily being cooled as the sun inched downwards to the horizon. Tonight was promising to be chilly, and no doubt it would only get colder as the season dwindled to an end. The young woman wasn’t bothered by the change; she liked how the trees seemed to be on fire and the silence that seemed to permeate the brisk air. For the time being, however, she was content with the breeze that teased her dirty blonde hair and the hem of her sundress.

She was getting bored with sitting so still though, so she rose unsteadily to her feet and threw her knapsack over her shoulder. To the left was a great expanse of hills, to the right the sound of a river beckoned. This was her first time exploring…wherever this was, and she had no idea where to go first. Her green eyes were drawn to the west, to a cluster of trees. Forests always held her interest; the way the light filtered through the leaves was very often a subject of her Polaroid, not to mention the birds, the deer, the...everything. For as cheerful and laughing as Letty could often be, sometimes peace was all she was looking for.

And so she was off, strolling under the dusky sky. By the time she got there it’d be hard to see, luckily she wasn’t afraid of the dark. Plus, her camera had a great flash; it could beat a flashlight any day. Like they – she couldn’t remember exactly whom – always said: be prepared. As she walked the ground underneath her feet transformed from brittle earth to loamy soil, and before you could spell her middle name [Eveline], there was a line of trees right in front of her.

The woods were so quiet that if she had possessed a little less courage it probably would’ve been unnerving, as it was she delighted in the sounds of the crickets and the way the trees almost seemed to sigh with the wind. Up above the brightest stars was beginning to emerge, but through the thick canopy it hard to see them at all. Not like it mattered – she had never been able to tell one constellation from another and she didn’t have the patience to bother. The nearly full moon, however, caught her eye and after producing her beloved camera she took a picture, with the white orb a startling contrast against the bleeding sky.

Any suggestions/feedback you could send my way would be awesome, or you could join and give me a little practice. ;)

Either way, thanks so much! :D

Re: Under the Moon

PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:14 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Seems good to me. XD There's a few typing errors, such as forgetting a word, but that happens to everyone. I'd join in, but, well, I'm already in two others here and three in the fields.. At least. I don't wanna get griped at for playing too much.. Again. >_>;

Re: Under the Moon

PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:33 pm
by Kyra
((I don't see any problem with starting anew rp, since I know what it is like to keep up with one with many characters in it. The post looks nice. ^^))

The girl walked slowly though the forest, her long hair tied back in a high ponytail with a blue ribbon. Both her blue ribbon and Sky magenta hair seemed to glow in the little of moon light the streamed through the canopy of leaves and branches. Her stride was at a good pace and she was virtually silent as she moved.

Her knee length skirt blew lightly int he breeze that had gotten trapped beneath the tree tops. The girl's sapphire unicorn necklace sparkled as it bounced or moved slightly from her walking pace. Her blue water horse birth mark on her right hand glowed an eerie ice color. She smiled when she smelt the sweet sent and heard the distance roar. She knew she was close to a waterfall that was hidden in this forest, Amber had brought her here. She thought tonight was a good night to have some fun.

Re: Under the Moon

PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:39 pm
by Vineda
Quietly Vineda passed unnoticed the misty woods, listening to the beautiful wilderness around her and within her. Time passed eerily as she wandered among the trees, alone yet strangely part of everything. She had come through woods and caves for a reason she couldn’t explain.

Turning to peek through the leaves of the canopy, she spied the rising full moon and grinned. Her current appearance was one of her favorites, a young woman with long red-brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a simple dress with a light cloak for the cool summer night, walking barefooted with her staff in hand. Her hair roamed free, with a feather woven into her locks and a few small braids here and there.

Unsure of where she was supposed to be going, she simply meandered along among the dancing fireflies and singing crickets. Along with a distant sound of rushing water came the sense that tonight things were different. Vineda shivered with excitement and walked on.

Re: Under the Moon

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:10 pm
by Letty
I'm really sorry I've been gone for so long, not-so-fun family issues arose that had to be dealt with.

Everything's cleared up now, and I'd love to continue this, if you both were game. :D

Re: Under the Moon

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:12 pm
by Vineda
I hope everything's okay... it seems to me that everyone comes and goes as they can around here. Either way no worries. Glad to have you back. :) Of course I'm game!!