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Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:04 pm
by Kyra
Pointer kept flailing until he felt what ever had help him go loose. Then he heard unexpected splash nearly right on him. He turned around with a 'what in the sea was that?' look on his face. His keen eyes surveyed the surface but saw nothing. He then turned his attention back the thing stuck in his dorsal fin. He tried to reach it with his beak, but with no success. Pointer only succeed in spinning like a top around and around at dangerous speeds. After a moment of that, finally being able to stop his spinning momentum, he swam in a not very straight line towards he heard the splash. He shook his head to be able to think straight. He took a deep breath and dove down into the river, he spotted a weird figure. Which he was sure was not a rock, though the river bed was full of the oddly shaped formations. The black dolphin swam closer and realized it was a girl and from the looks of it, a girl who was drowning. He sighed and swam around to her back, grabbed the back of her shirt with his beak and ascended to the surface. Once he got her to the surface her whistled loudly.

He had been grazing in the forest inside the cove, but his keen ears heard the call. A smile flickered on his face and his forest green eyes light up in amusement. With a quick class at his water bond-sister, he left his watch and took off at gallop down from the forest flat. He slid and skidded down the rocking slope to the forest, jumping to the floor from a few feet up. Once on the beach level, he slowed to a trot and maneuvered himself easily through the dense forest to the river mouth. He clam to a halt in front of the dolphin on the beach ledge a few centimeters above the water level. A surprised look shown on his face as he looked at the dolphin's passenger. "I was wondering why, you, of all things in the ocean was calling for help. I didn't think you ever needed it," he said in a teasing, but strong voice.

Pointed rolled his eyes, "Ya, ya. You keep quiet or you go save this girl from the bottom of the river." he said still holding the girl up. He swam in a slow circle while looking up at the black, green and beige stallion.

"No, thanks, I am not much of a swimmer. Let me guess, you need help getting her up here?" he said acting like he wasn't sure why he was called. He shook his beige mane and lowered his head to be close to the dolphin.

"Yes! Duh! I don't have hands to push her up there, all I can do it push from the bottom and keep a float! I have no way of pulling her on land! I am a dolphin! I am made for water, not land!"
he said in an annoyed voice. He froze for a second, he would never let this down, is Dove ever found out. Kyra and Peace would fuss over him way too much. "Hurry up already!"

Skid sighed, "Patience. Patience. You need to get some." He leaned as far as he could without causing himself to fall in. "Ok, I get it, bring her over here and push her up k?"

Pointer did not respond only did what he was told, pushing the girl girl upwards from under her. He used his head and powerful tail to do this.

The stallion grabbed the girl's shirt and pulled up and was she was high enough, be pulled her back over and onto the sand. He did not stop until he was several feet away from the edge. With this done, he let go of her shirt and jogged back to his look out. Vanishing into the shadows of the forest again.

Pointer sighed, well he had done somehting good, now he would have his fun. He swam to the bottom on the river and then rocketed up and out of the water. He squirted water in the girl's directions and landed with a huge 'Splash' and made a big enough way to creep over the beach cliff. Some water trickled it's way towards the girl. The dolphin swam around, he wanted to hear the girl's reaction.

Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 6:52 pm
by Reta Roselle
Laraine launched to her feet as the water slashed over her aching freezing cold body. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" She yelled eyes open and darting all over the place to see who was the wise guy who splashed her. She then started chocking up salt water, sputtering and spitting it out everywhere. Her wet red hair clung to her face as she looked up from her coughing fit. "W-who did that!" She demanded with one eye open one eye closed. She looked around frantically trying to find the perpetrator. "Ugh..." She muttered as she stopped in mid sentence due to having to let out a huge yawn. Blinking twice she sat down on the beach again and looked out at the ocean, unamused at the thought of loosing her pink fish and her fishing rod all together.

It was getting late out now. The sun was setting, and it's orange flames reflected off the ocean waters colouring them with a multitude of monochromatic colours. "Where am I going to sleep, where am I going to stay?" Laraine spoke with her tired and stressed voice. The last thing she wanted to do at the moment was fall asleep here, of all places. The nearest market was miles away and she had no food, no money and no dry clothes to try and get her through the cold, harsh night.

