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Re: Wings Over Water

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:07 pm
by Ari
Ari watched the doe start and transform from hoofed mammal to a woman a few years older than herself. And she had thought she was weird, at least she didn’t mutate into a chicken or something. Then again, it would be easier to get away if she was a deer; no matter how graceful she was as a human…

Her eyes snapped to attention, making her look like a bird of prey. Up her right eyebrow went, her appearance one of cynicism and embarrassment. No one but the birds had ever heard her voice, and she certainly wasn’t keen on sharing it with strangers. She shook out her wings and folded them close against her back, but she made no move to jump from her perch.

In fact, she probably would’ve just disappeared through the canopy and back to the safety of the sky, if not for the finch on the stranger’s finger. Maybe she wouldn’t be terrible company, though God knew Ari had been wrong before.

“Vin-ee-da?” She attempted to pronounce, rolling over her Italian accent. “I am Ari.” Her voice was sharp and her sentences crisp, as if she wasn’t used to speaking at all. “I wasn’t afraid, just surprised. I have been here for a while and I’ve only ever seen animals, no people.”

Re: Wings Over Water

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:25 pm
by Vineda
Vineda grinned as she watched the young woman thinking, watched the attitude, the skepticism. This one ruffled her feathers as would a dignified owl. At the careful trying out of the name on her tongue, Vineda was encouraged. Thanking the finch for his help, she held out her hand and watched as he took flight.

"There are a few people here and thereabouts, and I wonder at your never having met any of them. Any voice that beautiful would attract admirers for miles. In any case, many here are wanderers and travelers far and wide, and good at finding things of interest."

She was surprised at the small bit of offense she saw in the other's eyes, as though she had intruded and it were all her own fault. "Again, I am sorry to have bothered you. I am out for a walk this fine afternoon. You are welcome to join me if you like." She inwardly shook her head - she'd never been very good at delicate or subtle invitations. Hers was more of a there it is, take it or leave it style. Remembering the indignant look, she added "I shall leave you well enough alone if that be your wish." Reaching over, she found her walking stick and settled the bag of small treasures collected earlier on her shoulder.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:09 pm
by Ari
She watched the other below her for a moment, as if sizing her up, and turned to the nearby branch where the owl perched, acting as sentry. She hooted to it gently, it replied, and she rolled her eyes; barn owls were always so diplomatic. But she would do her best behave, even though she wasn’t especially social to those without feathers.

So she shrugged, her wings rising with her slender shoulders. “I don’t concern myself with people usually.” The compliment caught her off guard and her gaze became almost curious, as if she couldn’t understand that her voice was anything special. Compared to the meadowlarks and the nightingales she was quite unexceptional.

She tipped her head, her expression bemused and inquiring. Why would anyone want to be in her company for any amount of time? She knew she rubbed most people the wrong way, some of the time it wasn’t even intentional. The owl hummed; prodding her to take up the invite and against her better judgment she assented and glided downwards, her bare feet hitting the mossy ground without a sound.

“I suppose I shall, I haven’t seen very much here yet. It would be nice to get out of this forest.” Her eyes were challenging, as if daring the onlookers to guess another reason for her going.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:59 pm
by Vineda
Hearing a reply when she half expected only a disinterested look of dismissal, she looked up to meet those green eyes. Was she condescending or simply unattached? As she turned her thoughts over in her mind the slight wind played with her hair, making her few small braids and a hidden feather woven in her locks sway and ripple. "I was that way once, before I came here. 'Twas much easier without people then. Much more pleasant. They made things complicated. And they were dangerous." Memories drifted on the horizon of her mind, but she pushed them away. Now was not the time.

This fiery young thing obviously wanted nothing to do with people here, but Vineda did her best to soften her perception of the people here just a tiny bit... just enough that she might give them a chance should she meet another. It would be a shame never to make any friends because of past experience in past places. "As of yet, however, I have failed to meet any in this realm much alike to those I had known before."

She would leave it at that. Turning to leave, Vineda was quite surprised to hear the acceptance of her invitation. She did a double take, only to see the girl already landed on the forest floor and looking at her - and at the birds? - with defiance.

Half amused, she smiled. "Is there anywhere you would like to see, in particular?" She wanted to ask how long it had been since Ari had come here, perhaps where she had come from, but her upbringing still made her hold her tongue. It was considered awfully rude to be 'nosy', and asking questions about other people would probably forever make her uncomfortable despite her constant curiosity. 'Twas not her business. Plus, she'd better not push her luck lest Ari unfold her wings and be gone in an instant.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:07 pm
by Ari
Ari crossed her arms in front of her torso and turned her gaze up above her. Through the trees she was able to see the sky, by now navy stained with purple. What time was it? She had lost the concept of hours, and it had never been an issue. Her pupils were already widening, enabling her to see just as well in the dark as the owls so often in her company.

Her eyes flicked back to watch the other’s face intently and as Vineda spoke a little smirk whipped across her mouth. “Unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting anyone so…complex as to complicate my life.” People were one-dimensional to her and she did her best to avoid them for that reason, just so she didn’t have to worry about their stupid problems. But maybe she was just being cynical again…

She offhandedly tossed her hand in the direction of the trees behind her, where more than a dozen birds – nightingales, owls, and whip-poor-wills – acted as her shadow. “The birds are the same.” Her voice was unconcerned; she couldn’t be bothered about the people she might never come across. How very much like a teenager. “We sing, we fly.” She shrugged – that was all she knew and certainly all she needed.

She rubbed the back of her calf with her foot, pondering her choices. What she really wanted was to soar up as high as she could and see the land from the clouds, but she wasn’t bothered enough yet by her present company. So instead she motioned her head over to the west. “I haven’t gone over there yet.” Her voice was measured and flat, but her wings quivered; she was ready to go.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:44 pm
by Vineda
The days and nights both passed quickly here, and Vineda shook her head at the thought of another night just beginning. Stars flamed in their sky above, their light reflecting only a gentle glimmer on the two girls. The moon was out, enough to see by if the trees weren't too thick. Vineda looked back the way she had come, to the west.

Her only reply was a nod of her head as the other explained a little. Vineda could understand what she meant, but had never felt that way herself. Most all of the animals were like that too. But people had always had a large influence in her life, and now that she had the freedom to avoid them she didn't want to. Everyone she had met so far had been kind and intersting, all worth knowing.

Watching the girl's eyes flicker up to the sky repeatedly, she could see that she would rather fly. But she seemed to accept the invitation for now, so Vineda grinned. "Okay." She drifted off in that direction, keeping the trees close by and the shore off a ways. The water would be too cold for getting toes wet, plus water was creepy at night. Crickets in the nearby forest chipred merrily along as the damp sand stuck to the soles of her feet. With a deep breath of the cool night air, she took in the sight of the waves pounding under the moon and the trees whispering in the breeze. Ordinarily she would've tried starting a conversation, but she wasn't exactly sure where to start with this stranger. Silence bothered her not a bit, so she stuck with that. Ari would talk if she wished.