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Re: Wings Over Water

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:07 pm
by Ari
ooc: Hey I just wanted to apologize for taking so long, school has made me crazy busy and I've been too tired to write anything at all creative.

I'll try to get back to you by Saturday though, sorry again! ^^;

Re: Wings Over Water

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:41 am
by Vineda
you're fine, I understand completely about school. I've got a week like that coming up here too. take your time :)

Re: Wings Over Water

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:34 pm
by Ari
ooc: Thank you for being so understanding! ^^ Junior year is such a pain, haha...

Ari gave a hesitant smile in return but almost immediately retreated behind the curtain of her wavy black hair. Serians…the word was odd, and derived from any language she knew. “I’ve kept near the water for the most part, maybe they’re like me and can’t swim?” She laughed quietly, a melodic sound that took her by surprise. When was the last time she chuckled in the company of someone free of feathers? She was about to formulate an excuse to avoid mingling with those large, unknown beasts, but at the word ‘fly’ she had to admit she was curious. “I’d like to see one with wings, I suppose…” Hopefully they wouldn’t be too big, that’s what she was worried about – getting trampled as a hello.

Maybe she was just a little bit cynical. Not to mention shy, cold, reserved, and nervous. All those adjectives, and did they all apply? And there must be something positive about her, even if it was like a grain of sand in an oyster; something hidden for a while but could possibly become beautiful.

Blah, blah, blah
. Well, if nothing else she was definitely introverted and maybe just a little dramatic. Her mother was an opera singer, after all; drama was practically pulsing in her veins.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” She exclaimed, embarrassed with her (very apparent) lack of social skills. “Is that for me?” She didn’t know, birds didn’t usually offer gifts.

She was anxious now but hid it well, her only give away her fingers, which were quickly being entwined and untwined. She almost missed the other’s question, and nipped her lower lip in thought. “I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be staying, for a while I think…” She hardly ever had a plan, and instead traveled at her fancy. She couldn’t stay in one place for long, however, so sooner or later she’d probably be taking flight.

Re: Wings Over Water

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:36 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Junior year of college is just the same! :sulk: grrrs

Eyes brightening as Ari gave a small smile, Vineda watched as she hid herself almost immediately. She certainly was an ironic little thing! First she seemed to care not one whit for what anyone thought, then she could suddenly seem so self-conscious. Must be the lack of socializing, she mused. As she considered the young woman, she realized that all evening, Ari's responses had been surprising her. With an inner scolding beginning to unravel in her head (in a voice sounding almost identical to her own mother's), Vineda decided to actively ban all judgements. She'd never been particularly quick to judge, but sometimes it could sneak up.

The gentle chiming laugh fell on her ears, bringing her out of her thoughts and back to the converstaion at hand. "Actually some can swim too. You spend time by the water but can't swim?" Her eyes fell on the feathered wings and she understood. How could you swim easily with those beautiful pinions? And how could you give up the use of them, even temporarily, once they got wet? "Serians can share characteristics of birds, bugs, fish, many different mammals... They really are amazing. They're not mindless beasts," she said, reading the look on Ari's face. The one that said 'I don't like to be squashed!'

"Mind you, I don't personally know many serians, but there are usually a few around. Most don't seem to mind travelers. Some take no notice at all. We will probably be just watchers unless one happens to be around and talkative." She decided to take Ari to a ledge where she could look down upon the lands as well as out into the air. If they were lucky, perhaps they would spot a serian flying. If not, the view was great... very pretty and a good way to see the lay of the land.

A tiny shiver ran over her, from excitement rather than cold. Nervous? she asked herself. Rarely did she play the role as guide, or leader, or plan-maker. She hoped Ari would be pleased with her ledge.

At the exclamation Vineda chuckled quietly. "Yes, this is for you. It's my own fault, you had no way of knowing. I apologize, for I do have an unsociable streak and sometimes find words unnecessary. I collect my little 'treasures', but one can only have so many. I thought you might like this one, with the colors of the sky swirling."

Catching the busy fingers, Vineda sensed how nervous and out of place Ari felt and hoped she was being a steady presence. She could not really comfort, was too new really to be a friend, but she empathized and hoped to make things easier on the flighty creature. She acknowledged the girl's answer with a nod. "I, too, think I shall stay here for a while longer yet. I am considering making a home elsewhere, but we shall see." She held up a hand to point at a path leading into the woods. "We can take that path, if you like. It should take us somewhere interesting."