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Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:37 pm
by Kyra
"Nope, no coward here, Red Missy! Wow, who woke up on the wrong side of the ocean today. So, I am not little, so what if you can't see me. You can't see the voice either!" He said in a teasing voice. "Are you sure that this is not that is not me who you hear and this is my real voice!"

He took a deep breath, submerged and swam out from behind the rock at the bottom of the lake. He then picked up lots of speed, and swam to the other side to just see the girl. Then with his powerful night tail he rocketed straight up and squirted water in her face, then dove back down. As he reentered the water made sure to slam his tail down in her direction as he did is summer salt dive.

He then surfaced at the very beginning of the estuary and waiting to watch her reaction. A smirk was plastered over his ebony face, he was so enjoying this. It was fun to bug someone in a sour mood.

Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 4:09 pm
by Reta Roselle
Laraine shuddered at the cold spray of water that hit her dead on. "And you are a talkative, no, annoying voice to be sure!" Her volleyed words were soaking in anger with hint of annoyance to a certain degree. If she hadn't had on such a heavy dress that would pull her down to the bottom of the ocean, she would have run in there to try and teach that little bugger a lesson. Having to deal with such a playful creature was enough to deal with other then her having no place to stay. "I'm done with these stupid games!" She exclaimed and with a vibrant extent of her wrath, she picked up a fist sized stone and chucked it at the rocks where the creature was. He plan was either to scare it off or get her own point across -that she was not in the mood to play.

Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:06 pm
by Kyra
"Hey, watch it there missy! That came close to hitting me! Fine go to a grumpy and miserable land walker! Also, tell the voice I say, hi!" he said in a mocking voice. Well now that he had redeemed himself from saving the girl and helping that irritating stallion, he would go and find some fun. He had admit this was fun but who wants to play with a grumpy girly, scared or any other type was much better.

With that he took a deep breath submerged and took off like bullet up stream, though since we was done dealing with the new comer he made sure he sat behind the rocks and plans, there for she would not know what way he went. He moved effortless through his element and was enjoying himself so much that he closed his eyes for a few minutes. Pointer was swimming on auto pilot, since he knew every inch of the river. He did not feel the vibrations until it was to late, Dove cut him off, his eyes shot open and veared quickly to avoid his playmate. He ended belly up in a tangle of seaweed, he looked at her with a 'so not impressed' look.

Dove giggled, "I won! So now you get to go clean the lake bottom up! I be back in an hour, and see if you are done." she said in a cute girly voice. She turned and headed down the river back to the ocean.

Pointer took a few minutes to untangle himself and swam slowly up the river, "darn Girl! Now I get stuck with taking care of the lake!" he rolled his eyes and kept swimming.

Dove surface near the estuaries sea entrance, making a whoosh sound from taking in air through her blow whole. She then dove dove a meter before the surface, slowing down to bask in the warm current.