Laraine had drifted off into her own little world when that same voice -that had been yelling at her before her blacking out period- started up again. "You know you're too careless Laraine." It spoke in a motherly but stern tone to her.

"Yeah yeah, I get that all the time." Laraine muttered rolling her eyes at the voice's comment. "Maybe you should have tried to help me then, seeing how you were just yelling at me instead of trying to calm me down." Laraine snapped back. She was talking out loud, though she was the only one who could actually hear the voice. It had chosen to speak to her and her alone. So when she was out in public and started talking to the voice, it appeared as if she was insane, however Laraine didn't care. Her whole life was full of the unexplained, and the voice seemed to fit right in, in that department, as if it was just like home to it and to her.

The voice did not respond to Laraine's sentence, nor react to it. That sort of put Laraine off but she finished off with one more comeback before shutting up completely. "Why do you even bother worrying about me anyways?"

The voice still didn't respond, maybe it left, or so Laraine had thought. She had sooner or later figured out that the voice could listen in on her mind conversations, and it wasn't easy to try and block it out of her head. She guessed that was just life for someone people thought to be insane. Laraine never chose the voice, it chose her. That's what she thought as well, still staring out into the water.

The conversation had actually only taken place in a few minutes, between the two, so Laraine hadn't really noticed any disruptions after their little dispute.

Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:50 pm
by Kyra
Pointer squeaked in pleasure at the girl's shrill, "I guess she does find the sea water cold," he laughed to himself. He swam around and listened to her, a blank look appeared on his face when it seemed she was talking to herself."Ok, little lady drank too much sea water." A smirk came onto his face, "Let the game begin," he said happily to himself. He swam as close to the sand cliff as he could, "I worry about you because I can and it gives me something to do," he said in a very high squeaky voice. With that he darted up the river to hide behind on of the boulders. He would wait to see how drowned girl would react.

Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:02 pm
by Reta Roselle
Laraine rolled her eyes. "Of course, but I doubt that it's even you talking now." She looked out at the sea and narrowed her eyes, unimpressed. "I'm not as stupid as I might look, little creature of the deep." She called out before the voice returned. "I highly doubt that you'll get a friendly response with that tone of voice." "And so it returns!" Laraine retorted with a bitter tone. The voice sounded the same. "Of course, of course. I wonder how many people or things... think you're insane by speaking aloud like this." Laraine stood up and turned her back to the sea. "So what! Besides, you're the one who started to talk to me!" "Hey, it's not my fault that I like to try and help the lonely." "LONELY?!" Laraine spat, with an edge to her voice that was far from sweet and nice. "And you're saying I'm lonely! Your the one who started talking to me in the first place!" Laraine stamped her foot sending sand flying into the air. "I never said I was lonely!" She continued on, not letting the voice a chance to speak. "You of all- of all beings! A voice, telling me how I feel! How rude!" "You you say that I'm rude, after the way you snap and hiss and have a fit..." The voice had murmured something else inaudible that Laraine couldn't have heard. It then was quiet and Laraine huffed. She wouldn't admit that the voice was partly right, only partly right, not right about everything.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:45 am
by Kyra
He rolled his black eyes at her calling him 'little creature of the deep'. "How can you be sure, that I am even in your mind? I could talk to you when I please or see fit. What, the fact that a voice can actually have a body doesn't appease you?" He said in his high squeaky voice, but this time he bounced his voice off everything, so the exact spot could not be traced. It sounded like the voice came from all directions.

Re: Hidden Lanuage (For Reta Roselle) Thanks!^^

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:50 pm
by Reta Roselle
Laraine was just about to lose complete control over her temper when she stopped, took a deep breath and sighed. "I had only called you 'Little Creature of the Deep because I can't see you, why not show yourself, or are you a coward?" She said with a bitter tone. The voice in the back of her head was scream at her to calm down, but she completely ignored it. She was obviously in a foul mood today, brought on by that stupid voice. Laraine turned to sea as she had spoken, her own voice bouncing off the walls of the cliff and in the area. She wasn't in the mood to be friendly today, nor was she even going to try and act like it.