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Re: Gathering Around the Bonfire

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:28 pm
by Vineda
"'Bye Keira, it was nice to meet you!" She watched the girl melt away into the shadows and wondered if she was always so mysterious. Looking over at the magenta haired girl revealed only an unreadable expression. Perhaps she was lost in her own thoughts, Vineda mused. It was often enough that she did that herself.

"That was lucky! Or perhaps well designed...? Is he also fae? Are you to reside together? And 'tis no bore, Songhue!" she protested. "One thing you shall quickly learn of me," she declared (and quietly hoped), "is that I am very hard to bore. Should I be so high and mighty as to get bored, it should be no one's task but my own to remedy the problem." After a moment, cheeks glowing slightly red at her tiny outburst, she muttered, "An easily rememdied thing anyway."

Strange as sharing still was to her, she wanted to. But where to start? "I shall be happy to share; what would you like to hear about? The whole of my journey took time more than a month." She grabbed at a blade of grass and began absently fiddling with it, thinking back over her journey.

Re: Gathering Around the Bonfire

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:22 pm
by Songhue
The many questions helped her to relax, her previously stiffened back resting easily against the log she leaned on, wings flicking idly. Ah, but such a blessing it was to find someone with a real interest.

"'Twas lucky, I do believe. He does so love to surprise me with such tiny things. He is a fae, as myself, though he is also more. Where I am... Or would be.. The healer and guide of my clan, he is of the warrior class."

That small smile twitched her lips here, her soft eyes finally turning away from the flames to meet Vineda's. Oh how they glowed and danced in silent joys.

"Where I depend more upon the light of all life, he does the darkness. We are a balance, the completion of the other. I had thought for so very long that he was no more, that he would not be found... That we were the very last and that my clan would fade away into naught but memory."

She'd never spoken such a thought aloud before, had barely even entertained it. To be honestly mated, to have a real future other than living out the rest of her days... The hope of cubs.

"We were properly mated, in any case. My mother, weak as she is, performed the joining.. He came to live in my lands after that, greets me there each time he finishes his work for the day. We share my home, my bonded, just as we share everything else, as he can't so much as stub a toe without my feeling it now that we've been mated."

Songhue almost wanted to reach out and touch the woman, that some of the overflow of love and energy be shared. Such joy, such a state of utter happiness, was something she was still growing used to. Leaking it into this other would be an escape... But it may not be welcome.

"As to your own travels, only you could know the proper place to begin. I am eager to hear all that you would share, however, as every creature holds a lesson within each tale."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:27 pm
by Kyra
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Kyra listened to Songhue as she watched the fire. She watched in aw and was so happy her friend had found such a mate. She could not describe what she saw, that being a flaw of hers. So, instead she watched and listened. "He sounds amazing Songhue. You are very lucky to have found such a mate," she said turning to look back at her. Kyra turned around at watched Keira depart, "Bye Keira, hope to see you again soon!" Then she turned around to face the other two, "Don't worry, you are not boring anyone Songhue. We are curious about you and your bonded family"

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:43 pm
by Songhue
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:08 pm
by Vineda
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As Songhue's eyes left the flames to meet her own Vineda sat wondering at the depth, the endlessness she saw in the now bright blue orbs. Are there others of your clan who are lost? she wanted to ask, but something held her back. Old worries, she guessed. Would she ever be comfortable with her own curiosity? Ever realize that she wasn't actually prying?

The brightness glimmering in the fae's future put a new glimmer of hope in the air, a new tang. With a small chuckle, Vineda thought of the consequences of such a connection. "And being mated to a warrior must give you plenty of such toe-stubbings and the like." From what she knew of other warriors, she knew that they rarely sat down to simply watch the action. They usually found some way to be in the thick of things.

Usually Vineda thought that physical contact was more dangerous than its worth, but for some reason she reached out and rested light fingertips on the fae's shoulder, as would two friends sharing a secret or showing empathy. An unusual gesture on her part, but somehow right.

And as Songhue reminded her of her own tale-telling to come, Vineda let out a small sigh. Part of her was eager to share her tales, part was hiding in the shadows in fear of sharing too much, and another part simply did not wish to bore or inflict her silly stories upon others. Where to start?

Songhue had asked of her travels, not the reason behind them. Not so bad after all.
Still, she was antsy at the thought of being in the spotlight. Perhaps she needed something to do as she talked. "Would you like to take that walk? 'Tis... easier to gather my thoughts that way."

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:46 pm
by Songhue
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There was a slight spark as the hand rested against her, though nothing more to indicate a sudden flux of energy.

It was a great relief for the little fae, as it could prove tiring for her to hold such a great amount of joy for too long.

"I am, yes. And I thank the guiding fates each day for such a blessing."

A small smile was offered Kyra, though she spared the girl the strange, endless depths of her orbs. Her eyes had seen many things over many years, a fact that was plainly known once one looked in them.

"Aye, a few aches are ever known, though they aren't new to me. He's ever working, growing and fighting, all the same."

She stood with the reminder of a walk, smiling at Kyra once again. The offer to share would be extended to her next, though rather she would accept such or not was yet to be seen.